Acoustic Phone Booth by UPLIFT Desk

The Acoustic Phone Booth by UPLIFT Desk

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  • In a space with too much background noise for optimal mobile phone calls? Need a place to listen to voicemails? This acoustic hideaway provides enough isolation for phone calls in the office or other noisy areas, or use it to focus and get ready for a meeting
  • Phone booth can be wall-mounted wherever you want a sound-absorbing and echo-eliminating enclosure
  • Includes a small shelf inside the booth, for a notepad and a cup of coffee (or other lightweight items)
  • Add a bit of privacy and noise reduction to open offices, break rooms, waiting rooms, and common areas
  • Up to 86% of the audio that hits the walls of the booth is absorbed (NRC 0.86), providing you with ample noise mitigation
  • The booth is made from an eco-friendly polyester acoustic fiberboard (consists of 50% recycled material). Its tab-in-slot design makes for easy assembly; mount it to the wall or to our mobile steel frame
  • Booth material is fire rated Euro Class B
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Acoustic Phone Booth by UPLIFT Desk
A girl takes a call in an Acoustic Phone Booth

On-Call Acoustic Privacy

There's no need to duck down or cup your hand over your mouth/phone to take a call anymore. Whether you're concerned about interrupting others' focus, trying to hear the person you're talking to, or even thinking through a difficult problem while off the phone, the Acoustic Phone Booth provides the privacy and quiet you're looking for.

Instead of leaving the building, use a wall-mounted phone booth, confident that you will be less disruptive. Install a whole bank of phone booths to create a dedicated area for acoustic privacy at your office; target areas that are especially noisy (or quiet). The phone booth dampens the decibels of any office noise, as well as the sound of your voice. Spacious and enveloping, it also isolates you on three sides to provide a more secluded workspace.

A Human Solution to Office Noise

Whether you can't concentrate because of discussions across the room, or have visitors who need a place to take important calls, the Acoustic Phone Booth provides an on-the-spot solution to noise pollution. Just think: when you add acoustic privacy to breakrooms and common areas, you free up the space to be used by people who aren't on the phone (and don’t want to listen to those who are). And when you make those types of spaces available near your work area, you're removing unnecessary noise, supporting employees' ability to zero in on their projects.

Rated at a noise reduction coefficient of 0.86, the phone booth absorbs 86% of all the sound that hits it—from both the inside and outside. And the small shelf inside provides plenty of space for a pad of paper and a cup of coffee, perfect for taking notes or capturing ideas. While it's not a full-scale isolation booth, it is an excellent spot to find some more peace and have a phone conversation.

A notebook sits in a Acoustic Phone Booth
All of the pieces of the Acoustic Phone Booth

Installation, Materials, and Design

The Acoustic Phone Booth is assembled from panels that are cut to fit together in a tab-in-slot fashion, which makes building the booth quite simple. Use the included mounting hardware to hang it on wood paneling or drywall (see the FAQs for more information on mounting surfaces).

The phone booth is made from polyester acoustic fiberboard, which is a dense material that has excellent sound absorption properties—yet remains lightweight enough for wall mounting. And its fiberboard comes from 50% recycled material, so it's environmentally friendly, too. The fire rating for the booth is Euro Class B.

You can coordinate this phone booth with other UPLIFT Desk acoustic solutions. Try adding one or more of our ceiling-mounted acoustic panels—perhaps the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud or the Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud—for a more angular design. The Acoustic Wall-Mounted Rectangular Panels also complement the shape of the booth nicely.

Your Office—Designed for Quiet

Outfitting your space with the Acoustic Phone Booth is just the start—we have a whole line of acoustic solutions made to help your whole office maintain peace, quiet, and productivity.

Shop our growing line of UPLIFT Acoustics; from wall-mounted to desk-mounted to sound-sheltering walls, we have the accessories that reduce sound, increase privacy, and add a visually-stimulating focal piece to your office.

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Outer dimensions 33.75" W x 27.9" D x 35.5" H
Inner dimensions 32.25" W x 33.25" H
Panel material Polyester acoustic fiberboard
Panel thickness 0.75" thick
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.86
Colors outside gray / inside green
outside charcoal / inside gray
Spec Mounts to wall using qty 6 #10 screws and washers. Will include drywall anchors.
Fire rating Booth material is fire rated Euro Class B
Shipping dimensions 36.75" W x 34.4" D x 4.1" H, 22 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I use the shelf inside for?

    The phone booth's shelf is made from the same material as the rest of the booth and is intended to hold small, lightweight items. We kept it small, so as to leave plenty of room in the booth for you to settle in and focus. You might use it to hold a notepad, a cup of tea, and your cell phone.

  2. Can I use my laptop in this phone booth?

    While the shelf inside is not deep enough or robust enough to support a laptop, you can certainly bring a stool in with you and rest the computer on your lap.

    The shelf will support a small tablet or phablet, but not a full-sized tablet or laptop.

  3. Do I need tools to put this together? Can I do it by myself?

    Technically, no, you don't need tools to assemble the phone booth—but our instructions do recommend that you assemble the booth during the mounting process. Mounting the phone booth to a wall will require tools: a screwdriver, a drill, a tape measure, and a pencil. 

    There are a couple of steps where we do recommend getting a second person to help you with the mounting process.

  4. How will this shelf's aesthetic hold up over time?

    The two color panels are glued together at our factory during production. If the panels ever become partially separated, there's no need to worry. The adhesive used isn't fully cured, so you can simply press the panels back together, and the adhesive will re-adhere.

  5. Can I mount the phone booth to brick, cement, or cinder block walls?

    Yes, you can, but you will need different wall anchor hardware, which is not included with the purchase of the phone booth.

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