Acoustics by UPLIFT Desk


Acoustics by UPLIFT Desk

The End of the Distracting Office

Hearing is one of our cherished senses, but when you're coping with a noisy coworker, it doesn't feel that way. When you want to turn down the volume in your work area a few notches, the right acoustic tools make all the difference. Our growing line of Acoustic products dampen and reduce noise, so you can spend your mental energy working and not trying to block out the next office distraction.

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Acoustic Privacy Panels by UPLIFT Desk
A stack of Acoustic Privacy Panels

Help with Acoustics by UPLIFT Desk

Acoustic Privacy Panels are stylish and functional desktop additions, delivering your desk a more sound-sheltered setup by blocking up to 85% of noise that comes into contact with the .6 inch thick Polyester fiber board panels. Side Acoustic Privacy Panels allow you to create that total "work sanctuary" that keeps the ideas flowing and background noise out of mind. Whatever your acoustic needs, we're here to deliver you the products that help you achieve the quiet and discreet office you seek.

Common Acoustic Problems

Acoustic issues in the workplace can be hidden and costly. Terms like "decibel" and "echo" might sound familiar, but what about your wall's Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)? If ambient noise doesn't get absorbed or dampened by your walls, it might be time to look into installing surfaces with a higher NRC. From the materials that make up your floor to your sound-absorbing décor, it's the little acoustic details that matter. Want your walls to make a statement? Consider making it a quiet statement with Acoustic Wall Panels.

*Note: Reverberation Time - The amount of time it takes for reverb to fade away in a closed space. RT60 is the time it takes for the sound pressure level to reduce 60 dB, and is the standard measurement used in acoustic calculations.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) - A numeric representation of the level of sound absorption of a surface. The scale ranges from 0 (perfect reflection) to 1 (perfect absorption).

3D Acoustic Wall Panels by UPLIFT Desk
3D Acoustic Waffle Cloud by UPLIFT Desk

Shhhhhing Solutions

You can absorb sound so that sound doesn't ricochet off your surfaces with tools like our Acoustic Wall Panels or even a stylish 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud. Installing a sound masking system, lowering partitions, and/or designing work areas with Acoustic Privacy Panels between workstations can help counteract excess noise in your work environment. By implementing one or a few of these solutions, offices can create spaces that foster better concentration and productivity.