Accessories for Standing Desks


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We're proud to offer a wide range of ergonomic desk accessories to help you work better and live healthier.

Monitor Arm Elevation

Monitor arms let you move and position your screen setup to the spot most comfortable for your eyes, neck, back, and entire body. Monitors that are positioned too far away from your eyes cause your neck to extend forward as your eyes get closer to read the screen. Achieve better ergonomics with a tilting, panning, rotating, and height-adjusting monitor arm.

A woman pivots her monitor arm at her office desk

Reclaimed Fir Solid Wood Desktop

A woman uses her ergonomic keyboard tray and ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic Typing

A crucial part of an ergonomic workstation is a keyboard tray. They allow you to type and mouse in an ergonomically correct posture with the keyboard located just above lap height. Add a track spacer to your setup so you can stow your tray completely under your desk, saving precious space and cleaning up the look in your work area.

An Ideal Fit

Your computer tower holds some of your most important data - so what's it doing on the floor? Get it off the ground and into a CPU holder from UPLIFT Desk. Our holders are designed in-house to work with each of our frames, letting you mount your tower securely under your desk, and away from accidents like tip-overs and spills.

A woman adjusts a CPU holder mounted under her sit stand desk
A man stands on an anti-fatigue standing mat

Grounded Support

Supportive to the core, our Standing Desk Mat with Heel Grab takes the pressure off - your body, that is. When you evolve to a sit-stand lifestyle, don't forget support at the feet. Anti-slip, beveled around the edges, and a gel foam core interior make this product a supremely supportive cushion to keep you in good standing.

Wire Management Made Easy

Do your part in maintaining the clean and organized look of your desk with a few tools from UPLIFT Desk. Whether you could use better wire management, or an under desk modesty panel (like you see here), we have what you need to keep a workspace that's oh-so-put-together.

A desk-mounted modesty panel used for wire management at a height adjustable workstation