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Sit or Stand at Your Current Desk

Easy Electric Standing Desk Transition

Complete electric standing desk conversion is finally available with the E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter. Recommended by Wirecutter as the Best Electric Standing Desk Converter of 2019, this smart, powerful, and adaptable converter brings more height adjustability to your fingertips than ever before. Its look is fully customizable, with numerous work surface material and base finish options available for you to choose from. It even comes with a built-in advanced keypad that remembers your height settings, and boasts mounting options for single, dual, and (soon to be) triple monitor setups. Take a Look at why the E7 is the final word in desk conversion.

E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter from UPLIFT Desk
Standing Desk Converters by UPLIFT Desk

Instant Desk Conversion

Desk converters get you the health benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without the need to completely overhaul your own setup. Moving and changing positions is key to better personal health, enabling you to burn more calories and improve circulation throughout your workday. Your converter will raise and lower in seconds as you do. And you can accessorize it further with a monitor arm for even greater neck and back support.

An Accessorized Converter is a Happy Converter

Accessorize your standing desk converter with a keyboard tray, monitor arm, laptop mount, anti-fatigue desk mat, or a wire management kit. With a growing collection of ergonomic accessories to help you increase comfort at your workstation, you don't have to hold back. Outfit your converter to the most extreme levels of ergonomics, or, at least until you're comfy.

A fully accessorized standing desk converter, complete with dual monitor arms and laptop mount.
uplift front clamp desk converter

To Clamp or Not to Clamp?

When mounting a standing desk converter, that is the question. Starting with our tried-and-true Standing Desk Converter Clamp model, you can install the unit to the back of your desk so you can lower the keyboard tray below your workstation when seated. Our Front Clamp Standing Desk Converter comes with a tiered keyboard tray and mouse platform that folds up and away to save space.

Rise to the Occasion

Height adjustability comes in many shapes and forms, like our line of freestand desk converters. Our Standing Desk Converter Riser model allows you to set up a standing desk in minutes without needing to be near an outlet thanks to simple pneumatic adjustments that require no electricity. Our Lift Standing Desk Converter comes with a tiered keyboard tray and mouse platform. And our E3 allows you to convert more spaces and is portable, extending ergonomics beyond the confines the office.

uplift standing desk converter
uplift mobile laptop arm

Ideal Laptop Elevation

With just as many people working on laptops as traditional computers these days, we'd be remiss if we forgot the laptop arm. Thankfully with the Adapt Mobile you can rest your laptop on an ergonomic counterbalanced arm that comes complete with dual USB 3.0 ports. 360 degree display rotation angle and 270 degree pan range gives you exponentially more freedom to adjust your laptop's viewing angle for the better.