Flexible Office Furniture and Design


Working in a space fit for your body is crucial for maintaining optimal health and efficiency in the office. Frequently standing while you work burns more calories, increases energy levels, and can even halt the development of diseases caused by sedentary living. In stark contrast to the traditional office's lack of freedom, flexible offices put the focus on the well-being of people. By allowing employees the freedom to move and change postures throughout the day, you give a little bit of control back to them. The end result is better, more productive work from happier, healthier employees.

Since 2011, UPLIFT Desk has been creating forward-thinking business solutions that help create a more flexible office. We design all our products to transform workspaces with the diverse individual or team work style in mind. Let us help you build your ideal office space.

eco curve desk by uplift desk
a fully optimized flexible office setup

At the Center of It All Is the Standing Desk

Great work starts at a great desk and stand up work requires a desk that does the same. Needless to say, we're proud of our height adjustable desks and sit-stand workstations. We realized years ago that you can’t stand all day. Our desk design also allows you to sit at the perfect height, then alternate between sitting and standing with the quick push of a button. Before you can move your chair and place your standing mat… your desk is up and ready for standing work. UPLIFT Desk offers a growing collection of products to help you build the ergonomic flexible office space you need. Complete your workstation with tools like office chairs and stools, data and power links, multifunctional storage options, and privacy solutions. Even if you bought one of our desks years ago, we can help you upgrade your desk frame with tools that bring it into the modern era of ergonomics.

A Brave New (Flexible) Office

Work is changing and to keep up, offices are adapting to deliver an ideal balance between shared and private workspaces. The modern office requires a perfect blend of these spaces; we help businesses achieve this. Keep your work area interesting with our 120 Degree Sit Stand Workstations that allow teams to build out fun pods of workstations, so you're never further than a conversation's reach from your colleagues. We also offer an innovative range of acoustic privacy panels, modesty panels with wire management, and storage options to help you build the well-rounded, flexible office furniture your business needs.

typicals for flexible office configurations
flexible office planning ideas

Shared Spaces

Human-centered configurations with movable privacy panels and freestanding installation options enable teams to readjust their space as needed. Give yourself the freedom to adjust and grow in the future with an adaptable shared office space from UPLIFT Desk. Setting up workstations in neighboring groups with dedicated desk power via the Power and Data Link helps power workstations without a clutter of cords. Acoustic privacy panels and modesty panels with wire management establish boundaries that designate shared work areas and private workspaces.

Click here for more on Office Design Consulting and Space Planning by UPLIFT Desk. 

Collaborative Areas

When you need a larger collaborative space that doesn't require your employees to leave their primary work areas, we can help. A 'big table' desk layout encourages communication between individuals and teams but having a big desk at one height doesn’t work because people aren’t all the same height. Desks arranged in continuous yet independently-adjustable rows of desktops are reminiscent of a traditional bench configuration, modeled after the conference table. These configurations increase the options for employees who need a temporary pop-up workspace. Comfort is ensured by fitting the desk to the person instead of making the person adjust to the desk.

basic flexible office desk configurations
uplift desk crafting table

Possible Flexible Office Configurations

UPLIFT Desk offers a resource of possible flexible office layout configurations to suit your unique business needs. Remote ergonomic assessments are made easy with us, just drop us a line and we'll be in touch with you to see just what ergonomic products you need to help you work at your best. Or reach out to us to create a custom layout for your office space, however big or small. Visualize your flexible office space with our interactive 2020 Catalog and Project Matrix, which lets you quickly design spaces with all our products and get a firsthand look at what your current space could be with a little help from UPLIFT Desk.

Work Better. Live Healthier. UPLIFT Desk.