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When we first started designing, making, and shipping desks to folks all over the world, we had a simple mission - to share the benefits of an ergonomic workspace to as many people as possible. That was over a decade ago, and we've grown quite a bit since then.

For more than a decade, we've been shipping UPLIFT Desks around the country and across the globe, and we've gotten amazing feedback and great stories in return. We've seen how improving office ergonomics can have an incredibly positive effect on peoples' health, office morale, and productivity. When we first started out, we never thought we'd be able to reach so many people.

Published reviews of UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Published Reviews

Number One on Wired's list of 16 Essentials to Smarten Up Your Home Office

"Having the ability to sit and stand for parts of the day is the best of both worlds. It’s even better when you have a desk with the desktop build quality of UPLIFT. "

"Which work desks and chairs are best for health? ...recommended the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk for those interested in a completely new adjustable desk. "

"In all likelihood, you'll want a workstation that allows you to stand and sit. UPLIFT has an extensive line of desks in a variety of sizes, prices and designs...We like the UPLIFT 900. "

"[Readers] who nominated the uplift praised the flexibility in ordering, giving you the option to build out your dream desk as you choose...UPLIFT offers free shipping, which is a huge deal."

"When you’re trying to come up with an idea or solve a problem, you move around. A sit-stand desk just makes it easier, faster, and more convenient. It also increases your productivity. "

"Reasonably priced and attractive...I love it. It helps me stay healthy and productive."

"UPLIFT Desk could be exactly what you’re looking for...Start basic, expand as you grow used to it, and never look back.. "

"I'm told I now join other standing desk users at Google, NBC, the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!), MIT, The University of Texas at Austin (Go Horns!), Yahoo, eBay and Boeing. "

"Several different tops and a telescoping frame allow you to customize the look and width. Take a look at all the options to craft your ideal workspace. "

"I've used this for a few weeks now in my home office and will never look back...The flexibility of this desk helped me endure and shorten a back-pain episode. "


Customer Tweets

"I love my @UPLIFTDesk from @HumanSolution - So well made, so easy 2 go from sit 2 stand n secs. Now I need gdgt tweets when I move desk "

"Using @UPLIFTDesk was a great idea. "

"Finally pulled the trigger on a stand up @UPLIFTDesk for work. Love it already! "

"I'm really loving my new @UPLIFTDesk. Getting standing time in feels good. I'm at a client today and really missing it. #TooMuchSitting "

"How did I not find this BEFORE busy season! "

"Just finished building my new standing desk. Base from @UPLIFTDesk and bamboo top from @IKEA. Love it. "

"New stand up desk from @UPLIFTDesk ... I'm liking it so far! Good for the body & good for the mind! "

"I just used my UPLIFT desk to crack a pecan, because I could. "

"thrilled with the UPLIFT standing desk. "

"Digging the new standup. Bonus: cedar top makes my office smell awesome. "

"Count us among ur many fans!"

"Got an UPLIFT desk a year ago. I love it! Do it! "

"I had a custom @UPLIFTDesk made, & I LOVE IT!! "

"My @UPLIFTDesk has ruined me for all other desks. "

"First official day working from my new UPLIFT desk. Love this thing! "

"We LOVE our @UPLIFTDesk setups, have them at the office + home for most team members! Life changing. "

"First new electric standing desk installed! Reclaimed spruce top and boy does it look great! "

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