Desktop Samples by UPLIFT Desk

Desktop Samples by UPLIFT Desk

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Desktop Samples

  • 7" x 7" sample size - conveniently sized samples are large enough to get a feel for the material and patterns. Sample thickness matches the actual desktop thickness
  • Touch & feel - go beyond the screen and experience the look and feel of your favorite desktop options in person before ordering your UPLIFT desk
  • Packs of four - select up to four different desktop samples of any type, species, or style
  • Yours to keep, they are not returnable - keep the samples as a reference for your next UPLIFT desk purchase or share them with your friends. In order to keep prices as low as possible on these large, high-quality samples, and to ensure each customer receives brand-new, unscuffed samples, they are not returnable. The wood (and bamboo) thick samples are high quality and have substantial material and production costs
  • Live Edge Solid Woods - Pheasantwood and Saman solid wood desktops include a live edge that mimics a natural bark line, but the 7" x 7" samples do not include the live edge

We understand that choosing a desktop is an important decision and pictures may not suffice. Select up to four of your favorite desktop choices to have delivered to your home or office. It's a convenient way to be confident in your desktop choice.

Rest assured that all UPLIFT desktops are top quality and have thousands of hours of research, design, and quality testing that has gone into manufacturing each material type. You can also visit one of our showrooms to see all of our desktop styles and options in person.

UPLIFT Desk Stock Desktop Sample Kit
7" x 7" UPLIFT Desktop samples arranged in a row

True-to-Life & Thoughtfully Sized Samples

Sample squares are large enough to get an idea of how the solid wood desktop grain patterns will appear and how the desktop colors will blend with your decor. Of course, all bamboo and solid wood desktops are thankfully produced by mother nature and will therefore be one of a kind.

Desktop samples are all sized in 7" x 7" squares and the thickness of each sample matches the thickness of the actual desktop (1" to 1.75" thick). With physical samples, you can compare not just the appearance but the heft and density of different desktop types.

  • Laminate, rubberwood, and bamboo samples and desktops are 1" thick
  • Butcher block solid wood samples and desktops are 1.5" thick
  • Wide plank solid wood samples and desktops are 1.75" thick






Product dimensions Each sample is 7" W x 7" D; thickness depends on sample type
Shipping dimensions & weight 9" L x 9" W x 9" H, 10 lb max; weight depends on sample types selected


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I return these samples?

    No, these samples are for purchase only, and yours to keep for future reference. In order to ensure each customer receives new, undamaged samples, we cannot accept returns.

  2. How many samples can I get?

    You can select up to four desktop samples per order.

  3. Why are some of the desktop samples a different thickness?

    The thickness of each desktop sample matches the thickness of the actual desktop.

    1. Laminate, rubberwood, and bamboo samples and desktops are 1" thick
    2. Butcher block solid wood samples and desktops are 1.5" thick
    3. Wide plank solid wood samples and desktops are 1.75" thick
  4. Can I mix and match wood and laminate desktop samples?

    Yes, you can mix and match any type, style, and color desktop.

UPLIFT Desktops

Choose from a variety of desktop styles and materials, including Greenguard-Gold Certified laminates, natural bamboo, natural-thick solid woods, and eco.

Features & Specs

  • See the Desktop Lookbook (pdf) for large pictures and descriptions
  • Solid Wood desktops are 1.75" thick. Butcher Block desktops are 1.5" thick. All other desktops are 1" thick which is 33% thicker than many 3/4" thick competitor desktops
  • Laminate desktops are Greenguard-Gold Certified to meet strict chemical emissions limits for use indoors
  • Bamboo, Solid wood, and Butcher Block desktops use a natural, environmentally-friendly sealant
  • All desktops have grommet openings except 80x30 inch rectangular desktops which are available with and without grommets (80x30 curved desktops are not available without grommets)
  • Pheasantwood desktops with grommets have barkline front and square back. 80x30 Pheasantwood desktops are available with no-grommet holes and have a barkline front and back