UPLIFT Desk Connect

UPLIFT Desk Connect

An App for Your Desk & Your Health

We are working on an updated version of this app that will work with the latest Google and Apple device operating systems. The previous version of the app is not working properly with regards to desk connection and notifications, as well as a few other issues. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Take your desk to the next level with our UPLIFT Desk Connect app. Control your desk, save your preferred heights, get reminders to raise your desk, set a daily standing goal for yourself, and get a head start on setting up your workstation, all with your smartphone or tablet.

*App requires the UPLIFT Desk Connect Dongle to work with your desk.

App Features

Raise & Lower

Raise & Lower

Sit and stand quickly with your phone or tablet.

Save Your Heights

Save Your Heights

Save your heights for easy one-touch adjusting.

Set Daily Goals

Set Daily Goals

Push yourself to stand more with a daily goal.

Standing Reminders

Standing Reminders

Nudge yourself in the right direction with a reminder.

Health Guide

Health Guide

Read advice for setting up your ergonomic workstation.

Sitting & Standing Tips

Sitting & Standing Tips

Learn how to work in healthy postures, sitting or standing.

Personalize Your Desk

Personalize Your Desk

Name your desk and set your password for security.

Safe Adjustments

Safe Adjustments

Block unwanted users from accessing your desk.

How to Connect

Set up is quick and easy. You'll need access to your desk's control box (version 3 or higher), the UPLIFT Desk Connect dongle, and the UPLIFT Desk Connect app. To connect the app to your desk and dongle, follow these eight simple steps:

icon asterisk

To know which control box you have, check the silver label located on the box. If it says V3 or V4, your control box is compatible with the UPLIFT Connect app and dongle.


You'll Be a Pro in No Time!

So you're all connected and ready to use the app? Here's how!

Step 1

Adjust Your Desk

Hold finger down and slide up and down to adjust the height of your desk.

Adjust Your Desk Gif
Step 2

Save Your Preferred Heights

Once desk is at desired height, click Save Height button, then select Sit or Stand within five seconds.

Instructions to Save Height Gif
Step 3

Personalize Your Desk

Customize and personalize your desk with our customize feature under settings.

Personalize Your Desk Gif

We Know. You Forget Things.

Set up your Health Plan and let the app do the remembering for you! Here's How:

  1. After your desk is connected to the app, tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Customize, then tap Movement Reminder.
  3. Select the days of the week when you want reminders.
  4. Select your work day start and end times. You must set your work day hours for the morning and afternoon separately, and it is not necessary to enter breaks or lunch time - just your start and stop times. Most users will select the ending morning time as 11:59 am and the starting afternoon time as 12:00 pm. Example: If you work 8:30-5:30, you will select 8:30 to 11:59 in the morning and 12:00 to 5:30 in the evening.
  5. Turn on Movement Reminders by sliding the tab to the right, then choose how long you'd like to sit before you receive a reminder. You can set standing reminders for certain intervals of time in .5 hour increments.
  6. Turn the ringer on by sliding the tab to the right, and select the Ringtone you would like to use for reminders.
  7. Turn vibrate on for notifications by sliding the Vibration tab to the right. Please Note: The vibrate function is only an option for Android users, the vibration setting is unavailable on iOS.
  8. If you would like to set up a health plan and standing goal, turn the Health Plan on by sliding the tab to the right, then select the number of hours a day you would like to try to stand for. You can see that day's progress on the Health Plan screen. (Note: The app will not track your progress from day to day.)
  9. Save your settings by tapping the Save button at the bottom, or choose Cancel if you do not want to save your changes.

We Have the Answer! Probably...

Check out our list of frequently asked questions. Don't see the answer you need? Give us a call!

  1. I downloaded the app, how do I find my desk?

    After you launch the app, select "Search for Desk" a list will show up with the all of the desks with dongles in your area. The dongle name should start with "BLE…", which can be changed. At this point you can name your desk and start setting your heights from your phone.

  2. How do I set my sitting and standing heights?

    From the Desk Height Adjustment menu, you can raise your desk by dragging your finger up or down on your screen. Once you find a comfortable height, click Save Height button, then select either the Sit or Stand button within five seconds.

  3. My desk has the advanced keypad, how do I know it will work with this app?

    Any keypad can be used with the UPLIFT Desk Connect app and dongle, because the app communicates with the control box, not the keypad. However, if there is not a memory function, like with that of a standard keypad, then you will not be able to access the saved heights from the keypad, only through the app.

  4. I can't find my desk from the Search for Desk page. Is something wrong?

    Probably not. When searching for device, a dongle will not show up on the list if it has already been added to the device. If the app doesn't find your desk, try uninstalling and re-installing the app, then unplug and replug the dongle in. If you're still having issues connecting, we recommend closing the app and relaunching it. We also recommend restarting your phone. If that doesn't do the trick, please reach out to our Support Team and we'd be happy to help you get connected.

  5. How do I adjust my desk from my app?

    You must first tap the screen to activate the app, then tap and slide to adjust the desk's height. Once you find a comfortable height that you want to save, tap the Save Height button, then select either the Sit or Stand button within five seconds.

  6. What kind of name can I choose?

    Personalize your desk by giving it a name.

  7. I changed my standing goal, and now I can't find my goal on my app. Is something wrong?

    No, probably not. If you change your standing goal during the day, you must reconnect the desk for the app to update the percentage you have stood.

  8. I can't find my desk in the app! Help!

    If you go back to the Select Your Desk screen, you must reconnect to your desk with the app.

  9. My desk heights in the app, are these in centimeters or inches?

    Desk heights will be in inches or centimeters, depending on how your control box is set up.

  10. I'm on the Search for Desk screen and my desk isn't coming up. What should I do?

    Some devices can have issues with Bluetooth connectivity, so if the app disconnects, it may no be an issue with the app or dongle—it could be an issue with the functionality of Android and Apple devices. If the app can't find your dongle, close the app. Then manually disable and re-enable the Bluetooth on the device. Open the app again, and then try reconnecting with your desk. Restart your phone if these tips don't work. If all else fails, call us and we can help.

  11. My desk thinks I'm sitting, but I'm standing at my sit-stand desk. Is something wrong?

    The minimum height the desk can be for the app to recognize it is in a standing position is 950mm, or 37.4". If your desk's height is set below that, then the app will think you are still sitting.

  12. How do I reset my desk?

    If you need to reset your desk, you can do so with the reset button at the bottom of the Error List from the Settings menu.

  13. I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

    Yes, if you forget your desk's password, you can manually reset it by restarting your control box and removing your current password. To do this, simply unplug the control box's power, and press the up or down button on the keypad for five seconds (to drain any residual power stored inside). Now, plug your control box back in to its power source. The app's password function will reset to "off." Conversely, if your desk's power is cut off for any reason (as in event of a power outage or if it becomes unplugged), the password function will turn "off." Additionally, you can reset it by restarting your smartphone or tablet; the password will then be canceled. This means if you ever need to turn off your device for an issue unrelated to the app, the password will automatically be removed and need to be reset.

  14. How long does my password need to be?

    Passwords are four numeric characters long.