Walls + Panels for Space Division


Walls + Panels for Space Division

Create Defined Office Spaces

Defining spaces and integrating privacy with panels and walls is a simple and rapid solution for improving your open office. Panels and walls enable you to design and quickly reconfigure spaces as your needs change. The solutions and products presented on this page show an effective strategy for creating better space ownership in the office and also serve to improve social distancing measures to mitigate the possible spread of the virus.

How to Social Distance in an Office

UPLIFT Desk is committed to helping you transform your office into the new workspace. Most of our products are designed to be flexible with telescoping components and varying sizes. We have a wide selection of partitions that can create effective separation in your open office. With our flexible product designs, you can design and redesign your space as office needs evolve.

See the adjacent animation of how to implement social distance in an office. The steps and products used are as follows:

  1. We begin with a typical 6 person benched desk setup
  2. Desks are then separated into two single rows with 10' spacing between. Then the desks are turned 180 degrees
  3. Side-by-side desks then separate to create a 3' space between
  4. Desk mounted privacy panels are added to desks
  5. Mobile walls are placed between the rows desks
  6. Freestanding panels appear next to each desk to complete the space division and provide ideal social distancing

The Officle - Not Quite an Office or Cubicle

The term "Officle" is gaining in popularity, it's not quite an office or cubicle. It is larger and more flexible than a cubicle to provide social distancing, privacy, separation, and a sense of ownership while remaining flexible, efficient, and collaborative.

Here at UPLIFT, we have implemented multiple changes at our offices that partition or divide open areas for space separation that creates social distancing.

  • Side and back acoustic divider panels for desks installed on all individual workstations
  • Divider panel height increased wherever more separation was needed by adding acoustic panels (available separately) to the top of short cubicles
  • We rotated or moved desks to provide at least 6 feet of spacing between employees
  • Collaborative, multi-person workstations were removed and replaced with individual standing desks
  • In some conference rooms, conference tables were replaced with standing desks, transforming them into private or semi-private offices depending on the size of the room
  • Two to three monitor arms with monitors were installed on all desks to help create another substantial barrier directly in front of the face
  • Additional safeguards include providing desk drawers and cabinets to stow keyboards, mice, and personal belongings when not in use
  • Even our Acoustic Phone Booths can provide some separation for phone calls

The Space Between Us - Mobile Panels & Walls

Open office spaces can create a welcoming environment that encourages collaboration, but it's likely that your workstations weren't set up with social distancing in mind. In addition to providing more elbow room, adding panels and walls helps to break up the space a bit and create better space ownership and privacy.

Creating a space that provides 6 feet of distance between employees may seem like a challenge, but we have plenty of tips (and products) to help you achieve your new socially distanced office. We also offer a free space planning design service if you're ready for a floor plan drawing.

In the adjacent floor plans, we show before-and-after examples of 6 desks in an open office. To create more employee separation in these layouts, we have utilized our OneWall Mobile Walls and Freestanding Privacy Panels for a reconfigurable design with simple installation. This design achieves a minimum of 6 feet spacing and establishes physical barriers between people. All of this is accomplished with just 100 square feet of additional space usage.

A Simple How-To Guide:

We suggest that you start by separating individual desks to create a minimum space of 6 feet between workers. Also, consider rotating desks so employees face away from rather than towards each other.

Next, to create flexible and useful dividers, partitions, and social distancing barriers, we recommend a mix of the following products. Use multiple, side-by-side Freestanding Privacy Panels, or desk mounted Acoustic Privacy Panels to separate desks. Consider utilizing OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partitions to create larger barriers that are still flexible, mobile, and reconfigurable. All of these options are available in multiple sizes and colors to best suit your office needs and style.

Enduring Open Office Space Division

Our OneWall Cubicle Acoustic Office Partitions create individual workspaces that are more structured and less flexible than our Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panels. OneWall Cubicles will provide the distance and physical barrier you need between workstations while significantly reducing office distractions and noise. The telescoping frame design provides adjustability allowing you to redesign your space as your needs change without the need to buy new frames (simply buy new acoustic panels, you can re-use the smaller sized panels in a number of ways such as mounting them to walls to reduce noise).

With the OneWall Cubicle, configuration possibilities are endless. We provide several cubicle configuration examples to get your ideas flowing and give you an idea about pricing. Choose one of these options, or design your own. We are also happy to provide you with a free layout of cubicles, desks, chairs, and accessories specifically designed for your office. Get started by filling out our free space planning request form.

Additional Privacy and Social Distancing Protection

Create a barrier attached directly to your desktop by installing Dual Monitor Arms and desk mounted Acoustic Privacy Panels or Acrylic Privacy Panels. If you have a standing desk, these panels move with you as you sit or stand.

Add storage items like our Bamboo Desk Drawer and 3-Drawer File Cabinet to store your mouse, keyboard, and other items when not in use.

Keep your desk accessories, pens, notebooks, tablets, and even laptops secure with many of our Storage and Organization products.

Your New Office Awaits

By giving employees more physical space to social distance your office will be safely open for business. Through space division and privacy comes improved ability to concentrate and sense of ownership of space.

It's worth mentioning one more time… ready for FREE Space Planning? Our experts will work with you to create a professionally designed office layout with all products placed right where you need them. We'll work with you to redesign your current floor plan and implement best practices for a new office layout that will give your employees peace of mind.

We begin by using our 2D and 3D space planning software to create a blueprint of your space. From there we will review your design suggestions to ensure we are creating the best plan for you and your employees to feel productive, safe and sound. We will then provide you with a discounted product quote for your consideration. You'll be able to see exactly what your new office will look like before making any financial investment. We also provide assembly services throughout the USA.

We manufacture and sell directly to you. By cutting out the typical middleman of office furniture dealerships we provide you with better and faster service, superior products, and lower prices. Products ship the same day when ordered by 3pm Central time.

Configuration 4

6 SoCo Seats with Backs
2 SoCo Wedge Tables

Configuration 5

3 SoCo Seats with Backs
9 SoCo Privacy Screens
6 Corner Connectors

Configuration 6

10 SoCo Seats with Backs
2 SoCo Seats without Back
8 SoCo Privacy Screens
4 Corner Connectors
4 SoCo Wedge Tables

Configuration 7

4 SoCo Seats with Backs
9 SoCo Privacy Screens
2 Corner Connectors
6 Linear Connectors
3 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 8

4 SoCo Seats with Backs
8 SoCo Privacy Screens
4 Linear Connectors
3 Corner Connectors
3 SoCo Seats without Backs
2 SoCo Square Tables

Configuration 9

4 SoCo Seats without Backs
2 SoCo Circle Tables
1 SoCo Square Table