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Active seating is made fun with the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool

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  • Dynamic range of motion encourages activity; height adjustable to let your feet and legs rest
  • Sit in traditional or straddled postures on the plush crescent-shaped seat
  • Turquoise, green, and orange fabric options add color to any space
  • Sway and tilt comfortably on the 360 degree swivel seat
  • Base sits flat on floor for safe and stable tilting
  • Breathable, textured mesh increases friction to help keep you on your seat
  • Supports up to 220 lb
  • Tilt angle for this seat is 10 degrees per side, left or right or front or back
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty


Turquoise E3 Crescent Saddle Stool

E3 Crescent Saddle Stool

How much freedom does your office chair give you? When you're perching, twisting, tilting, and swaying on the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool, your body will know the answer.

A good ergonomic setup encourages you to switch between sitting and standing, as frequent movement is healthier than remaining in any one position for too long. A height adjustable stool is a great tool to supplement your seating, taking pressure off your legs and feet as you perch and letting you mix up your movement even more.

One Seat to Use Two Ways

Have fun with your Crescent Saddle Stool. Its unique shape is designed to be used in two different sitting styles: traditional or straddled. This dynamic seating solution is especially useful if you're seated at your computer for a couple hours.

We recommend rotating between perching on the stool and sitting in your ergonomic office chair with full lumbar support for a balance between activity and comfort. The trick is to listen to your body -- when it feels like it's ready for a change, switch up your posture.

A man straddles the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool
All three E3 Crescent Saddle Stools

Seating Turned Vibrant

Life is colorful -- shouldn't your seating be, too? Take a seat on a stool that suits your individual style and add a splash of color to your office, homework space, or cubicle space. The E3 Crescent Saddle Stool comes in three color options: turquoise, orange, and green.

Stable Base, Stable Perching

The Crescent Saddle Stool's large, molded base rests reliably on the floor, which means you'll rest stably on the stool as you rock and tilt away. Our unique design allows this stool to bend from a point under the seat, tilting just the seat rather than the whole stool. This means the E3 stays upright and ready for all of your swaying and perching postures.

The sturdy dome base on the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool

360 Degree Swivel Seat

Sit on the comfortable, padded foam seat and take a spin; that's right, the E3's cushion easily rotates 360 degrees, giving you the ability to rotate around the room and collaborate with your neighbors.

This motion-assisting stool pivots at the seat and not just at the base, which allows you to move from the hips instead of from the ground, perfect for engaging your core muscles as you tilt, rock, and sway.

Height That's Just Right

Our ergonomic E3 Crescent Saddle Stool boasts a taller gas cylinder, giving you a 23.8" - 29.7" height range that suits more users than comparable office stools (other stools' cylinders only go as high as 26"). Easy to raise and lower, the stool adjusts pneumatically. All you have to do is squeeze one or both handles underneath the seat.

Hand squeezing handle on the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool
A man carries the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool

Lightweight & Portable

Thanks to its lightweight design, the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool is easy to pick up and move to new locations throughout the office. Grab the stool by the seat and take it with you to meetings, lunch spots, quiet areas, and any space that could use an engaging side seat.

Ideal for almost any work environment, the E3 can be as permanent or as portable as you want it to be.




Warranty + Returns





Seat dimensions 15.75" W x 10.5" D
Base diameter 16.3" W
Height adjustment 23.8" - 29.7" H
Recommended user heights 5'1" to 6'3"
Weight capacity 220 lb
Fire safety CA117
Leg pivot 360 degrees
Weight 11.6 lb
Shipping dimensions 8.6" L x 16.5" W x 16.5" H, 13.5 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's so ergonomic about the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool?

    The E3 is ergonomic because it lets you switch postures and move more frequently throughout the day. In ergonomics, moving more is the name of the game, and this stool lets you straddle or sit on the cushion and rock, tilt, or sway for more engaging movement while you work.

  2. Can I use the E3 at my standing desk?

    Yes! The E3 was designed for use at both height adjustable and fixed-height desks.

  3. Can I use this all day instead of my usual office chair?

    Although we know that the E3 is comfortable, most office stools are not designed for all-day use due to the fact that they do not offer back or lumbar support. Instead, we advise using this as a complementary seating option in addition to your full-time office chair.

  4. I'm tall - will this work for me?

    It depends on your exact height. Our designers made the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool for users from 5'1" up to 6'3", making it suitable for most of the population.

  5. Is the cushion comfortable?

    Yes! This crescent-shaped plush seat supports your behind and gives you more freedom to switch up your posture, just by rotating it. Sit on the E3's seat in traditional or straddled positions, whatever you feel like in the moment.

  6. What kind of fabric is on the seat?

    The E3 is upholstered in soft and textured mesh fabric that provides for ideal airflow while adding a little more traction to help keep you on your seat while you perch.

  7. Is this different from the Motion Stool or the E7 Stool?

    Yes, you'll notice right away that our E3, E7, and Motion Stools feature different designs, and at first use you'll also probably be able to tell that both stools tilt in vastly different ways, too. The E3's elongated seat allows users to sit in two positions, which is a new feature that the E7 and Motion Stools don't have. It also comes with a pivot cap design, which allows the stool to tilt from under the seat and not from the base, like a lot of active stools. Need help deciding? If you want to sit on a stool that lets you move from side to side, pick the E3 Crescent Saddle Stool. To perch and tilt at more of an angle, our Motion Stool or E7 Stool might be the stool for you.

  8. Is the E3 suitable for children?

    Depending on their height, the E3 might work for some middle school and high school aged children with heights ranging from 5'1" to 6'3". However, is this is too tall for your child, we do have other kid-friendly stools that are designed with the height adjustment range to suit children from pre-k through 5th grade. You can shop all of our kids active stools here.

  9. Can I use this on carpet or hardwood?

    Absolutely. This stool is designed to use on hard and soft flooring, so that means hardwood, concrete, tile, and carpet are all acceptable surfaces.

  10. What is the tilt angle of the seat on this stool?

    The tilt angle is 10 degrees per side, left or right.



Why Buy?

This stool provides multiple seating postures, helping you stay comfortable and active.

Features & Specs

  • Range of motion encourages activity
  • Height adjustable—designed for sit-stand desks
  • Rest your legs and feet
  • Sit in traditional or straddled positions on plush seat
  • Allows sway and tilt; seat swivels 360 degrees
uplift crescent saddle stool


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Crescent Saddle Stool


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