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  • Lift and Lower - Easy-to-reach buttons deliver 10" of height adjustment
  • Weighted Support - Base is stable throughout a full range of motion and returns to an upright position after use
  • Plush Padding - Circular seat cushion features waterfall edges for the utmost in support and comfort
  • Full Pivot - Convex base allows stool to pivot a complete 360 degree
  • Treaded Grip - Semi-soft elastomer on base grips floors for safety and stability as you tilt, not for use on wet floors
  • Sturdy Components - Gas spring used to raise and lower the seat is covered with a silver epoxy powder coat finish and the black shell body is a molded polypropylene material
  • Made Just for You - Designed for users 5' 1" and taller
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty


A woman perches comfortably on an ergonomic Motion Stool from UPLIFT Desk.

Ergonomics in Motion

The UPLIFT Motion Stool has a weighted convex base with treaded rubber bottom that enables you to move freely without worrying about tipping over. The base also keeps the stool upright when not in use. This stool allows motion in every direction - side to side, back and forth, and everything in between. It's designed to keep you moving, working better, and living healthier.

The stool's fabric seat provides maximum breathability. The soft foam padded seat cushion with waterfall edge reduces pressure points and allows for maximum comfort and flexibility.




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Weight capacity 300 lb
Dimensions 25" - 35" H x 13" W
Height adjustment 25" - 35"
Weight 23 lb
Fire safety TB117-2013 compliant
Leg pivot 360 degrees
Shipping dimensions 15" L x 13" W x 21" H, 26 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the Motion Stool different from other UPLIFT Stools?

    Our mainstay ergonomic stool, the Motion stool allows you to move more when you're seated, and even lets you perch! Move more at work and enjoy the health benefits you get from it. The Motion Stool comes in two color options, as well, blue and black. If you have any questions regarding which stool is right for you, please check out our Stool Comparison Chart for an easy breakdown of all of our seating options.

  2. What do you mean by "sit-to-stand" chair?

    The UPLIFT Motion Stool works best with an adjustable height desk where you need to change from seated to standing easily.

  3. Can it be used at both seated and standing heights of the desk?

    The Motion Stool offers a generous 10" height adjustment range. At its lowest setting of 25" most users will be able to comfortably sit on the stool. For standing applications, you can perch on the stool by leaning the seat forward as you sit back.

  4. Will this still work if I am relatively short?

    Yes! But you may not be able to sit on the stool at its lowest height setting. Instead you will just perch on the stool. We also recommend that users under 5' 1" tall pair the Motion Stool with a footrest.

  5. Is this like one of those balance balls?

    Sort of! The Motion Stool will keep you engaged just like a balance ball. But you get the added benefit of a supportive stool that won't pop or roll away when you stand up!

  6. Is this for working out your core?

    The Motion Stool will engage your core muscles while you perch or sway at your desk. However, it is not meant to be a piece of exercise equipment. You should keep your feet firmly planted while you sit and should not use this as a balance ball.

  7. Can I replace my chair with a Motion Stool?

    The Motion Stool is meant to complement a sit-stand workstation. However, it should not completely replace an ergonomic office chair. It does not lower as far as most office chairs, and does not offer back or lumbar support.

  8. Is this portable?

    The Motion Stool weighs 23 pounds. So it is portable, but you may not want to carry it too far.

  9. Is this chair suitable for children?

    No, the stool only lowers to 25". It cannot go low enough to safely support anyone under five feet tall.

  10. If I'm 6' 2" can I still perch on this?

    Yes! The Motion Stool goes up to a generous 35" tall to support our taller users.

  11. Do these stools come in other colors besides black and blue?

    Right now the Motion Stool is only available in black or blue. We will be expanding our color selection in the future so check back with us!

  12. How comfortable is the padding on this chair?

    Our Motion Stool offers more padding than its competitors. We think it is the most comfortable stool of its type on the market, but we may be just a bit biased.

  13. Is this stool supportive?

    The cushion on the Motion Stool is very comfortable. However, this is not meant to be a full-time office chair.

  14. Will this stool tip over while I am sitting on it?

    The weighted base will keep your stool upright while you are sitting on it, and even while you are not seated! However, do not try to test the limits of the stool by leaning too far to the side or back, because you may very well tip over.

  15. Is there any chance of the UPLIFT Motion Stool coming out from under me when I sit down?

    Try not to sit down quickly on the stool. Instead, use your hand to make sure the seat of the stool is positioned under you when you go to sit down or perch.

  16. Will this work on carpet?

    We do not recommend using the UPLIFT Motion stool on a carpet surface. The tread on the bottom of the stool is meant to grip a hard surface so that you do not slip!

  17. How long can I comfortably sit on the stool?

    Sitting for long stretches of time may cause you to become fatigued. This stool will engage your core and thighs so you won't tire as easily as in a regular office chair. However, we still recommend standing for about 15 minutes every hour to break up the fatigue of sitting or perching.

  18. Is the seat breathable?

    The fabric on the seat was specifically chosen to be breathable so you won't get hot or sweaty while using the Motion Stool.



Why Buy?

Sit, perch, or rock on a stool that moves in all directions, helping you stay comfortable and active as you work.

Features & Specs

  • 10" of height adjustment—designed for sit-stand desks
  • Weighted base for stability; 360 degrees of motion
  • Plush waterfall-edge cushion for comfort and circulation
  • Treaded-grip base for safety
UPLIFT motion stool


UPLIFT Desk Warranty Policy

We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit the Warranty page for the full policy.

Return Policy

Free Returns with Free Return Shipping within 30 days, visit the Returns page for the full policy.



Motion Stool


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