3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk

3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk let you build a quiet workspace

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  • Lower the overall noise level in your office while adding aesthetic appeal to your walls
  • 3D pebble-like texture improves sound dampening capabilities by increasing the acoustic square footage of your wall, while also bringing flat walls to life
  • Each panel is extremely effective at eliminating sound reflection back into the office, boasting a whopping 80% absorption of sound that reaches it
  • Modular noise solution for small and large wall surfaces. Add as many panels as will fit on your wall
  • Eco-friendly construction, made with 50% recycled plastic bottles, means you can still care for the environment and help solve noise problems
  • Euro Class B fire rating and ASTM E84-08 tested
  • Install panels without leaving blemishes using optional adhesive mounting strips—or DIY with a hot-glue gun, nails, or Velcro
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk
3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panels arranged near a personal workspace

Shaped for Acoustic Serenity

Turn down the noise and bring some peace and tranquility back to your workplace. The 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel helps take energy out of the storm of quips and questions flying around the office. Since phone calls and impromptu desk-side meetings aren't usually planned, let this acoustic treatment (which reminds one of nature) devour the decibels.

Design is an important element of a healthy workplace. The look of this 3D panel suggests a random assortment of stones, as found in nature, which may have a calming effect on your coworkers (or you, for that matter). But adorning blank walls with a soothing texture is not the only function behind the form.

This panel is made entirely of sound-absorbing material: the more of it there is, the more sound it can soak up. Its pebble-like shapes are, therefore, set in relief (instead of drawn on), providing more surface area than a flat panel of a similar size could.

A Noise-Reducing Champion

Are you secretly hoping that garrulous coworker will go hang out by the watercooler? Do too many dBs give you the heebie-jeebies? The 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel is here to help. Made from a pressed polyester fiberboard, this panel is rated with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.80—which tells us that it absorbs 80% of all the sound that reaches it. That's a considerable improvement over blank walls, where echo and reverberation can be an issue.

Speaking of improving the walls, given the modular nature of these square panels, you can create all kinds of configurations: install blocks of four at regular intervals, add rows or columns in noisy hotspots, or cover an entire wall. Build all sorts of patterns with these 2' x 2' panels, using as few or as many as you like.

3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panels
Closeup of 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panels

Installation in Minutes

Installing these panels is easy—possibly easier than hanging a picture (we've all had a few that wouldn't cooperate). In 4 minutes or less, one person can easily mount one wall panel. That's almost 4 square feet of acoustic absorption in as many minutes. Recruit some colleagues to make short work of installation, especially if you have a larger configuration in mind.

To avoid putting holes in the wall, use the mounting clips (included) and adhesive strips (sold separately). Velcro, hot glue, and other adhesives work, too.

The polyester fiberboard used in these acoustic wall panels consists of 50% recycled plastic bottles—so, while its pattern suggests a sense of natural harmony, the panel itself is actually built with nature in mind. There's something to ponder as you contemplate how you're going to finish all the work you have to do.

And if you're wondering about fire safety, these panels have been tested according to ASTM E84-08 and rated Euro Class B.

Can panels be trimmed (if using proper tools safely, of course)?
You are free to trim the panels. Using a box cutter (or any other type of long razor blade tool required depending on where on the panel you are cutting) along with a straight edge to guide the blade works well.

More Acoustic and Privacy Solutions

The 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel isn't the only 2'-square panel we offer. In fact, we've designed an entire line of acoustic and privacy treatments that mount to the wall, hang from the ceiling, attach to frames and desks, or stand up. Pick and choose from among several different shapes, colors, and implementations to create an office space that deals with distraction elegantly.

You might even consider re-allocating some of your decoration budget. These solutions not only enhance your office's aesthetic but also dampen the noise level, providing the kinds of workspaces people need to feel comfortable and focused. Some of them can even be adapted to partition rooms, create temporary spaces, and block off especially noisy (or noise-sensitive) departments.

3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panels in gray

72x30 Black Eco Ergo-Edge Curve Desktop




Warranty + Returns





Panel dimensions 23.75" W x 23.75" D x 2.88" H, 2 lb
Material thickness 4.5 mm
Quantity included 1 panel
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.80
Material Pressed polyester fiberboard (50% recycled post-consumer material including plastic bottles)
Shipping dimensions 24" W x 24" D x 3" H, 3 lb
Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should I install these panels?

    You can certainly use the included mounting clips with some adhesive strips (sold separately)—or other adhesives, including hot glue. Velcro is also a good mounting solution to consider.

    If you don't mind putting holes in the wall, hanging them on nails works as well.

  2. Do I need to do anything to the wall first?

    Because these panels are dark gray (and most walls are a shade of white) you might consider painting behind them before mounting them—just in case some of the wall peeks through a seam between two panels.

  3. Can I mount a panel using adhesive strips?

    Yes, you certainly can. We offer 3M adhesive strips as an optional add-on purchase, to be used in conjunction with the included mounting clips. Here's how installation works:

    1. Attach one mounting clip on each of the panel's outside corners.
    2. Stick one side of an adhesive strip onto each clip.
    3. Take the protective tape off of the other side of the adhesive strips.
    4. Place the panel on the wall, and then press and hold for about 30 seconds over each mounting clip.
  4. What size is each panel? Do they weigh a lot?

    The panels are square shaped, measuring 23.75" by 23.75" (with a 2.88" height). They're made from pressed polyester fiberboard, which is a lightweight material, so they only weigh in at 2 lb each.

  5. How much sound will they absorb?

    The 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel is rated to absorb 80% of the sound that hits it—that's what the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.80 indicates. And since the "pebbles" in the panel have depth, they create more sound-absorbing surface area. This acoustic panel is modular, so you can put up as many as you want. We suggest trying a few in a noisy area, and then adding and rearranging as needed.

  6. Can you put these panels on the ceiling?

    We tested this in-house.... Unfortunately, we can't currently recommend putting the 3D Pebbles Acoustic Wall Panel on the ceiling. For a hanging acoustic treatment, check out our Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud.

  7. Can panels be trimmed (if using proper tools safely, of course)?

    You are free to trim the panels. Using a box cutter (or any other type of long razor blade tool required depending on where on the panel you are cutting) along with a straight edge to guide the blade works well.

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