Movement & Exercise


Movement and Exercise

More Movement, More Ergonomic

One of the goals of ergonomics is to add more motion to your workday. Many make the big jump with a purchase of a height adjustable desk, but this is just the first step. Adding more movement to your day via a motion board or standing desk treadmill can help you achieve all of the health benefits provided by working at an ergonomic workspace, like burning more calories than simply sitting or standing in place, increasing circulation throughout the body, and even improving focus, all while you work.

e7 motion board by uplift desk
lifespan desk treadmill

Ergo-Friendly Multitasking

Our E7 Motion Board will give you the unique abilities to move, tilt, and rock while you work at your desk, which engages more muscle groups and burns more calories. Humans are bipedal and our bodies were designed to walk. Give your body what it needs with a standing desk treadmill. Our collection of LifeSpan Treadmills give you the ultimate freedom - the ability to walk while you work. Upgrade your workspace and include all of the tools to keep you moving and your body comfortable.