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We strive to provide the highest quality options and accessories so you can build your dream desk. With literally millions of possible desk configurations, we can confidently say we offer more standing desk options than any other manufacturer. Design a desk that is as unique and productive as you are by selecting from our ever-expanding list of options that are all designed right here in Austin, TX. Then watch your desk evolve on our award winning desk builder.

Nearly all of the shapes, sizes, and types of desktops offered by UPLIFT Desk are made from sustainable materials. Our laminate desktops are GREENGUARD Gold-Certified (pdf). This means they have met strict chemical emissions limits and have been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals making them ideal for everyone, including schools and healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, to offset our beautiful, thick solid wood desktops, we partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant five trees in U.S. National Forests for every solid wood desktop that we sell.

Reclaimed Fir Solid Wood desktop on an industrial style UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk frame
Carbonized Bamboo desktop with a center cutout on a gray UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk frame

Bamboo Desktops

Your office deserves more zen. That's why we offer a popular, solid bamboo desktop that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. At 1" thick, our bamboo desktops are 33% thicker than the bamboo desktops offered by our competitors. This increased thickness provides a larger and more attractive edge profile with increased sturdiness and longevity. Our solid bamboo desktops also feature rich tones and subtle grain variation topped off with a UV-cured finish for durability.

These beautiful bamboo desktops are available on:

GREENGUARD GOLD Laminate Desktops

GREENGUARD Gold-Certified Laminate (pdf) is the perfect choice for those who want a durable desktop with a consistent and clean look. Choose from black, white, whiteboard, ash gray, maple, walnut, and cherry. Regardless of which laminate desktop you choose, you can rest assured that it meets GREENGUARD GOLD standards; the world's highest standards for low chemical emissions.

In-stock Laminate desktops are available on:

Custom Laminate desktops are available on:

Seven GREENGUARD Gold Laminate Desktops by UPLIFT Desk and hundreds of Custom Laminate Desktops are available to order
Seven GREENGUARD Gold Laminate Desktops by UPLIFT Desk and hundreds of Custom Laminate Desktops are available to order
White Eco desktop with a center cutout on a gray UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk frame

Eco Desktops

Eco desktops begin with a locally sourced, 1" thick high-grade MDF (medium density fiberboard) substrate created from 100% recycled materials and are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. The application of the epoxy powder coat finish utilizes a proprietary, deep thermoset infra-red technology which produces the most durable powder coated MDF surface possible. Traveling through a specially configured, 600 foot powder coat line, the finish is applied to the entire desktop so there are no seams. During the finishing process, the epoxy powder coat is cross-linked with the MDF substrate at a molecular level for superior hardness and durability. The result is a durable and safe finish cured by medium wave infra-red and specially engineered convection ovens. The powder coating is a perfect, uninterrupted finish for the Eco desktops which feature smooth corners and softly beveled front edge cutout that allows you to reach more of your work surface.

Eco desktops have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry due to not using edgebanding, backer boards, adhesives, or solvents.

Eco desktops are available on:

Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktops

Sustainability meets beauty in our environmentally-conscious Rubberwood Solid Wood Desktops, available in both a natural finish or a dark brown stain. Pará rubber trees spend thirty years producing latex sap that goes into making things like gloves, shoes, and toys, then harvesters recycle the trees to give them a second life as our stunning desktops. So you'll appreciate this unique and beautiful solid wood desktop for years to come; and Mother Earth will appreciate that you selected a renewable material. You can feel good about that.

Rubberwood desktops are available on:

Natural Rubberwood Solid Wood desktop on a black UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk frame
Butcher Block Solid Wood Desktops by UPLIFT Desk

Butcher Block Solid Wood Desktops

Butcher Block, a style utilized on block countertops and cutting boards, presents a patchwork of wood planks with different grain patterns and colors. These durable and beautiful desktops are 1.75" thick.

Butcher Block desktops desktops are available on:

Solid Wood Desktops

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind natural desktop with asymmetrical lines, random grain patterns, variation in color, knots, hairline cracks, and other natural irregularities, then you will love our solid wood desktops. Our 1.75" thick solid wood desks reflect the untamed, pure habitat in which they grew, and their imperfections are often what lead customers to buy them in the first place. Any hairline cracks that you might find won't affect the desktop function in any way and won't stand out once your desk is built and in use. Customers who want perfect lines, consistent colors, and matching grain patterns may be most satisfied with one of our GREENGUARD-Gold laminate desktops. All this said, we take quality very seriously, and we are sure you will agree that your Solid Wood UPLIFT Desk is not only the most functional height adjustable desk on the market, but also the most beautiful and exquisite.

We offer in-stock, 1.75" thick solid wood desktops that ship the same day you order, available in Acacia, Ash, African Mahogany, Pheasantwood, and Walnut. We also offer 1" thick Rubberwood Solid Wood desktops in either a natural finish or dark brown stain. Each has its own unique color and grain pattern, and we guarantee that all are beautiful.

In-stock Solid Wood desktops are available on:

If you have time to wait, we also offer 1.75" thick desktops in 10 different solid wood species that are made to order and cut to your exact requirements. Some species are offered in natural and dark stain options. Our cedar and mesquite desktops include 3 different barkline edge options.

Custom Solid Wood desktops are available on:

Solid Wood Desktops by UPLIFT Desk
Solid Wood Desktops by UPLIFT Desk
A series of UPLIFT Desks with accessory that color coordinate with the frame color

Color Coordinate Your Workspace

Add a little tranquility to your standing desk by adding color-coordinated accessories that transform your workspace into a well-designed, zen wonderland.

Get started color coordinating on one of our desk configurators.