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UPLIFT Desk is still the best gaming desk around. With endless configuration possibilities, from desktop material to base color to accessories and more, you can easily and affordably customize your perfect set-up for health, comfort, and total domination.

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60x30 Black Eco Ergo-Edge Curve Desktop


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"As a professional gamer, it's important that I pay particular attention to my posture while playing; any sort of resistance or misalignment in my setup can be the difference between a two year career and a ten year career. With UPLIFT Desk, I'm able to quickly and comfortably tweak my setup to fit me best."

- Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip, C9

The best gamers and streamers on Twitch trust UPLIFT Desk.

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With a weight capacity of over 350 pounds, an industry-leading 10 Year warranty, fast and free shipping, 26" of smooth and quiet height adjustment, and optional programmable keypad, UPLIFT covers all the details so you can keep your head in the game.

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