Power, Data, & Benching Solutions for the Modern Office

UPLIFT Power and Data Rail

Featuring capabilities you won't find on any other power rail solution, the patented UPLIFT Power & Data Rail is the industry's most capable and flexible solution for open office environments and is the only rail that telescopes to ensure future proofed capability. Fit any future desk configuration with a power and data rail that can expand or shrink!

  • Distribute power and data to workstations; works with any type or brand of desk (not just UPLIFT Desks, but if you don't have UPLIFT Desks, you should consider upgrading)
  • Reduce cable clutter and trip hazards by providing organized power and data for each individual desk
  • Patented Rail telescopes both horizontally and vertically to fit any desk size
  • Countless configuration options to power up any workspace
  • Rail feet are low-profile and flat to allow any brand of desk to sit on top of the feet without obstruction
  • Patented benching pockets in the Rail feet allow for benching of UPLIFT V2 and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Desks without screws or bolts—simply lift the desk out of the pockets if you decide not to bench it any longer and say goodbye to large, inflexible benched desk monoliths
  • Optional acoustic privacy panels can be mounted to the top of the Rail to reduce noise and improve productivity
  • Compatible with both Byrne 8-Trac and Dekko 8-Wire UL183 recognized electrical components
  • We offer free design and planning services if you are designing a space with eight or more desks

The following U.S. Patents apply to this product, Patent No: US 11,399,627 B1

Power and Data Rail powers and benches UPLIFT desks

Our Process

Each Power & Data Rail setup is designed and optimized to meet your specific needs. Our design experts will guide you through every step making sure that you get a customized solution to fit the demands of your work space.

  1. Fill out the form and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.
  2. We will schedule a call or video meeting to discuss the details and gather more information. A layout of the space may be necessary.
  3. We will help determine the best power and data solution for your project. We'll provide a quote and If necessary, a layout.

View possible layouts with visual representations of potential options by selecting any of the Power & Data Rail configurations below.

Pricing details are specific to each project depending on layout and component needs, but for general pricing reference, view the Power & Data Rail Ballpark Pricing Guide (pdf). Prices can change depending on the length of cords, power capacity needed, and number of units. We do offer volume discounts as well. If you have a question, please contact us using the form below.

Power and Data Rail powers and benches UPLIFT desks

The New Age of Power Has Arrived

To put it simply, UPLIFT Power & Data Solutions are the answer to all your office layout and power supply needs, and the key to building a space your whole team will enjoy.

Power all your devices in areas where access to outlets is limited and service up to 16 desks with a single, direct wire power infeed. Eliminate unsightly cable clutter on floors, and maintain consistent spacing between desks to keep your workspace attractive and organized. As your office layout changes (and it always does), the Power & and Data Rail can grow and transition with it. Its patented telescoping post height and rail width enable it to fit workspaces of various shapes and sizes.

Customizable, reconfigurable, and affordable, the patented UPLIFT Power & Data Rail is one of the most unique on the market. No matter how you choose to integrate it into your office blueprint, its features will benefit your office.

Thousands of companies have made the change to open floor plans. While this type of office environment can increase productivity, innovation, and teamwork, it sometimes introduces some unexpected issues related to power and data access, desk spacing organization, noise interruptions, and privacy. If this sounds like your office, the Power & Data Rail is the perfect solution. It can accommodate all your technology demands while simultaneously serving as the foundation of your office design. Deploy it as a central spine in a workstation cluster, a border to outline teams within an office setup, or a continuous benching layout. The Power & Data Rail will work with whatever desks you have, regardless of desk brand.

Long and short UPLIFT Power and Data Rail telescoping

Raise. Lower. Expand. Enjoy.

Other rails on the market require you to fit your desks to fixed rail lengths and post heights, which leaves you stuck with a layout if you ever need to expand, change, or innovate, which you will. The UPLIFT Power & Data Rail enables you to make changes on the fly as you install and reconfigure desks. Every business owner knows that as a company grows, the workspace needs to grow with it. That's why the Power & Data Rail is equipped with patented advanced telescoping capabilities, allowing adjustment of both post height and Rail width to suit all sorts of workspaces. The near limitless configurability meets the demands of any floorplan.

The Rail covers nearly all desk widths with just two different Rail sizes: The Rails telescope to fit desktop widths from 36" to 80". Competitors' designs often require you to buy a new fixed rail width each time you reconfigure, which is expensive and impractical. With the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail, you'll never have to buy additional metal parts until you're ready to add more desks. If you are changing desk sizes, simply add new jumper cables and the telescoping Rail is ready to be reconfigured to support today's growing technology demands and increasingly open and flexible office setups.

  • Short Rail telescopes 15.3" to accommodate desktop widths from 36" to 48"
  • Long Rail telescopes 22.3" to accommodate desktop widths from 55" to 80"

The Rail also telescopes vertically, adjusting the height from the floor to the top of the Rail from 17"- 24" (7" of travel). This allows for the Rail to be set at a height that doesn’t interfere with desks or accessories like monitor arms, and allows you to set the optional acoustic privacy panel at the right height for users.

UPLIFT Power and Data Rail  Byrne data plate and adapter kits

Data Delivered

Each Power & Data Rail includes Byrne data plate and adapter kits (pdf). These kits add the ability to install different types of data jacks or couplers, such as ethernet ports, on the face of the rail. After making wiring connections, you simply snap your jacks or couplers (not included) into the appropriate adapters, snap the adapters into the data plate, and then snap the data plate into the Power & Data Rail. Two ports accept network cables that are routed through the rail.

If you choose not to install data into the rail, we provide a blank plate for you to cover the unused ports.

Dual Sided UPLIFT Power and Data Rail configuration in an open office layout

Align Your Team - Move the Needle

Combine the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail's ability to cleanly distribute power throughout the workspace with the award winning design of UPLIFT Desks and you have the industry's most multi-faceted and affordable benching solution.

The Power & Data Rail has a bonus feature if used in conjunction with UPLIFT V2 or V2-Commercial Desks: The patented benching pockets in the feet will keep desks consistently spaced. 30" deep desktops are spaced 4" apart at the back and sides, and 24" deep desktops are spaced 6.5" apart at the back and 4" apart at the sides. This spacing provides an organized look that is free of pinch points, all while still allowing enough room behind desks for accessories that mount to desktops.

Already have multiple desks you are working with? We didn't forget other desk brands in our design. The UPLIFT Power & Data Rail was designed with low profile, flat feet to allow any other brand desk to sit on top. Many other rail brands have higher-profile feet that can cause interference, but the UPLIFT Power & Data Rail's feet can easily accommodate any desk of any brand: Simply adjust the leveling glides on the desk feet if they happen to be positioned on top of Power Rail feet.

H-Shape Power and Data Rail configuration with different Acoustic Privacy Panel color options

Enhance Privacy & Reduce Noise

All offices experience varying noise levels, and the Power & Data Rail is designed to help with that. Enhance acoustics and privacy in your office with Acoustic Privacy Panels that attach directly to the top of the Power and Data Rail. The 0.85 Noise Reduction Rating (NRC) value of the Acoustic Privacy Panels means that 85% of the sound waves that contact the material will be captured, while just 15% will reflect back into the room.

The Power & Data rail provides a fixed height for the acoustic panels to present a uniform appearance when you look across your office. However, you can also attach acoustic privacy panels directly to your height adjustable desk to ensure that when you rise to a standing position, your privacy panels rise with you.

UPLIFT Power and Data Rail

Outfitting Workspaces for Today and Tomorrow

The UPLIFT Power & Data Rail is designed to be as flexible, scalable, and useful as possible. It's compatible with any desk brand, whether they're height adjustable or fixed height. Harness all the technological power your office needs with the Power & Data Rail's unmatched features—without worrying about wires and cable clutter.

The UPLIFT Power & Data Rail is compatible with both Byrne 8-Trac and Dekko 8-Wire UL183 recognized electrical components. We recommend and typically use Byrne, but you have the option to substitute Dekko to avoid any supply lead time issues or delays.

You can provide power to four or fewer desks (5-amps per desk supplied by a 20-amp wall plug) without the need of an electrician with the "Plug-in to Wall or Floor Outlet" option that simply plugs into a 20A wall or floor outlet.

Power up to 16 desks (at 5-amps/desk) with a single, direct wire power source infeed. Power source infeeds can be routed to the Power and Data Rail from either the floor, wall, or ceiling. Direct wire power source infeeds accommodate up to four 20A circuits (this will supply 5-amps per desk) and require a licensed electrician to install.

Ceiling power source infeeds can be concealed within a sturdy UPLIFT Power & Data Pole that telescopes to accommodate ceilings 8' to 12' high. Power Poles are applicable to direct wire power source infeeds only.

Various configurations of UPLIFT Power and Data Rails

Freedom Over Your Flow

This high-performance Rail integrates seamlessly alongside workstations, providing unsurpassed cable storage, wire management, and benching to keep desks organized and optimally configured.

Not sure which configurations will work and look best in your office? We're here to help. We offer free design and planning services if you are designing a space with eight or more desks.

Some example configurations: Single Sided Rows, Dual Sided Rows, Dog Bone Shape, 3-Pack, 4-Pack, C-Shape, H-Shape, and Herringbone Shape configurations. These suggested configurations can be combined and configured in many spaces, and with various Power Rail connectors, configurations are really limitless.

Our experts will create a professionally designed layout of your space that allows each person to work better and live healthier.

We start by using our industry-leading 2D and 3D space planning software to design a blueprint for your office. Then our Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) reviews design suggestions to ensure that we're creating the best ergonomic plan for your unique space. You'll be able to visualize exactly what your office will look like with all the desks and accessories you want.

Consult us to see how everything fits together before you buy, get a quote showing bulk discounts, and let us help you enhance your space to add comfort and productivity.

Socially distanced office layouts utilizing a combination of UPLIFT Desk and UPLIFT Acoustics products

Create Social Distancing Between Desks

Let us help you achieve your new socially distanced office, like the configurations shown here utilizing the OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partition. Find more social distancing recommendations on the Space Division page.

Power and Data Pole

Up, up & out of the way

Run power to your Rail from the ceiling with the Power & Data Pole. Hide ugly cords. This telescoping pole eliminates the need to route power across the floor when the Rail isn't near an electrical outlet.

The Pole is height adjustable and is compatible with ceiling heights between 8 and 12 feet high. The Pole extends far enough for a 12 foot high dropped ceiling.

Our experts will create a professionally designed layout of your space that allows each person to work better and live healthier.

Consult us to see how everything fits together before you buy, get a quote showing bulk discounts, and let us help you enhance your space to add comfort and productivity.

UPLIFT V2 Benching System

Add structure & collaboration to your workspace

Neatly align and space out your desks with the Benching System for V1 or V2 Desks. Avoid having to buy a specific “benched desk” set that can’t be separated. This system can be removed and reinstalled to give your growing office maximum flexibility.

Check out the Desk Benching System for V2 Desks, or for V1 Desk owners, the Desk Benching System for V1 Desks.

Connects a single row or a back-to-back row of desks, allowing you to bench together multiple desks to keep desks organized and increase team collaboration and productivity.

The benching system is not necessary if you have UPLIFT V2 Desks and a UPLIFT Power & Data Rail system as the Rail system will also bench your desk.

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