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Movement and Exercise

More Movement, More Ergonomic

A key concept of office ergonomics is to add more movement to the workday. Ergonomists say that "the best ergonomic posture is your next one" because adding movement to the day is that important. A motion board can help you achieve more health benefits at your standing desk. They improve blood circulation throughout the body and help improve focus, all while you continue to get your work done. They let you burn more calories than just sitting or standing in place. Move, tilt, and rock while you work to engage more muscle groups and feel healthier.

A woman standing on top of a Bamboo Motion X-Board by UPLIFT Desk
6-Pack Rack for Motion-X and Rocker-X Boards with matching 60 x 30 Bamboo Standing Desk

Get The Entire Office Moving

Keep your workforce happier, healthier, and ultimately more productive by adding genuine solid bamboo Motion-X and Rocker-X boards. Use genuine solid bamboo 6-Pack Racks to store your boards when not in use. In addition to enabling more movement during the day, these racks reduce clutter while freeing up floor space. Their sophisticated and uniform aesthetic looks great in any office and bamboo is a renewable material because it's the fastest growing plant in the world.

Stand Comfortably

If, like most people, you've been sitting for the majority of your day, it might seem like a radical idea to stand 45 minutes and sit 15 minutes each hour at your UPLIFT Standing Desk. Think of standing mats as a supportive sidekick that has your back, both literally and figuratively. If you feel pain or fatigue during standing sessions, add a standing mat to take pressure off your hips, joints, knees, and back.

A man standing on a Small E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat