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    • Three-stage frame offers expanded height adjustment range of 25.75" and is 33% faster than a two-stage frame
    • Dual motors, one in each leg, make the desk quieter, safer, stronger, and more reliable
    • Real wood desktops are eco-friendly and made from salvaged Douglas Fir or Teak lumber
    • Low-draw transformer needs minimal electricity to raise or lower the desk
    • Width-adjustable telescoping base allows users to fit the frame to different size desktops
    • Electric desk base comes with a control box haul sensor that aligns the feet for speed
    • Removable under-desk crossbars make way for more legroom and space for UPLIFT desk accessories
    • Local and globally sourced parts are assembled and shipped from Austin, Texas
    • Meets or exceeds all applicable section requirements in accordance with ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2008 Desk Product Test Standards
    A woman tasks in comfort at a reclaimed wood desk from UPLIFT Desk.

    Waste Not, Want Not

    On the surface, reclaimed wood is rustic and weathered, offering a distinctive look to any home or office. Look closer, however, and you'll see that years of expanding and contracting also make these tops hardy and tough. Since the wood is sourced from around the globe, the color and style vary from desktop to desktop, meaning that each is as unique as the person sitting behind it.

    With your choice of finished Douglas Fir or Teak, choose an authentic recycled wood that fits you perfectly.

    Reclaimed wood desktop colors may vary slightly from what you see here. Our reclaimed teak desktops feature rare characteristics and may come with inlaid patches to repair imperfections in the wood. Please click for an example of what these patches look like. Douglas fir tops come with a plywood backing.

    All-Aluminum Foot

    Our patented foot is made of 100 percent aluminum for unmatched strength and durability. Aluminum is lightweight and fully recyclable, a perfect complement to environmentally-conscious desktops like our reclaimed Douglas fir or teak.

    The feet of UPLIFT Desks come standard with leveling glides. Add casters for a mobile desk, perfect for those who like to frequently rearrange their workspace.

    UPLIFT's sturdy height-adjustable three-stage frames in white, gray, and black.
    The Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad gives you easy sitting and standing transitions with the press of a button.

    The Digital Desk

    The UPLIFT Advanced Keypad not only displays the current height of the desk in inches, but also is capable of storing up to four user-defined heights in memory, perfect for shared workstations.


    Height range (not including desktop thickness) 24.5" - 50.25" H
    Desktop thickness Douglas Fir: 1.5" thick
    Teak: 1.25" thick
    Travel speed 1.5" per second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
    Noise level 50 decibels during motion
    Base width Adjustable from 42.25" - 70" W
    Weight capacity 355 lb
    Keypad Advanced one-touch digital memory keypad is available, push and hold up/down keypad is standard
    Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
    Voltage Input: 110 V, Output: 31 V
    Transformer power 200 W (0.2 W on standby)
    Power supply current 5 amps
    BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 certification Compliant with sections 4.3, 4.5, 5.2, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 15.0
    Warranty 7 year all-inclusive warranty on entire desk base: motor frame, controller, keypad, electronics and mechanisms included. Extension to 12 years available.

    Note: Wood Desktops and Dry Climates

    If the air in your area is especially dry, your wood desktop could be at increased risk of cracking and splitting. Wood naturally expands and contracts depending on the amount of moisture in the environment, and without enough humidity, the moisture in your desk can evaporate, leaving it vulnerable to warping.

    It's a completely natural process, but it's unfortunately something that could affect your new wood desktop. If your desktop does crack or split, we're happy to send you a repair kit to fill the affected areas. If potentially repairing your wood desktop isn't something you're comfortable with, we recommend that you take a look at our Bamboo, Eco, or Laminate desktops instead.

    If your desktop has already warped, please click here for instructions on using our solid wood desktop repair kit.

    Please contact us if you have additional questions.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is reclaimed wood?

      Instead of cutting down new trees to make your desktop, we breathe new life into old wood. Our desktops use boards that were previously being used as flooring or the side of a barn. You'll get a wood desktop that is more economical and will ship out quicker than a custom solid wood desktop.

    2. Where do you source the reclaimed wood?

      Our Douglas Fir comes from old mills, construction projects, barns, or whiskey stills. The Teak originated in Indonesia and also comes from a variety of dismantled buildings. If only your desktop could talk, just imagine the stories it would tell.

    3. Is the desktop surface smooth?

      The Teak desktop has a smooth surface and is finished with a water/wax sealant. There is more texture on the Douglas Fir desktop, with natural divots and grooves.

    4. What is that wood piece underneath my Douglas Fir desktop?

      That is the plywood backing that helps add strength to your desktop so it won't warp, bend, or break!

    5. Can I order a reclaimed wood desktop in a custom size?

      To help keep our costs low, our reclaimed wood desktops are only offered in standard sizes.

    6. Why can't I order grommets on the reclaimed wood desktop?

      In order to protect the integrity of the desktop and provide you with a durable surface, we cannot drill grommet holes into the reclaimed wood top.

    7. Why is reclaimed wood so much cheaper than solid wood?

      We offer reclaimed wood desktops in standard sizes and house them in our warehouse, allowing us to pass along the savings to you. In comparison, our solid wood desktops are handcrafted when you place an order, and therefore are priced a little higher.

    8. How durable is reclaimed wood?

      A lot of things get better with age, and our reclaimed wood desktops are no exception. The salvaged wood has had years to expand and harden, providing you with an extremely durable desk. Reclaimed wood is even heartier and more scratch resistant than a younger solid wood desktop.

    9. What is the difference between reclaimed teak and Douglas Fir?

      Both teak and Douglas Fir offer a durable wood surface. The main differences between these two species are purely aesthetic. Reclaimed teak has a smooth surface, with a hint more red. Reclaimed Douglas Fir falls into the rustic category, with more character and texture in each desktop. The Douglas Fir desktop will not be as smooth as the teak top.

    10. What kind of warranty support can I expect from your company?

      Your UPLIFT Desk comes standard with a 7-year warranty. Since we are based in Austin, TX, we are unable to send a technician out to service your desk. Instead, we will provide you with the replacement parts that you need and our customer service team will work with you over the phone to walk you through the replacement steps. If your desk malfunctions outside of the warranty period, we offer replacement parts for sale and will still provide you with top notch service.

    11. What kind of other activities might this desk be suitable for?

      A height adjustable desk can be used for a wide variety of applications, from crafting and artwork to gaming. Just be sure that your activity of choice will not require more than 355 lbs to sit atop the desk!

    12. Besides aesthetics, why would I want to choose reclaimed wood over a brand-new solid wood desktop?

      Since our reclaimed wood desktops are sourced from salvaged lumber, choosing a reclaimed desk is an environmentally friendly option. Instead of feeling guilty from chopping down another tree, your desktop will be made from repurposed lumber. Reclaimed wood has also had years to harden so it is stronger than newly harvested wood.

    13. How should I care for my reclaimed wood desktop?

      Dust off your desktop with a microfiber cloth. For minor spills, simply wipe up with a damp, sudsy towel. Other than that, your reclaimed wood desktop should be quite low maintenance.

    14. How thick is the desktop?

      The Douglas Fir desktop rings in at 1.5" thick, making it quite a substantial top. The teak desktop is only slightly behind its brethren at 1.25" thick.

    15. How stable is the UPLIFT desk?

      There are many different factors that go into making your UPLIFT Desk extremely stable. The C-shaped legs with a cast-molded aluminum foot provide a steady base. Even though you can't see a crossbar right of the bat, it's still there! We moved the crossbar underneath the desk to provide additional support without getting in your way while you work. Top all of that off with a thick, reclaimed desktop and you have one sturdy desk on your hands.

    16. Which control box is on my desk?

      Take a look at the silver sticker on the control box. If it says v4.1, v4.2, or v4.3, you have the newest version of UPLIFT Desk's control box, which comes with new features!

    17. What features are on the version 4 control box?

      Our new version 4 control boxes come with a new safety feature: Collision Sensitivity. When turned on, this feature lets users set the sensitivity for their desks to one of three settings, so when adjusting, the desk stops when it touches an object, instead of continuing to raise and lower. This stops accidents from happening when adjusting at your desk. Keypad Lockout is another exciting new feature that is great for areas where kids might be. Easily keep unwanted hands from adjusting the desk when this feature is activated. And you'll now be able to toggle quickly between One-Touch and Constant-Touch modes with just a few buttons, in addition to being able to switch between inches and centimeters on the keypad.

    18. What's the deal with UPLIFT Desk's three-stage frames?

      UPLIFT Desks boast superior three-stage frames vs the traditional two-stage frames you can find on sit-stand desks on the market today. Our desks are 33% faster thanks to using 3 spindles instead of 2. This means you have a higher adjustability range to raise and lower the desk, so it fits shorter users and kids, all the way up to tall users or those who plan on adding a treadmill to their workstations down the line.

    19. What are "dual motors"?

      Our desks feature a dual motor design, so each leg gets its own motor. This means UPLIFT Desks are quieter to adjust, stronger and more reliable, and safer than desks with a single motor.

    20. Any suggestions before I tackle putting together my desk?

      Yes, plan out your accessories! Before you start screwing in your CPU holder or circular drawer, take a minute to think about how you use your desk in order to optimize your accessory layout.

    21. Can I order a sample of the reclaimed wood top?

      We don't have samples of the reclaimed wood desktops, other than in our Austin, TX showroom. If you need to see a sample before purchasing your desk, check out our solid wood samples for our custom Solid Wood Desktops.

    22. Do you offer a reclaimed wood corner desk?

      At the moment, we do not offer a corner reclaimed wood desk. However, if you have your heart set on having a corner desk give one of our Sales Pros a call and they can help you configure your reclaimed wood corner desk in a similar manner to our bamboo corner desks.

    Warranty Info

    This product comes standard with a 7-year limited warranty. For more information on UPLIFT warranty coverage, click here.

    Return Instructions

    • You must request the Return Merchandise Authorization number within 30 days of receipt.
    • You'll be responsible for shipping the products to the return address provided with the RMA number. For full desks, this will require coordinating with a freight company.
    • All items must be returned in their original factory packaging and in "like new" condition. If items are damaged or show signs of wear and tear, they may be subject to fees.
    • All returned items must be disassembled and repackaged as they were originally received. Items not returned in this condition may be subject to additional fees.
    • An RMA number is required for all returns. Please do not return any items without first receiving your RMA number.
    • We strongly suggest using a trackable and insurable shipping method when making your return. We are not responsible for returns lost or damaged in transit.

    20 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews

    • 5
      Totally Worth The Investment.

      Posted by Macala Wright on Nov 3rd 2017

      When I transitioned from working in an office to working to working from home five years ago, I began the never-ending quest to find the perfect desk and the perfect chair that would allow me to create the perfect workspace. When I look back at all the variations, I realize that this been one of the most costly investments in my home decor I ever made. Trying to find the most optimal working configuration has also been one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever had, as I’ve attempted to maximize work hours while avoiding back, neck, shoulder and quad strain/pain. And as 2017 draws to a close, I think I’ve finally managed to solve it.

      Let’s start with finding the right desk. From Crate & Barrel to Target to restoring 1920s farmhouse tables, I’ve bought and sold numerous work surfaces. Over the years, I’ve never found the perfect setup that for a woman that’s five feet tall, petite and needed something that was JUST RIGHT (length/height/width). Given the amount of time I spend at my desk, I became determined to solve my Goldie Locks style conundrum.

      In my latest search, I took everything that I’d come to learn where requirements for me and used the list to find the right – and hopefully final – desk purchase.

      That search led me to UPLIFT, one of many makers of standing desks and optimal working environments based in Austin, Texas. I was immediately drawn into their site because of the videos, product selection, and customization options. I played with different configurations, and options for over an hour before I decided to use their online live chat to make my final decisions. When I connected, a wonderful rep named Rachel How virtually answered my questions and further described the wood tops. When I explained my home decor and quality I was after, Rachel recommended against the wood I was considering. She said I’d love the reclaimed Douglas Fir option best. I’ll admit, I choked a bit, the reclaimed wood upgrade started at $465. But after all the back and forth, she sold me, it would fit my decor, be one-of-a-kind and dog-friendly. I choose the black/black/black/reclaimed wood top (as I cried at the cost but knew that my last two list items had to be met).
      After my order arrived, it took a bit to get everything together. My chair arrived “stuck,” but after a little finesse and email to customer service, I got her to work. After two rounds with a friend to assemble the 100-lb.+ lil monster, I was one my way. The biggest challenges were getting as getting the accessories I’d ordered to work with the wood top, as not all the holes where pre-drilled so we had to put in a bit more elbow grease than I expected into getting everything put together. I was pretty frustrated at one point and was about to send back the keyboard tray and spacer but realized after an hour of proper standing and sitting posture videos on YouTube I needed it.

      Overall, a few hours over the course of two days (which included finding the perfect spot in my small Seattle apartment) paid off. The desk looks GORGEOUS, my wrists are thanking me and I’m adjusting to sitting and standing (firmer abs and butt are free additions!).

      There will be no more “desk conversions” projects in my home, just great use of this beautiful piece that I’m fast coming to adore. If you’re a vertically challenged, workaholic with an eye for design who needs a better way to work, I’d recommend getting the desk and choosing something that you can customize to your needs. No office share or co-working space could compare to my home nook!

    • 5
      Incredible desk - exactly what I wanted

      Posted by Unknown on Jul 17th 2017

      I can't say enough great things about this desk so far. Exactly what I wanted and expected. The wood is fantastic. The electronics all work great and this desk has been an amazing addition to my office. I use it in conjunction with a treadmill I also purchased, and having the memory height reminder option has been a life saver. So easy to move the desk depending on standing, sitting or on the treadmill. It's quiet when it moves. Solid and steady, does not feel flimsy like other stand up desks can. Great work space and worth the money.

    • 5

      Posted by Susan on Feb 20th 2017

      This style of electric, stand-up desk is available at a lot of retailers right now, but for the price, quality and customization this one simply can't be topped. I LOVE it. The reclaimed wood is warm and interesting, looks great in my place. I have a city, open space apt and this desk is a focal point - fits right in, in a room full of modern furniture. Delivery was fast (and free!), and I was able to put it together, with no help, in about an hour. The mechanics are smooth and clean. And it takes up less space than my old desk with four fat legs. Zero regrets and would recommend to anyone looking.

    • 5
      Looks great. Huge desk.

      Posted by gfeazy on Feb 9th 2017

      Review of the 80" x 30" version.

      It is a big desk and the height change is very easy and smooth. Looks great. Everything feels like quality construction that you would expect at this price.

      Power module was recieved broken. Easily fastest costumer service call, probably ~40 sec, and a new one was on its way.

      Only complaint is that I had a hell of a time leveling the desk out. Perhaps due to the reclaimed wood not being totally flat, but it took weeks to get it right.

      Also, would like feet that had stickier bottoms. Slides with little pressure on tile floor.

    • 5
      Game changer

      Posted by Unknown on Dec 21st 2016

      Had my desk about a month now, and absolutely love it. The reclaimed wood looks great, the advanced keypad works well and was easy to set up, the desk was easy to assemble (helpful to have two people), and the transition from sitting to standing is smooth and satisfying. Everyone should have one of these, it's a real game changer.

    • 5
      best table I owe

      Posted by Wing on Dec 2nd 2016

      Coming from an iKea wobbly table, then to the 72" x 30" Reclaimed Douglas Fir Solid Wood and can't be happier. The assembly was fair. But the table is truly awesome.

      The only thing is that the "Reclaimed Douglas Fir Solid Wood" can easily get cup stains here and there. But other than that, 5 stars!

    • 5

      Posted by Maureen on Aug 11th 2016

      I ordered from here because I liked the idea of different desk tops. I got the refurbished wood and just LOVE the look! I also put this desk together myself! It took a few tries, but I did it and I'm far from a 'handy(wo)man'. ;) I do wish that I had gone larger in size, but that's just my opinion and has nothing to do with the quality of the desk. I give it 5 stars and would recommend to anyone looking for an automatic stand up desk. :)

    • 5

      Posted by John Barry on Aug 11th 2016

      Love this piece of furniture. It looks and works amazing.

    • 5

      Posted by Adam on Apr 9th 2016

      Customer Service called me personally to let me know how it was gonna be shipped. Shipping service was super flexible and delayed their delivery one day to a day i would be home. The desk looks better in person than it does on the site. Beautiful reclaimed wood look. Motor works great, and installation was not that tough. I was a little nervous to have to screw the legs to the desk but the holes were pre-drilled which was great. Amazing desk, feels very high quality.