Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to UPLIFT Desk. We're glad you're here!

If you have a question that you don't see answered below, please feel free to give us a call, send an email, or use the live chat feature at the bottom right of your screen.

Connecting with UPLIFT Desk

When are you open?

You can reach us by phone, email, or live chat. Call/Chat hours from 7am - 8pm (CT), Monday - Friday, and from 9am - 6pm on Saturday.
Our showroom is open from 10am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday.

How can I contact you?

Phone: 800-349-3839 (toll free) or 512-614-3152 (local)
Chat: Click the icon at the bottom right of the screen
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Please see our Contact Us page for more information.

Where are you located?

Our retail store and showroom in Austin, TX is located at 2139 West Anderson Lane. We are a mid-sized company and operate out of 4 separate office and warehouse locations in Austin, TX

Designing My UPLIFT Desk

How do I design my own UPLIFT Desk?

Select one of our Adjustable Height Standing Desks and then customize it by selecting options via our Desk Designer. Click "Next" to scroll through all options, or click "Jump to an Option" to see a list of what's available! Click on any option on that menu to "jump" to a specific selection. You can always return to a previous slide by clicking "Back" or by using the "Jump to an Option" menu.

Not quite sure how an accessory might benefit you? Click the "i" symbol next to each option to learn more about the product and how it can help you! Be sure to check out customer reviews (more than 2,000 5-star reviews on UPLIFT Desk!), or explore the desk more via the FAQs.

Ready to checkout? Review your order from the final slide, then "Add to Cart" to move on to shipping and payment.

Ready to design your perfect desk? Our UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk has been rated the #1 Standing Desk by Wirecutter and Forbes, and it's waiting for you to customize it. Give the Desk Designer a try!

Can I choose different colors for the frame and accessories?

Yes, as you scroll through the Desk Designer, you will be prompted to choose colors for your desk frame, grommets, keypad, and more.

How do I add accessories to my desk?

After you make your primary desk selections in the Desk Designer, continue clicking through the options to select and customize the accessories you want. We'll show you dozens of types of accessories that can help increase your productivity and comfort, organize your workspace, power your devices, and more. If you have a specific accessory in mind, click on the "Jump to an Option" link to see what we have to offer!
With all UPLIFT Desks come two free accessories to help you work better and live healthier!

Does it matter if I buy accessories now or later?

It does matter! The accessories in our Desk Designer have special discounted pricing since they are being purchased in combination with a desk or conference room table. To take advantage of that deal, you must buy your accessories at the time you buy your desk, frame, or table.

Can someone help me with this?

We'd love to help you design your desk or decide on options. Please contact us by phone or chat—or swing by the showroom in Austin, Texas.

Ordering My UPLIFT Desk

Ordering My UPLIFT Desk

You can make your order as a guest or create an account. We encourage you to sign up for faster checkout, to access your order history, and more.

How do I check the status of my order?

We automatically send out email updates with expected ship dates and tracking information as soon as that information is available. If you want an update on your order status, call us at 1-800-349-3839.

Can I change my order?

If you need to make changes to your order, please contact our sales team immediately at 1-800-349-3839.

What financing options do you provide?

We offer a variety of financing options for customers. You can apply for PayPal Credit on purchases of $99 or more and get six months of interest-free payments! PayPal Credit has no annual fees, and you will receive a credit decision from them in seconds. If you're ordering for an organization, you can sign up for a business credit account with us by filling out this form and emailing it to Having a business credit account gives you the ability to submit purchase orders.

Can I return my purchase?

We provide a 30-day trial on all UPLIFT Desk brand products. This gives you ample time to see how they help you work better and live healthier. Please read the return information carefully on non-UPLIFT Desk products, as different policies apply to different items. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us for clarification.

Please see our Returns page for full information on returns and order cancellations.

Can you handle corporate orders?

Absolutely. We're equipped to handle orders of all sizes—and we offer professional space planning, bulk order discounts, and financing options to help provide the best solution for your office.

Can you help me layout my space with a desk configuration?

Yes, we can! When you order four or more UPLIFT Desks, we offer complimentary space planning to help you build a modern, ergonomic office for your team. We use industry-leading software to help you visualize your office with all of your desks and accessories laid out, so you can see how it'll come together before you buy. Visit our Office Design Consulting & Space Planning page to learn more.

Are you GSA Approved for sales to government agencies?

Yes, we are a GSA Contract Holder and have been approved to provide government offices and agencies the ergonomic solutions they need to work comfortably and productively.

Do you have a commercial pricing-and-specification-guide?

We do, and you can see it by clicking here. The guide shows all of our products in a printable and shareable PDF, complete with size and color options and SKUs for quick reference. No matter if you're looking for complete office setups or simply upgrading a few pieces of furniture you already have, let our pricing and specification guide lead the way. Be sure to contact our team when you're ready to order!

Do you sell products not listed on your website?

Please see our sister website for a complete list of many various manufacturers that offer terrific products. You can place your order on that website or call us for help.

Shipping My UPLIFT Desk

How much does shipping cost?

Most of our items ship for free to anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

When do my items ship?

Most orders ship on the same business day, if ordered by 3pm CT. We'll email you tracking information when your order ships.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We do! Review the available shipping options as you're completing your purchase, or call us and speak to a member of our sales team.

Where is my desk coming from?

We ship everything from our warehouse in Austin, Texas.

What about international shipping?

We ship to places all over the world. We'll calculate shipping on your order once you place it, and may reach out to you for more information.

My items arrived damaged—what should I do?

If an item looks damaged or parts are missing, please notify us immediately. We will make every effort to help you obtain the necessary replacements as quickly as possible, at no extra cost to you.

Please keep all packaging materials until you have assembled and installed the item(s) in your order—especially if you notice any damages upon receiving your item(s) or if you decide to return anything within the return period window. All returned products should be in the original packaging.

If your order is shipping via freight or white glove, please note the important instructions below.

Even if the package appears only slightly damaged, write "Package Damaged" when you sign for delivery. This is very important. If the package looks significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery of the package. The damaged package will be returned to us and we will send you a new one. If you refuse delivery, please notify us so that we can expect the return shipment.

If you have already accepted the package and find that parts are missing or damaged, please contact us right away and we will ship you the replacement parts free of charge. Speed matters: most carriers only let us file freight claims within 48 hours of delivery. We will ask for photos of the damaged item(s) and packaging. If we cannot replace the parts, we will have the carrier pick up the package and we will send you a replacement.

Assembling My UPLIFT Desk

Where can I find instructions for assembling my desk?

We ship assembly instructions with all of our products. You can also find them on the "Specs/Assembly" tab of the particular product page, including desks:

A full list of downloadable instructions can be found here.

Will you assemble my desk for me?

We'd be happy to—when configuring your order in our desk builder, you'll find installation options under "Add Accessories." Thanks to our network of assembly partners, we can provide installation services in all 50 U.S. states.

What if I have a question about assembling my UPLIFT Desk?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone or chat—one of our assembly experts will be happy to walk you through the process. We also have additional instructions on how to assemble, program, and reset your desk for your reference.

Troubleshooting My UPLIFT Desk

My desk stopped working. Is something wrong?

In most cases, no. You may just have to do a simple reset of your control box. It takes less than a minute and fixes a majority of desk errors. See our Troubleshooting and Reset Instructions for details.

My desk still doesn’t work right—is it covered by warranty?

All of our desks come with a 7-year warranty on the entire desk frame, including the motors, frame components, control box, keypad, electronics, and mechanisms. Please call our service team at 1-800-349-3839 or email, and we'll be happy to assist you.

If you purchased from one of our resellers, please contact them directly, and they will process your warranty request for you.

Learn More about the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

Should I choose the UPLIFT V2 Frame or the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame?

The UPLIFT V2 Frame is our most popular frame—and it's the one both Wirecutter and Forbes named "Best Standing Desk."

      • Height adjustment range of 25.5" - 51.1" (with a 1" desktop)
      • Inverted leg design (thicker at the top) with welded corner stability braces
      • Tightened tolerances between each stage of the telescoping frame
      • Meets and exceeds ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Stability, Strength, and Durability ratings

The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame is designed to support ergonomic working postures for people from 5'0" to 6'3", whether seated or standing.

      • Height adjustment range of 22.6" - 48.7" (with a 1" desktop)
      • Complies with ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standards
      • Lower stability crossbar for reinforced strength
      • Tightened tolerances between each stage of the telescoping frame
      • Meets and exceeds ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Stability, Strength, and Durability ratings

Learn more about the similarities and differences between the two frames by reviewing our UPLIFT V2 Frame Comparison PDF and UPLIFT V2 Frame FAQ PDF.

Why does the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame have a crossbar?

In order to comply with the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 minimum height while still providing you a wide range of stable height adjustment, we added a solid-steel lower crossbar to the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame.

We also beefed up the frame legs, giving them a 35% larger cross-sectional area than the UPLIFT V2 Frame's legs—to maximize stability even more. The lower crossbar telescopes to fit desktops 48" - 80" wide, so you can swap tops or change configurations if you ever need to.

For additional information on the differences between the UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame and the UPLIFT V2 Frame, you can review our UPLIFT V2 Frame Comparison PDF and UPLIFT V2 Frame FAQ PDF.

What are the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Stability, Strength, and Durability ratings?

These ratings ensure that both of our UPLIFT V2 Frames meet and exceed strict requirements for desk loading, racking, leg strength, vertical adjustment, and cycle testing. All UPLIFT V2 Frames and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frames meet and exceed these ratings.

You can learn more by reading the UPLIFT V2 Frame FAQ PDF.

What are the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standards?

These standards, which are observed by corporations all over the world, ensure that people from 5'0" to 6'3” tall can work ergonomically at their desks, whether seated or standing. All UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frames comply with these standards (when paired with a 1" desktop).

You can learn more about this standard by reviewing our ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 Height Standard PDF.

What is the keypad lock feature? How do I use it?

In order to add an extra layer of safety to our desks, we designed our newest control boxes with a lockout feature, so that children or other users can't adjust the desk when the lock is activated. To lock the keypad, press the "M" button for 5 seconds, until the LED switches to "LOC." To unlock it, press the "M" button again for 5 seconds.

Review our Programming Your UPLIFT Desk PDF to learn more.

If I live outside of the United States, will this frame work with my outlets and voltage?

All control boxes by UPLIFT Desk are designed to run on the US electricity standard of 120V. If you are ordering an UPLIFT Desk frame from outside the United States (except for Canada), you'll need to plug it into a step-down transformer first. If you don't use a transformer, you run the risk of overloading your frame's control box, which is not covered by warranty. If you have any questions at all regarding how your country's voltage works with this frame, call, email, or chat us.

How many motors are in your desk frames?

UPLIFT Desk frames are exclusively built with a 2-motor design on our 2-leg desks, with a motor housed in each leg. Many of our competitors' desks run off a single motor, which affects their lifting capacity and reliability. Following the same design, our 3-leg desks come with three motors, and our 4-leg desks come with four.

Want to learn more? Check out our UPLIFT V2 Frame FAQ PDF.

What is a 3-stage frame?

UPLIFT Desk frames are industry leading, thanks to our 3-stage design. Our frames adjust up and down using three spindles instead of just two, which is what you'll normally find in a height adjustable desk. This also makes our desks 33% quicker to adjust, saving you time throughout the day.

Learn more about our 3-stage frames by taking a look at our UPLIFT V2 Frame FAQ PDF

What are your desk feet made out of?

Our feet are crafted from recycled—and recyclable—aluminum, one of the strongest and most environmentally friendly metals to use in office furniture construction.