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When we first started designing, making, and shipping desks to folks all over the world, we had a simple mission - to share the benefits of an ergonomic workspace to as many people as possible. That was over a decade ago, and we've grown quite a bit since then.

For more than a decade, we've been shipping UPLIFT Desks around the country and across the globe, and we've gotten amazing feedback and great stories in return. We've seen how improving office ergonomics can have an incredibly positive effect on peoples' health, office morale, and productivity. When we first started out, we never thought we'd be able to reach so many people.

Published reviews of UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk

In the Press

We've been featured in magazines and media across the country.

Best Standing Desk Wirecutter

"The UPLIFT bamboo desktop was every tester's favorite, particularly the (optional) ergonomic groove cutout in front. You can kit out the UPLIFT with a number of accessories that match your desk style, including power and cable organizers."

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"If you're looking for a standing desk and simply want the best one out there, then the UPLIFT Bamboo Standing Desk is the way to go. This desk is sturdy and well-built, plus it's beautifully designed with a 1-inch thick top and a curve at the front to make for a more comfortable and immersive experience."

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TechRadar made a list of the Best Standing Desks of 2019, and ranked the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk as the #1 overall height-adjustable desk in the entire industry. "[This] is a standing desk that benefits from top-notch build quality, and prides itself on stability. An issue which can be found with some standing desks is that they might be a bit wobbly, particularly when extended to higher levels. [The UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk] is nicely stable, though, thanks to built-in stability braces."

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"As MMORPG's Hardware Editor, I've had the privilege of becoming familiar with lots of different gear ... so when I tell you that UPLIFT Desks are like the sports cars of the standing desk world, you know that I have the experience to make that claim ... Compared directly with my cheaper $399 standing desk, [the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk is] an entirely different class of product. If you don't need [a hardwood desktop], you can still get the excellent frame and a good laminate alternative, but as a piece of furniture meant to last, the UPLIFT Desk V2 Solid Wood [Standing Desk] is simply phenomenal."

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"UPLIFT Desk is #1 on Wired's list of 16 Essentials to Smarten Up Your Home Office, which features products to 'help create a workspace you'll be happy to spend time in, while keeping you comfortable and productive throughout the day.' This height-adjustable, sitting-and-standing desk is configurable for the way you like to work."

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"Upgrading to a standing desk has been the most dramatic change for my office arrangement. I've been standing-desk-curious before, but it was the search for a more comfortable chair that actually pushed me to sit less and stand more. My colleague recommended seating from UPLIFT, which makes ergonomic chairs at reasonably affordable prices... Give UPLIFT a look if you're standing-desk-curious or in the market for an affordable ergonomic office makeover."

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See For Yourself

Watch some of our customers share their thoughts on their UPLIFT Desks.

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the desk, the excellent customer service, very quick shipping, and the "wow" factor of the entire transaction. When you order, you start with the basic desk and customize it to your liking... The desk works beautifully, looks smart, and I really dig the accessories that were sent along with the desk....

Highly recommend this company and the desk. It's one of the best purchasing experiences I've had in a while.

Claire Pang

For my job I can spend up to 10 hours stuck sitting at my desk. Not fun for my back or legs. I have been researching for some time to find the "right" sit/stand desk. I love the UpLift desk! The whole experience was a great from beginning to end. The website is super easy to navigate. Picking the desk with all the accessories was a snap. The hardest part for me was picking the type of desktop I wanted. I really like how the ordering process shows what the desk will look like. I chose the bamboo curve, 60" by 30". It is smooth, solid, and beautiful. The workmanship shows they take pride in their product. I am very pleased. The assembly was a breeze, especially with the helpful step by step videos provided on their website. The cpu holder fits perfectly, definitely recommend the track spacer. The keyboard holder, with it's very convenient height and angle adjustments, is the best one I have ever used. Again, recommend the track spacer. I also highly recommend the advanced digital memory. I almost didn't get it because I am the only one using the desk. But in the end, I decided I am already making an investment, might as well add this convenience to it. So worth it... I am 100% pleased. I literally have nothing negative to say about this desk. It's not often that I have found a company with a product that I have been 100% satisfied with, so I am happily spreading the word.

Chris Conklin

I LOVE my standing desk! The Uplift system was easy to install and is simple to use. It is versatile and allows me to move from a sitting to standing position quickly and effortlessly. I wanted to make my own table top, so I simply bought the legs and stool. The components are well made and sturdy. There is no rock or wiggle in my table. I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome.

Parker Wells

My desk is an amazing product. No, I don't work for the company and did lots of research and price comparisons before I purchased. Ordering was very easy, product was easy to track in the shipping process, construction was a breeze with easy to follow instructions and the quality of the components has been fantastic.

Really can't say enough. If I needed another one I would order immediately.

Thanks for a great desk.

MJ Stenson

This is the sit/stand desk you need! Fantastic product, well made and constructed with attention to details. Plus the service I have received from Sami Jo and the rest of the team has been great. Questions answered immediately.... Highly recommended!

Randy Brous

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Using @UPLIFTDesk was a great idea.


Finally pulled the trigger on a stand up @UPLIFTDesk for work. Love it already!


I’m really loving my new @UPLIFTDesk. Getting standing time in feels good. I’m at a client today and really missing it. #TooMuchSitting


Love @UPLIFTDesk! How did I not find this BEFORE busy season!


Just finished building my new standing desk. Base from @UPLIFTDesk and bamboo top from @IKEA. Love it.


New stand up desk from @UPLIFTDesk ... I’m liking it so far! Good for the body & good for the mind!


I just used my @UPLIFTDesk to crack a pecan, because I could.


thrilled with the @UPLIFTDesk.


Digging the new @UPLIFTDesk. Bonus: cedar top makes my office smell awesome.


Count us among ur many fans @UPLIFTDesk!


Got an @UPLIFTDesk a year ago. I love it! Do it!


I had a custom @UPLIFTDesk made, & I LOVE IT!!


My @UPLIFTDesk has ruined me for all other desks.


First official day working with my new @UPLIFTDesk. Love this thing!


We LOVE our @UPLIFTDesk setups, have them at the office + home for most team members! Life changing.



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