"What a Distinguished Desk!" and Other Things Heard Spoken About Our New Metallic Desk Frames

Height Adjustable Desk with Metallic Finish

"Where did you buy that desk?"

"Is it vintage? How did you get your frame to look like that?"

"Can I try it?"

There are many interesting ways to tell that your coworkers are a little green about your height adjustable desk with our new metallic finish. It's okay, we understand. With as many sit-stand desks as there are out there these days, how do you stand out? If you're working at one of our desks, it's more than easy. We already feature more desktops and frame options than any other sit-stand desk maker today. But we just couldn't help ourselves, we wanted a fresh new finish for our desk bases. And if you're a fan of the raw, industrial office look, our frames now come with a metallic finish option, letting you build a technologically-advanced desk that boasts the vintage look of metal alloy, one that also lets you sit and stand while you work.

As always, these frames come with the same reliable, hefty, three-stage frame that allows you to enjoy an expanded height adjustment range, making it suitable for more users. This is great news if you share a workstation. Whether you're in the market for a 2-leg3-leg, or 4-leg desk, we can make it happen with a metallic finish. Then pair it with one of our GREENGUARD Gold laminatereclaimed wood1" thick carbonized bamboo, or solid wood desktops to build the complete height adjustable desk that gives you both health benefits like better circulation and improved focus, plus the added benefit that your desk is the most stylish one in the office. And, of course, our frame finishes wouldn't be complete without a matching 2-leg side table! So no matter what style of desk or fixed height table you want, you have a coordinated office look that matches in all the right ways.

Create the perfect desk for you, or if you're having trouble deciding, let us help! Reach out to us and a member of our support team will be in touch to be your personal desk styling assistant for a day! We'd love to help you piece together a workstation that helps you work better and live healthier.