Mobile Storage Caddy by UPLIFT Desk

Mobile Storage Caddy by UPLIFT Desk

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Stay Organized, Your Way

  • This mobile storage unit organizes frequently used items and can be positioned either beside or under a desk. Store personal items like bags, shoes, purses, hats, pens/pencils, mugs, notebooks and binders
  • Unidirectional casters allow the unit to be conveniently repositioned smoothly & easily beside or under the desk making it easy to access your belongings
  • Designed to perfectly accommodate UPLIFT Desk Organizer Set components within the top shelf area
  • Constructed from steel finished with a durable powder coat finish. Shelves feature soft, felt upper and lower shelf pads
  • Arrives completely assembled - an accessory hook is included and can be attached to the top rim allowing you to hang your headphones or a small bag
  • Designed for universal use with all UPLIFT Desks and UPLIFT Side Tables as well as all other desk brands
  • Choice of finishes - black, white, gray and industrial style
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
UPLIFT V2 Desk with white laminate desktop, gray frame, and gray Mobile Storage Caddy

72x30 White Laminate Desktop

Conveniently store everyday items with the Storage Caddy by UPLIFT Desk

Conveniently Store Everyday Items

The Mobile Storage Caddy helps keep your desktop clean and organized by providing an easily accessible storage area for everyday items beneath or beside your desk. Store bags and other large items in the lower section and smaller personal items such as keys, phones, and drinks on the top shelf for quick access. A soft, felt pad lines both the upper and lower shelves to protect your belongings. Smooth rolling casters are preinstalled and allow the Caddy to move forward and backward with ease. Place below or beside the desktop depending on your preference and leg room. Included headphone hook attaches anywhere around the top lip and can be moved as needed.

Used as an under desk storage solution, the Mobile Storage Caddy helps to provide a sense of space division when in shared offices.

Universal Compatibility

The Mobile Storage Caddy sits under or beside UPLIFT Desks and side tables. Sized to accommodate most third party standing or seated only desk brands.

Designed with both the UPLIFT V2 and V2-Commercial Frame types in mind, the Mobile Storage Caddy was engineered to straddle the lower crossbar on the V2-Commercial frame when it's flipped around.

The adjacent animation shows all of the various orientations possible with this versatile Storage Caddy. Whether pairing with an UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk or any other desk, the Mobile Storage Caddy will meet your needs.

To access your belongings, just roll out the caddy to a position that's convenient for you. When done, roll the caddy beside or under your desk and align with the front edge of your desk.

For more privacy in your setup and to hide your belongings, allow the caddy opening to face toward the back of your desk. In this case, you will need to pull the caddy out to remove your bag or belongings from the inner storage opening. In this orientation. The inner storage opening is designed to avoid the low crossbar on the UPLIFT V2-Commercial desks; you'll never bump the lower crossbar and will be able to push the caddy in or out completely.

With the opening in the Caddy facing forward, your bag can quickly be thrown into the inner storage opening. Note that this orientation may not allow the caddy to be pushed as far under your desk when paired with a V2-Commercial desk that has the lower crossbar as the bag may contact the crossbar when the caddy is pushed all the way under the desk.

In either orientation the caddy provides the same benefit of the upper shelf and the headphone/bag hook. The hook can be relocated to the location that works best for you.

3 different ways to use:. Front-facing for easy access, flipped for a discreet, clean look, outside the frame for leg room

72x30" White Laminate V2 Desk

Desk Organizer Set that fits perfectly inside the Mobile Storage Caddy by UPLIFT Desk

Get Extra Organized

Take your organization to the next level by adding a Desk Organizer Set - designed to fit perfectly on the top shelf of the Mobile Storage Caddy.

Slip the optional, included hook onto the wall of the upper shelf to hang headphones, purses, hats. Stow personal items and bags off the floor for quick and easily accessible storage. Utilize some space under or next to your desk.

Easy In, Easy Out

Since the Mobile Storage Caddy stores everyday items, you'll need more access to it throughout the workday than a typical cabinet. With that in mind, the caddy includes preinstalled, unidirectional casters that roll forward and backward making it incredibly easy to access the caddy and your belongings from under your desk. When you're done, simply roll the caddy back to the exact same spot under the desk.

Mobile Storage Caddy rolled out from under an UPLIFT V2 Desk with white laminate desktop and gray frame

72x30" White Laminate V2 Desk




Warranty + Returns





Material Formed sheet metal with felt shelf pads
Finish Powder coat paint
Colors Black, Gray, White, Industrial Style
Weight Capacity 20 lb upper shelf; 40 lb lower shelf (60 lb total)
Shipping Dimensions 25" L x 13.25" W x 14" H, 26 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much weight can the caddy support?

    The Mobile Storage Caddy can support up to 20 lbs on the top shelf and 40 lbs on the lower shelf.

  2. Do I have to assemble anything?

    Not really. The caddy comes completely assembled, just slip the hook on the top lip and you're ready to go.

  3. How big of an item can I put in the lower storage area?

    With an area measuring nearly 22" long x 10" wide and almost 15" high, the lower storage shelf will hold some pretty big items.

  4. Is there any kind of padding included on the shelves?

    Yes. Both shelves include a thick felt pad to protect your personal belongings from scratches.

  5. What color finish options are there?

    The Mobile Storage Caddy is available in black, gray, white, and industrial style powder coat finishes.

  6. Can I use this with any desk?

    Yes, the caddy will fit under or alongside most any desk or side table.



Why Buy?

  • Stay organized by adding a convenient storage space for your belongings
  • Delivered completely assembled
  • Unidirectional casters allow the caddy to roll under or beside your desk
  • Constructed from powder-coat steel with felt pads on the upper and lower shelf areas

Features & Specs


UPLIFT Desk Warranty Policy

We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit the Warranty page for this particular product's warranty policy.

Return Policy

Free Returns with Free Return Shipping within 30 days, visit our Returns page for the full policy.



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Mobile Storage Caddy
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15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty 15 year warranty
Steel with neoprene shelf cover Steel Steel with felt drawer pad 100% Bamboo Plastic Plastic Steel with felt shelf pads Steel with felt shelf pads
Drawer dimensions:
13.5" W x 13.5" D x 7.5" H
Drawer dimensions:
17.2" W x 13.5" D x 2" H (4.3" H with brackets)
Drawer dimensions:
7.2" W x 10.4" D x 2.7" H
Drawer dimensions:
13.4" W x 9.9" D x 4.4" H
Drawer dimensions:
13.8" W x 8.4" D x 1.25" H
Drawer dimensions:
7.9" W x 7.5" D x 1.2" H
Drawer dimensions:
7.3" W x 14" D x 17.5" H
Drawer dimensions:
10" W x 19.2" H x 22" D
Inner dimensions:
11.75" W x 11.75" D x 3" H
Inner dimensions:
15.5" W x 12.5" D x 1.5" H
Inner dimensions:
5.9” W x 10” D x 2" H
Inner dimensions:
11.9" W x 8.9" D x 2.9" H
N/A N/A Inner dimensions:
7.1" W x 14" D x 13.6" H
Inner dimensions:
10" W x 14.8" H x 21.9" D
Shelf dimensions:
13" W x 13" D x 3.75" H
Shelf dimensions:
17.2" W x 13.5" D x 2.3 H (with brackets only)
N/A N/A N/A N/A Shelf dimensions:
7.3" W x 12" D x 1" H
Shelf dimensions:
9.9" W x 2.4" H x 21.9" D
Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" Min. desktop thickness: 0.75" No min desktop thickness N/A
No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness No max desktop thickness N/A

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Locking drawer

Locking drawer

No locking drawer

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No locking drawer

No locking drawer

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Top shelf storage

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Top shelf storage

Top shelf storage

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