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Introducing the Balanced Office

While open office spaces can create a welcoming environment that promotes collaboration, a concern can be the occasional disruption from other employees, both audibly and visually.

Throughout a typical workday there are tasks that benefit from collaboration and open discussion. At times there are tasks which require a higher level of individual focus and concentration. By utilizing our flexible and dynamic acoustic office solutions you can achieve a more Balanced Office that is collaborative while reducing concerns of noise and distraction.

Adding acoustic desk panels, freestanding acoustic panels, mobile acoustic walls, ceiling clouds, wall tiles, power rails, and acoustic cubicles can foster productivity by reducing distractions and creating better space division.

Improve Ambient Noise in the Workplace

Open offices can help improve communication so long as noise levels aren't overly distracting. Multiple people sharing a space usually increases the overall noise and can reduce focus. In a loud office, individuals tend to speak louder in an effort to be heard, adding to the overall noise level.

Working in a home office can also be impacted by noise levels. Phone calls and video conferences can be disrupted by noise from pets, children, household members, or even neighbors leaf blowing or mowing their lawns.

Also, the sound characteristics of home offices often creates echos and can impact calls and video meetings by making it harder to understand co-workers. Homes typically don't have the acoustic drop ceilings that are quite effective in reducing office environment echo.

Designed to help reduce the noise and chaos surrounding you and your workspace, we offer a growing lineup of acoustic products including desk-mounted panels, mobile and cubicle walls, freestanding dividers, and ceiling or wall mounted tiles and panels. All designed to help reduce the noise surrounding you and your workspace. Choose from our wide selection of colors and check out our Acoustic Look Book (pdf) for product photos and inspiring design ideas.

Desk Mounted Acoustics

A quieter workspace helps keep your ideas flowing by limiting disruptions.

We offer Acoustic Privacy Panels for both the back and sides of almost any desktop. These attractive and effective 0.6 inch (15mm) thick polyester fiberboard panels create individual workspace sound shelters by absorbing up to 85% of the noise that comes into contact with their surface.

Acoustic Privacy Panels can be clamped directly to the edges of your desktop with our Acoustic Privacy Panel Mounting Hardware or placed anywhere on your desk or table surface using the Acoustic Desktop Privacy Panel Holder, which also provides some storage space for small items.

Absorb Noise Instead of Reflecting It

Acoustic characteristics in the workplace are often defined by terms like "decibels", "echo", and "Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)". NRC is a numerical value which defines how well a material absorbs sound. The NRC scale ranges from 0.0 (reflection of all noise) to 1.0 (perfect absorption of all noise).

The addition of products made from materials with high NRC values will enhance your workspace by absorbing ambient noises rather than simply reflecting them around the room. UPLIFT Acoustics 3D wall panels offer an NRC rating of 0.80 while our polyester fiberboard acoustic panels boast an ear-pleasing 0.85 NRC rating. This means that our material absorbs 85% of all sound that hits it.

Want your office décor to make a statement? Consider making it a quiet statement by adding UPLIFT Acoustics sound dampening products to your desk, walls, and ceiling.

Sound Advice

Absorb noise and keep your office layout flexible with our Freestanding Acoustic Panel Holder or OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partition. These solutions are not only simple to set up, they are also mobile, so you can reconfigure your office and fine tune the acoustics of your space by moving them around as needed.

Another solution that is configurable and change-able, is the OneWall Cubicle Acoustic Office Partitions. These cubicle frames are adjustable (telescoping) to accommodate any of our acoustic panel lengths. This innovative solution provides the ability to adjust your cubicle design as your layout needs change.

Let us help you create a workspace that fosters better focus, creativity, and communication. The fewer disruptions the better.

Create Social Distancing Between Desks

Space division and social distancing is a new and ongoing element of office design. UPLIFT Acoustic products can help you achieve a safe office environment. Separate desks by using multiple, side-by-side Freestanding Privacy Panels or, deploy desk mounted Acoustic Privacy Panels. Consider utilizing OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partitions to create larger barriers that are still flexible, mobile, and reconfigurable. All of these options are available in multiple sizes and colors to best suit your office needs and style.

Socially distanced office layouts utilizing a combination of UPLIFT Desk and UPLIFT Acoustics products