Keyboard Trays


Keyboard Trays

Freedom from Poor Posture

An oft-overlooked system at desks, keyboard trays allow you to build your ideal ergonomic workstation that keeps you comfy while typing and tasking. Setting the keyboard tray's tilt and having the freedom to swivel and rotate your keyboard prevents negative effects from poor working postures such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder strain, and back pain. If you work at a computer for more than two hours a day, a keyboard tray is a crucial addition to your desk to keep you healthy.

A GIF showing the  Quick Adjust mechanism with a Bamboo Big Standard Keyboard Tray
A Bamboo Big Standard Keyboard Tray mounted to a 48 x 30 Bamboo Standing Desk

Content Keyboarding

If you desire a wide open space that houses both keyboard and mousepad on one platform, our Keyboard Tray Builder System is ideal for you. Or if you like having the option to switch up hands, the ambidextrous Switch Ultra-Thin Keyboard Tray System is your go-to typing accessory, featuring a separate mouse platform that detaches to move to either side of the tray for all of your mousing moods. Or enjoy work at the affordable and spacious Big Ultra-Thin Keyboard Tray or the beautiful and eco-friendly Big Standard Keyboard Tray. All of our keyboard trays are stowable under your desk with the installation of a track spacer.