Build Your Quiet Work Sanctuary with Help from UPLIFT Acoustics

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Mar 28th 2018

Build Your Quiet Work Sanctuary with Help from UPLIFT Acoustics

Acoustic Privacy Panels from UPLIFT Acoustics

Thanks to science, we're quickly becoming aware of the importance of implementing proper office acoustics, not just for productivity, but for the health of the people who inhabit the office. If you work in an open or flexible office, you know the deal. Not only do you lose your concentration, when there's enough noise, all of the added stimuli can actually cause us to become stressed, and can lead to other negative health effects - and even hearing loss! These things should not be happening at work.

Installing proper acoustics in your office is the first step in the direction of building a successful workspace that fosters a wide variety of work styles. Depending on the dimensions of your office, and what materials your floor, ceiling, and walls are made from, there's an acoustic solution for you. Our growing line of UPLIFT Acoustic products help absorb extra decibels and add visually stimulating office decor to your business's four walls.

Starting with our wall-mounted 3D Wave Acoustic Wall Panels and 3D Tube Acoustic Wall Panels, sound absorption and beauty are combined to give you decoratively appealing panels that instantly reduce up to 80% of the sound that it comes into contact with. Yes, you read that right. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .8, these dense, yet lightweight polyester panels improve the sound situation in your office with a few easy additions. For the best experience and when outfitting entire offices, we recommend installing a wall of acoustic panels to add some stimulating office accenting to your space while reducing ambient sound. 

Our personal homage to sculpture, mobiles, and acoustics, our 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud is a ceiling-mounted acoustic solution that's both eye-catching and sound absorbing. If your work space could use some decor or if minimalist office art is your style, you'll love the waffle cloud. 

With the popularity of flexible offices, collaborative work spaces are quickly becoming the favored floor plan for a lot of businesses. But for work to be done, focus must be maintained, which means your coworker's chitchat about the latest party they attended last week now affects your work and ultimately your business's bottom line. But add a dash of desk-mounted acoustic solutions and you'll be able to work for much longer without breaking your concentration. Acoustic Privacy Panels are great for this thanks to the fact that the panels are able to greatly reduce sound while also allowing you to denote new boundaries at workstations. That means a long bench system can be split into multiple work areas with the addition of a series of panels and a Desktop Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder. Or clamp the panels to the back and sides of your height adjustable UPLIFT Desks with Acoustic Privacy Panel Mounting Hardware. There really is an acoustic option for everyone. 

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