UPLIFT Desk 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Nov 16th 2018

UPLIFT Desk 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

It's getting to be close to that time of the year again! At UPLIFT Desk headquarters in Austin, TX, our team is diligently gearing up for the holiday season. This year we added quite a bit to our product lineup, from sound-sheltering UPLIFT Acoustics to spacious Sit-Stand Crafting Tables. And wouldn't you know it, most of us here have our own wish lists of ergonomic goodies we're asking for this year!

To get in the spirit, we questioned a few of our colleagues about their favorite ergonomics products in the office and what they're asking for from Santa. Needless to say, the results were varied. From things that assist you in maintaining focus to products that help you burn a few extra calories throughout the day (which are much-needed after the Thanksgiving feast), it's clear we really grow to love the ergonomic tools in our spaces.

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UPLIFT Desk's Holiday Gift Guide

Height Adjustable Desks

Stand Up Desk with Reclaimed Top

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Desk

Alex - My height adjustable desk has changed my life enough at work (I have a reclaimed Douglas Fir here in the office), that this Christmas I decided to purchase a Bamboo Curve for my new home office. I used to get pains in my shoulder every day at work and had no idea why. Turns out, it was because I was typing on a surface that was too high. My curved bamboo desk solved that problem immediately. It comes down low enough that I type more comfortably and don't feel strain. And the bamboo inlay on the curve makes me feel super classy. When it was time to decorate the home office, there was no question about the desk I'd choose.

Chairs & Stools

UPLIFT Motion Stool

UPLIFT Motion Stool

Sami - I used to sit at a computer all day long, but now I am fortunate enough to stand a portion of every hour while I'm at work thanks to my sit-stand desk! While my body acclimated to this change, I experienced discomfort in my lower back. It turns out; I needed to strengthen some standing muscles that had diminished due to my constant sitting in the past. The UPLIFT Motion Stool was a game changer for me. Utilizing the Motion Stool, I instantly felt relief in my lower back! As you perch on it, your spine naturally straightens, your core engages, and your thighs are instantly activated. You are actually getting stronger while you are in a resting seated position! I love this stool so much that I have one in my office, and two in my home! I even plan to snag a few for my family this holiday season!

Desk Accessories

Switch Keyboard TrayUPLIFT Switch Keyboard Tray

Mandy - I can't even imagine my life before I had my Switch Keyboard Tray. When I was hired to join UPLIFT Desk as copywriter, I was situated at a desk that already had this keyboard tray installed. I must admit, at first it was a new experience typing on a tray; however, the tiered layout, the ability to move the keyboard tray a full 360 degrees (making it super easy to save space when I'm away from my desk), and having the freedom to adjust the Switch's tilt level (negative tilt all the way!) won me over FAST. I also love the Switch because it features a separate mousing platform, which perfectly houses my leather mouse pad. The cherry on top has to be the wrist cushion, though, which makes typing so much more comfortable. I loved it so much, when I got a new desk I made sure I had a Switch installed first thing; now I actually miss it when I'm at home and have to type without one!

Rachel - My favorite thing on my desk has to be my Modesty Panel. I call it the "Iazy-but-still-organized" accessory. Most people are initially dismissive because of the name "Modesty Panel" as they (like me) do not wear skirts. But when referenced by its full name "Modesty Panel with Wire Management" you get a sneak peek into its secret super powers. The mesh pouch on the inside of the panel is where "lazy" comes in. The mesh pouch conveniently holds my surge protectors and a seemingly inordinate amount of cords coming from various directions. The "secret super power" surprises you when it conceals any cords that get loose or added as I continue to customize my desk setup. Sometimes my knee knocks into a cord from the vigorous working I am undoubtedly doing; this pouch also makes a great hiding place for my nerf bullets (Fridays are nerf war days around here, and it's not a game for kids by any means). The point being - no matter the situation, my Modesty Panel comes in handy for both storage and organization when I'm at my desk.

Troy - I absolutely LOVE my UPLIFT Desk. The ability to go from sitting to standing at the push of a button has made my work day so much easier, but the real MVP in my case has been their UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm. I'm 6'4", so while the desk can go pretty high, it's nice to have a bit more range to work with. Especially with my three monitor setup. I'm able to get things right to eye level, and still have available desk space for my tablet and keyboard. It's even great for sitting, since I can still make minor adjustments, and swivel the displays around to show others a design or spreadsheet. The desk may be the star of the show, but the Dual Monitor Arm is a great supporting act.

Motion Accessories

Bamboo Motion-X Board

Bamboo Motion-X Board with add-on Comfort Mat

Delle - The great thing about working here is I get to try all the office toys. So I've tried all the competing boards, and all the ones in our showroom. This one is the best. I'm bouncing on it while I type this. Get one for someone you know who loves motion and focus toys! I could tell you about how the Bamboo Motion-X Board keeps me focused because I can keep moving and rock or tilt on my feet while I type, and swivel around on it while I read on my monitor, or how it's perfect for when you're tired and need to do something energizing -- Those things are true; I have one for work because it's useful. But I bought one for my house because it's fun.

Sheeny - My Lifespan Under-Desk Treadmill is a lifesaver. Or more specifically, a guilt-saver. I no longer have to rely on myself to go to the gym after work, knowing that I will most likely bail because I'll be too tired to go. With my treadmill right in my cubicle, I can stay active throughout the workday. The old mentality of "I'm stuck at work all day and too tired to go to the gym at night" is gone! I have definitely noticed an improvement in my mood at the end of the workday on days that I have been walking on my treadmill. And I have found it's easier to burn calories and maintain my weight while having an office job. I was also able to quickly get the hang of typing while walking on the treadmill. Needless to say, I know this treadmill is a great investment in myself.

Floor Accessories

E7 Active Anti-Fatigue MatE7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

Matt - I've always worked jobs that required you to stand for long periods of time, so transitioning to an office setting was so much easier with my height adjustable desk. I do, however, have a newfound respect for someone that can stay in one spot all day. I quickly found myself pacing around the office while on phone calls; my legs and feet would get so tired when I was standing even though I would sit about half my day. When I got the E7 Active Anti-Fatigue Mat, it changed everything. I was able to stand comfortably for long periods of time in one spot. My focus and productivity increased because I wasn't always so focused on how bad my feet hurt or when I should sit back down again. Needless to say, the E7 Anti-Fatigue Active Mat is a great accessory to use with a height adjustable desk.

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