Advanced Keypad by UPLIFT Desk

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Set your favorite sitting and standing heights for you and your coworkers
(Save $14.00 )

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  • Easily store up to 4 height presets for all of your sit-to-stand transitions
  • Intuitive programming allows you to set your preferences in seconds
  • Desk heights are shown on a handy digital readout on an LED display
  • Toggle between one-touch and constant-touch settings
  • Compatible with height adjustable 2-leg, 3-leg, and 4-leg desks
  • Comes complete with control box connecting wire
  • Works with all UPLIFT Desk control boxes, excluding first generation boxes
The digital keypad works with any UPLIFT standing desk.

Digital Memory Keypad

If you want to upgrade or replace your current UPLIFT Desk keypad, you've come to the right place. The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad not only displays your desktop's height to the tenth of an inch, it also allows you to save up to four positions in its memory, moving your UPLIFT desk to where you need it with one touch in just a matter of seconds.

Available in black, white, or gray, you can have a matching sit-stand solution that's easy on the eyes and more than helpful for the workday.



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Dimensions 6.1" W x 2.1" D x 1.25" H
Cord length 75"
Shipping dimensions 7" L x 10" W x 4" H, 1 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this come with one touch memory height adjustment?

    Yes, one of the best features of the Advanced Keypad is the one-touch memory height adjustment. Once you have your presets programmed, simply press the number and watch as your desk moves into place.

  2. Do these work on 3-leg and 4-leg UPLIFT Desks?

    Yes! All of the benefits of the Advanced Keypad, including one-touch functionality and control box programming, are also available on any three or four-leg UPLIFT desk with a control box that has the programming code (2-leg), (3-leg), or (4-leg) printed on the sticker located near the power socket. Download our Programming Your UPLIFT Desk (pdf) for instructions on locking the keypad, changing the memory presets from one-touch to constant-touch (press-and-hold), and setting new lower or upper height limits

  3. Can I change my desk's minimum/maximum heights with this keypad?

    Yes. Another added feature of the Advanced Keypad is the ability to change the minimum and maximum heights of your desk. This is a handy safety feature to have if you have any obstacles, such as a shelf or pedestal drawer, that might get in the way of the generous UPLIFT Desk height range. Check out our blog post for more information.

  4. Is the advanced keypad really worth it?

    You betcha! The four memory presets make it so that you don't have to remember the perfect standing height. The one-touch feature is also great! Just touch the memory button and then sit back and watch while your desk moves into place.

  5. Does this work via Bluetooth?

    This is not Bluetooth compatible. All components have to be hard wired to the control box.

  6. Does this come with all of the wires necessary to hook up to my desk's control box?

    Yes, the Advanced Keypad comes with a connecting wire, which allows it to work with the desk via the control box.

  7. How do I program a height into my keypad?

    Move your desk to the height that you want to remember. Then press the M button followed by the 1, 2, 3, or 4 button corresponding with the preset number you want to program.

  8. I have a two button keypad on my desk now, am I able to upgrade?

    Most likely you will be able to upgrade! But it does depend on when you purchased your UPLIFT Desk. Please give our Sales Pros a call and they can tell you for certainty whether your desk is compatible.

  9. Can this be used with any standing desk?

    The UPLIFT Advanced Keypad is only compatible with the UPLIFT line of desks.

  10. I have an older control box. Will this work for me?

    In most cases, yes. The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad is designed to work with our version 2,3, and 4 control boxes. This accounts for a majority of users, but there is one early version of our control box that is not compatible with the keypad. If your control box looks like the box below, you have one of our first control boxes, which is not equipped to work with this keypad. How can upgrade to a new control box, however, which will allow you to install the Advanced Keypad with all of its included features.



Why Buy?

Unlock your UPLIFT Desk's full potential.

Features & Specs

  • Four programmable memory buttons; one-touch or constant-touch adjustment
  • Set maximum and minimum desk heights
  • Child lock keeps kids or colleagues from playing with the keypad
  • LED shows your desk's height in inches or centimeters
  • Display dims after 10 seconds
uplift advanced keypad


Resetting Your Desk

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