Power Outlets


Power Outlets

Maximize Your Power

We're huge fans of maximizing our possible power sources, which allow you to power and charge your devices close by and where you need them. Never go without the volts you need at your sit-stand workstation with our line of power and data tools.

uplift desk data and power
power and data systems from uplift desk

More Personal Desk Power

Increase the power ports at your desktop with a Power Grommet, which lets you have a port at the ready for your cell phone charger and computer cables. Give yourself the extra surge-protected ports you need with the Clamp-on Surge Protector, which attaches to desks so you don't have a dangling power hub at your workstation. Or if data transferring is something you lack, our 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub take over the job of moving those bytes from CPU to flash drive and back in lightning-fast fashion.

Power in Numbers

Furnishing an office with groups of height adjustable workstations? The UPLIFT Desk Power & Data Link allows you to string together your own desk-powering electrical system, so you can adjust the height without the trail of cords going from desk-to-wall. Simply install the main power system to the desk nearest to the wall; power is passed on through a linked system to neighboring desks in its looping cable. We assist you throughout the entire process, from initial design to final install. Work better having ample, desk mounted, far-reaching power at the ready.

uplift desk data and power
Power and Wire Management Solutions by UPLIFT Desk

Stay Powered

Keep all of your devices humming with our many power options. Power grommets conveniently integrate power directly onto your desktop surface. Or add clamp-on power anywhere along the rear edge of your desk or use the included mounting bracket to attach it just below the front edge of your desk to keep it front and center. Make your power location flexible with our movable power hub For the ultimate power solution, utilize the patent-pending UPLIFT V2 desk frame mounting holes to firmly attach our 8-outlet surge protector.