Complimentary Space Planning

We offer FREE Design Services for offices of four or more desks.

Complimentary design services and project management are key benefits we provide. We use CET, the industry leading space planning software to design an office furniture layout to your specifications. All designs are then reviewed and approved by a Certified Professional Ergonomist. See how everything fits together before you buy, get a discounted quote, and let us help optimize your space for comfort and productivity. Whether you’re designing an office for 4 or 4,000, we’re here to help. We can design your space and deliver your project in 14 days.

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UPLIFT Desk Office Layout
UPLIFT Desk Office Layout

Custom Flexible Office Designs

Have an office floor plan in mind? Or do you need to start from scratch? Our designers can help you build a flexible office plan that fits your individual needs. Create the ideal space for your team. Whether that consists of a few desks or hundreds, we’re ready to help your business work better and healthier.

The UPLIFT Power and Data Rail is compatible with all brands of desks, and has built-in benching for UPLIFT V2 & V2-Commercial desks. There is also a standalone benching solution for UPLIFT V2 or V2-Commercial desks and a standalone benching solution for UPLIFT V1 desks.

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Create Defined Office Spaces

We have a wide selection of partitions that can create effective separation in your open office. With our flexible product designs, you can design and redesign your space as office needs evolve. Defining spaces and integrating privacy with panels and walls is a simple and rapid solution for improving your open office. Mobile panels and walls enable you to quickly reconfigure spaces as your needs change. The solutions and products presented here show an effective strategy for creating better space ownership in the office and also serve to improve social distancing as needed.

See the animation that shows a row of benched desks expanding and rotating to create more space. Then panels are used for space division. The animated steps shown and products used are as follows:

  1. We begin with a typical 6 person benched desk setup
  2. Desks are then separated into two single rows with 10’ spacing between. Then the desks are turned 180 degrees
  3. Side-by-side desks then separate to create a 3’ space between
  4. Desk mounted privacy panels are added to desks
  5. Mobile walls are placed between the rows desks
  6. Freestanding panels appear next to each desk to complete the space division and provide ideal social distancing

Power, Data, & Benching Solutions for the Modern Office

To put it simply, UPLIFT Power & Data Solutions are the answer to all your office layout and power supply needs, and the key to building a space your whole team will enjoy.

Power all your devices in areas where access to outlets is limited and service up to 16 desks with a single, direct wire power infeed. Eliminate unsightly cable clutter on floors, and maintain consistent spacing between desks to keep your workspace attractive and organized. As your office layout changes (and it always does), the Power & and Data Rail can grow and transition with it. Its patent-pending telescoping post height and rail width enable it to fit workspaces of various shapes and sizes. Customizable, reconfigurable, and affordable, the patent-pending UPLIFT Power & Data Rail is one of the most unique on the market. No matter how you choose to integrate it into your office blueprint, its features will benefit your office.

Thousands of companies have made the change to open floor plans. While this type of office environment can increase productivity, innovation, and teamwork, it sometimes introduces some unexpected issues related to power and data access, desk spacing organization, noise interruptions, and privacy. If this sounds like your office, the Power & Data Rail is the perfect solution. It can accommodate all your technology demands while simultaneously serving as the foundation of your office design. Deploy it as a central spine in a workstation cluster, a border to outline teams within an office setup, or a continuous benching layout. The Power & Data Rail will work with whatever desks you have, regardless of desk brand.

With the UPLIFT Power & Data Pole you can provide power and data to anywhere in your business, even locations far from a wall outlet.

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For Designers

If you are a design professional, you may likely be using a space planning software package such as 2020 Spaces, ProjectMatrix, or CET Designer. If so, please look for our library of UPLIFT Desk products within those platforms. Designers using building information modeling (BIM) software such as Revit can download our 3D product files from our 3D Models / CAD Files page. SketchUp software users will find 3D files of our product collections on the UPLIFT Desk page at 3D Warehouse.

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