E7 Stool by UPLIFT Desk (Discontinued)

The E7 Stool allows you to perch on a supportive seat at your sit-stand workstation

This item is discontinued. See below for alternatives.



The E7 Stool has been discontinued. For a similar product, please visit the Ergonomic Chairs and Stools page.


  • Better postures - Stool lets you sit and perch in ergo-friendly postures
  • Multiple modes of adjustability - Smooth 360 degree rotating, tilting, and pivoting
  • Complementary seating - Perfect to use as a supplement to your usual office chair
  • Perching made portable - Handle on the back for easy portability
  • Breathable fabric seat - Soft, stain-resistant fabric delivers better airflow
  • Reliable weighted base - Keeps you and the stool upright at all times
black e7 stool

The E7 Stool

The E7 Stool gives you the freedom to sit in a wide range of postures and change positions easily, making even your time seated healthier and more productive.

While standing, gently lean back on the stool to perch, or lower the seat to sit for a tiltable active seating experience. The advanced pivot mechanism in its weighted base allows 360 degrees of rotating, tilting, and pivoting. A built-in, easy-to-grasp handle on the back makes this stool portable, so you can quickly move it aside or take to a colleague's desk. The seat is made of breathable fabric that's both durable and stain-resistant.




Warranty + Returns





Weight capacity 250 lb
Weight 17.25 lb
Height adjustment range 21" - 32.25"
Seat pivot 360 degrees
Seat size 14.25" wide x 14" deep
Seat Back height 3"
Overall height 21.5" - 31.25"
Overall width 22.125"
Overall depth 15.50"
Shipping dimensions 17'' W x 9'' H x 22'' D, 20 lbs


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the E7 Stool different from the Motion Stool?

    We're glad you asked! Our designers made the E7 so that it offers you the same generous range of adjustability, but with a handle on the back so it's portable! This makes the ergonomic stool ideal for last-minute meetings and impromptu brainstorming sessions. Enjoy perching with the E7, or if you're looking for a different type of seat, check out our chair comparison chart for an easy breakdown of all of the features.

  2. What is a "sit-stand" chair?

    A sit-stand seating option allows you more flexibility when you work at an adjustable height desk. Our E7 Stool works best with a height-adjustable desk where you need to change from sitting to standing without rearranging your workspace or readjusting your seat a lot. To adjust to a higher or lower height, just grasp the lever under the seat and apply pressure to lower it, or stand up slightly to raise it.

  3. Can this stool work at both standing and sitting positions at my sit-stand desk?

    The E7 Stool offers a generous 11.25" height adjustment range. At the stool's lowest setting of 21" most users will be able to comfortably sit on the stool. For standing, you can perch on the stool by leaning back on the seat.

  4. Will this still work if I'm petite?

    Yes it will, but you may not be able to sit fully on the stool at its lowest height setting. We advise that users under 5'2" tall pair the E7 Stool with a footrest for a little extra height.

  5. If I'm 6'2" can I use this stool?

    You can! The E7 Stool goes up to a generous 32.25" tall to support our taller users.

  6. Is sitting on this anything like sitting on a balance ball?

    The E7 Stool is designed to keep your body engaged similar to that of a balance ball, but with this stool you get the added benefit of a supportive stool that won't pop or roll away when you stand up. The stool also engages your core muscles while you perch at your desk, but it is not meant to be used as exercise equipment. You should always keep your feet firmly planted while you use the stool.

  7. Can I use the E7 Stool as my all-day chair?

    The E7 Stool is designed to complement a sit-stand workstation, but it should not completely replace your ergonomic office chair. This is because it does not lower as far as office chairs, and does not offer back or lumbar support that most people need when sitting for multiple hours a day.

  8. Is this stool portable?

    Yep! The E7 Stool comes with a built-in handle on the back of the seat so you can move it from room to room!

  9. Is this chair okay for kids?

    No, because the stool only lowers to 21", it cannot go low enough to safely support children or anyone under five feet tall.

  10. Is the seat padded?

    Our E7 Stool offers a soft seating experience thanks to the padded seat with breathable fabric. We think you'll agree, it's one of the most complete and comfy sit-stand stools out there today!

  11. Will this stool tip over while in use?

    No, the weighted base will keep your stool upright while you are sitting on it, and even while you are not seated! However, don't lean too far to the side or back, because this can throw off the chair's weight and cause it to tip over. Here are some safety tips for sitting: Try not to sit down too quickly on the stool, and use your hand to make sure the seat of the stool is positioned under you when you go to sit down or perch.

  12. Does the stool adjust?

    Yes! You can adjust the height of the E7 Stool easily with simple height adjustment releases underneath the seat. To raise, take your weight off the stool, squeeze the release, and adjust upwards! And put your weight back on the stool and squeeze the release to lower the stool.



Why Buy?

Designed to let you sit or perch in multiple postures at a height adjustable desk. Stay comfortable and active throughout the workday.

Features & Specs

  • Height adjustable—designed for sit-stand desks
  • 360 degrees of rotation, tilt, and pivot
  • Excellent supplement for an ergonomic office chair
  • Carrying handle on back
uplift e7 stool


Warranty Info

This product comes standard with a 1-year limited warranty. For more information on UPLIFT warranty coverage, click here.

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