Desk Frames


Bring Your Own Desktop

One Size Fits All

Your personal desktop is unique, but this frame will still fit it perfectly. The telescoping crossbars on the standard 2-leg frame fit desktops anywhere from 42 inches to 96 inches wide. That means you can change your desktop later on and still use the same base.

If two legs aren't your style, then check out our 3-leg and 4-leg frames. They offer more carrying capacity and the ability to support much larger setups and desk configurations.

Work at a desk that supports you and all of your gear with the 2-Leg Desk Frame.
Black, white, industrial style, and gray adjustable height desk frame feet

Aluminum by Design

Aluminum construction in the feet of our desks makes our frames built to last. The legs on the 2-leg and 3-leg frames are offset toward the rear of the desk. This provides more support for whatever desktop you bring to the table. The aluminum feet and steel frame construction is also recyclable, which might be important to you since you are conscientious enough to use your own desktop. Choose from four available finishes: powder-coated black, gray, or white—or our industrial style—all non-toxic and VOC-free.

Set it and Save it

The advanced keypad makes changing the height of your desk a breeze. Just set and save your favorite heights and they will be ready for you at the touch of a button. With four programmable presets, you might even be willing to let a co-worker share your space without worrying about losing your optimal desk height. Or save your seated, perched, standing, and treadmill heights. The LED screen also shows the exact height of your desk for those of you who want to get technical and calculate your ideal standing desk height down to the tenth of an inch.

The Advanced Digital Keypad gives users handy digital readouts of their favorite desk heights in inches.