E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk (Discontinued)

The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike is an ideal accessory to get you moving at your height adjustable desk.

This item is discontinued. See below for alternatives.



The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike has been discontinued. For a similar product, please visit the Adjustable Height Standing Desks page.


  • Burn calories and stay physically active while you work at your desk. Make it a daily habit to move your office chair aside and slide in your E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike
  • Achieve hours of extra movement. This bike was designed specifically for use with a sit-stand desk
  • Adjust the comfortably wide seat to fit your body (accommodates users 5'1" to 6'3" tall and up to 250 lb). A more comfortable seat prevents fatigue and lets you exercise longer
  • Track your calories burned, exercise time, speed, and distance using the built-in LCD display
  • Bicycle is smooth, quiet, and has eight resistance levels
  • Move the bike into place with the convenient seat-level handle, then get moving
  • Easily assembled and made from sturdy materials that last for years
E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike in Black
A woman pedals on the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

Feel the Burn All Workday Long

Can't make it to the gym before or after work? Wish that you could maximize your movement and exercise time throughout the day? Just looking for a way to take your standing desk experience to the next level? The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk is a great solution for all of those needs. The E3 provides a perfect hands-free platform to help you meet your fitness goals, giving you the opportunity to build your cycling muscles and burn more calories while you type. Moving more throughout the day (and eating well) is the best way to get healthier, and the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk is the perfect way to move a lot more while you work. Cycle for 10 minutes, stand for 20 minutes, sit down in your chair for 30 minutes, repeat.

Pedal While You Ponder

If you use a height adjustable desk, you're already experiencing some of the benefits of moving while you work. With an E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike, you expand your options. Now you can build up even more mental momentum for workaday tasks, cycling your way through to-do lists with improved clarity. Energize your workspace even more with an accessory that encourages you to stay active—solving problems and brainstorming new ideas as you move your feet to the cadence of a successful work day.

Close-up of the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike's pedals in use

60x30 Carbonized Bamboo Curve

Adjustable tension control on the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike

A Bicycle Built for You

Not only does the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike fit a wide range of body types—with an extended-range seat height that adjusts up to 4" to allow more users to pedal comfortably—but it also works for people of varying fitness levels. With eight different stages of resistance, you can take things at a leisurely pace, work on slowly building up your stamina, or hammer on the pedals and break a sweat. The bike's grippy pedals and stable base will help keep your feet connected and your body stable as you do.

Don't worry about missing a gym day during the week; with the E3 bike, you'll be calorie-burning while working.

Achieving Your Fitness Goals

We all have them. Whether you want to lose weight, build up your endurance, train your calves, or just go faster and farther, cycling at your desk is one of those good choices to help you get there. But, in order to ensure that we're on pace to meet those goals, we have to track our progress—"what gets measured gets done" is the watchword both at work and the gym.

While you pedal your way to achievement, the bike's easy-to-view LCD display, which faces toward you while you're seated, tracks your calories burned and time pedaled—as well as your virtual speed and distance traveled. You can use whichever metric works best to help drive and inspire you to new levels of fitness; our E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike enables you to chart your progress along the way.

User-facing LCD display on the E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike



Warranty + Returns





Seat Height Adjustment 32.25" - 36.5"
User Height Range 5'1" - 6'3"
Weight Capacity 250 lb
Bike Dimensions 17.25" wide (feet are widest point)
31.5" front of display to back of seat w/ seat at tallest setting (w/ pedal all the way forward, it adds 1/8")
27.5" front of display to back of seat w/ seat at lowest setting (w/ pedal all the way forward, it adds 1/8")
Resistance Style Magnetic resistance
Resistance Levels 8 settings
Console Readout Calories burned, exercise time, speed, and distance
Weight 37.5 lb
Batteries Display requires 1 AAA battery, not included
Shipping dimensions 28.3 x 14.2 x 22.4" - 44 lbs 12 oz


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the seat height?

    The E3 seat has a minimum height of 32.25" and can adjust up to a max height of 36.5".

  2. Does the bike have a weight limit?

    The exercise bike is rated for up to 250 lb.

  3. How loud is it when I use the E3?

    Because the cycling mechanism uses magnetic resistance, it runs more quietly than bikes using a belt-driven system. It’s quiet and smooth.

  4. Can I use this with a normal desk?

    The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike was designed for height adjustable desks; it does not fit under a standard desk.

  5. How much does the bike weigh?

    The E3 bike weighs 37.5 lb.

  6. Do I need batteries for the LCD display?

    Yes, the E3 bike requires one AAA battery, which is not included.

  7. Why is the LCD display screen upside down?

    While the LCD display looks upside down when viewing the bike face-on, when you're seated, it's right-side up. We wanted you to be able to check your stats as you pedal.

  8. How many resistance levels are there?

    The bike has eight resistance levels, giving you lots of flexibility when choosing your workout intensity.

  9. How comfortable is the seat and how do I adjust it?

    The seat is wide enough to rest on, unlike a traditional bike seat. And while the cushion is firm, its thick padding still gives a little—a great combination for a comfortable workday ride.

    To adjust the seat height, loosen the knob on the back of the seat column and pull it out. Then move the seat up or down and release the knob to lock it in place.

  10. My floors are slightly uneven. Does the bike have a leveling adjustment?

    Yes, there are two leveling "feet" under the front of the bike.

  11. My legs are hitting the carrying handle. Can I remove it?

    Yes, you can remove the handle by removing the two screws that attach it to the seat. The bike can then be carried by its seat.

  12. I lowered the seat past the locking pin, and now it’s stuck. What should I do?

    The bike seat isn’t designed to adjust below the locking pin. If it gets stuck, you can stand on the base of the bike (for leverage) and pull upward on the seat to free it.

  13. Why should I buy this bike instead of one with a built-in desk?

    First, you can use this bike with any height adjustable desk, including the UPLIFT Desk. And because your UPLIFT Desk adjusts at the touch of a button, you can quickly set it to the perfect height when you're ready to pedal. When you're not in the mood to exercise, your desk still serves as both a seated and standing workspace, adjustable to your ergonomically-ideal height.

    In addition, there's no need to move from one desk platform to another. With the E3 desk bike, you get to keep all of your work at one desktop, instead of having to completely re-adjust how you work when using a bike with a built-in desktop.

  14. How much time or distance can I track on the bike?

    The time counter runs out at 99:59 and will cycle back around to 00:01. The distance counter, which currently measures in kilometers, tracks up to 99.99 km before going back to 00:01 again. Future models of the bike will track distance in miles.

  15. How do I reset the display stats?

    Simply press and hold the "Mode" button for three seconds to reset all counters.



Why Buy?

This bike helps you work productively and achieve your fitness goals. Stay active longer, burn more calories, and track your progress.

Features & Specs

  • Designed for sit-stand desks
  • Fits people 5'1" to 6'3"; weight capacity 250 lb
  • Wider seat for more pedal time
  • Track calories, time, speed, and distance
  • 8 resistance levels
uplift e3 under desk bike


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