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No One Stands Alone

Reap the health benefits of a sit-stand workstation, but don't forget your chair. The key to a healthy and productive office is changing your position throughout the day, and you shouldn't sit or stand for extended periods without mixing it up. When using a standing desk, you’ll be sitting less, so spending $1000 on an ergonomic chair isn’t necessary. We do recommend a great ergonomic chair though because you can’t, and shouldn’t, stand all day. With options like our Pursuit, Vert, or J3 chairs, we have plenty of options and each was designed by our Certified Professional Ergonomist. Check out our ergonomic chair comparison chart to help steer yourself in the right direction.

A woman works at an ergonomic office chair

60x30 Premium Walnut Solid Wood

A woman sits on ergonomic sit stand seating

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Curve

Superlative Spine Support

When you think about it, most modern desk chairs are doing it all wrong. Stiff, bulky office chairs that restrict your movement and don't target the most important areas of the back have no place in the modern office. Work with a chair that twists, bends, and moves with you throughout the day with the Vert Ergonomic Office Chair. Designed to mimic human vertebrae, the chair features a rib design with an elastomer spine system, which adds flexibility to chair's back for total flexible seated support for your day's work.

360 Degree Seating

Plant yourself firmly atop our Motion or Starling Stools to see and feel why we're jazzed about perching at work. Enjoy the freedom to switch up your posture, engaging oft-forgotten muscle groups like abs and back muscles, and improve circulation just by adding a little movement into your daily routine with this ergo-friendly stool.

An ergonomic desk chair by UPLIFT Desk
A woman sits on ergonomic sit stand seating

In Defense of Sitting

We talk a lot about the tenets of ergonomics and standing at work, but standing for too long isn't ideal for anyone. It's okay to take a seat from time to time; sitting in the right ergonomic chair increases focus, gives your muscles a break, and takes pressure off your knees. Science says the ideal sit-stand ratio is roughly 1:3. Sitting for a quarter hour each hour lets you reap health benefits. So, where will you take a seat?

Better Chairs = Better Business

Now, more than ever, people are replacing poorly designed office products. Everyone can agree that you work better when you're comfortable, so as you embark on the journey to build an ergonomic workspace that's conducive to productivity and comfort, don't minimize the importance of a great office chair. Give your body the support it needs with an UPLIFT Desk office chair. Our Pursuit, Vert, or J3 chairs are a great place to start.

An ergonomic desk chair by UPLIFT Desk

60x30 Reclaimed Fir Solid Wood