CPU Holders


CPU Holders

Your CPU, Safe and Sound

One of the most important things in your office - your computer's CPU - stores millions of bytes of data that you spend hours and weeks and even months personally creating. So, what's it doing on the floor, collecting dust and where it is prone to accidents? Give your CPU a secure spot at your new workstation with a mountable CPU Holder. Prevent spills, stop tipovers, and save space on your floor or desktop. Hey, that's one less thing to worry about at work.

A GIF showing a CPU Holder mounted below and sitting on top of an UPLIFT Desk Extension
60 x 30 Black Eco Standing Desk

Reliable CPU Storage

UPLIFT Desk's tried-and-true CPU Holder gives CPUs a reliable, swivelable, and stowable new home. You'll have access to your computer's ports and peripherals with the option to slide it completely under your desk for easy storage. The UPLIFT Desk Extension adds 2.5 square feet of extra desktop area (5 square feet if two are utilized), it also comes with the ability to suspend your CPU off the ground. CPUs can mount below or sit on top of the extension. Give your CPU the respect it deserves at your workstation with a Desk Extension.

360 Degrees of Rotation

When installed with the Track Spacer, the CPU Holder provides access to normally hard-to-reach ports on the back of your computer by allowing you to move it back and forth along the track and rotate it 360 degrees

a GIF showing a CPU Holder rotating 360 degrees around a Track Spacer