Acoustic Privacy Panel

Our Acoustic Privacy Panels are there for you when you crave more focus at your workspace
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  • Blocks noise at work - made with dense Polyester fiberboard
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction - panels are .6" thick
  • Clamp-on installation - fits on desks up to 1.75" thick
  • Works on most desks - can be used on nearly any desk
  • Tackable panels - pin and hang personal items like photos
  • Multiple color options - match panels to your space
  • A size for everyone - designed to fit on all UPLIFT Desk models
A woman installs an Acoustic Privacy Panel on an adjustable height workstation via clamp mounts with ease.

Acoustic Privacy Panels

Your next great idea. It can strike at any moment, and when you're in that state of free-flowing productivity, maintaining focus is key. And then it happens.

The dreaded coworker walk-through. It can wreak havoc on your workflow, with a few ill-timed quips throwing you off your concentration in seconds. With UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panels office distractions are a quickly fading issue, allowing you to block interruptions at your workstation with a few easy desktop additions. These panels work for nearly any desk, from our UPLIFT standing desks to your current workstation setup.

Pair Acoustic Privacy Panels with your UPLIFT Desk for better, more productive work sessions, minus thought-arresting office disturbances.


Height Side panel: 15.5 inches
Back panel: 22 inches
Width Side panel: 22 inches
Back panel: 40, 52, 64, or 72 inches
Thickness .6 inch
Color Blue, Light Gray, or Dark Gray
Warranty 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do Acoustic Privacy Panels work?

    Our Acoustic Privacy Panels work because they are constructed out of dense, high quality fiber board that was designed to dampen noise from the environment. Installing them on your desk creates a barrier between you and background noise, while also increasing the privacy at your workstation.

  2. How much noise can the panels reduce?

    The .8 NRC value, or Noise Reduction Rating, of our Acoustic Privacy Panels means that 80% of the sound waves entering into the material will be captured and converted, while 20% will reflect back out of the material into the room.

  3. Do Acoustic Privacy Panels work on non-UPLIFT Desks?

    Yes, our panels are designed to fit a wide variety of desks, from UPLIFT Desks to fixed-height desks. Measure your desktop to see which Acoustic Privacy Panel is ideal for your workstation.

  4. Is installation easy?

    Absolutely! Assembly and installation of our Acoustic Privacy Panels is a snap! Just attach the included clamp brackets to the panel with a few screws, and clamp onto the back or side of your desk.

  5. How do these increase privacy?

    When we say these increase privacy at your workstation, we mean our Acoustic Privacy Panels are able to create or wall off a more secluded area, blocking distractions and helping you focus.

  6. How many panels do I need?

    We recommend at least installing a main panel to the rear of your desk. For a more private desk with sound blocking on all sides, install a main panel and two side panels to your desk.

  7. Help! My privacy panel came without mounting holes for the hardware!

    The holes are there, but they may be hard to see because they're plugged. Look for four hexagon-shaped marks toward the bottom of the panel. These may be easier to see on one side of the panel. Once you find them, simply pop the plug out with your finger.

  8. Most office decor is bland. Do I have a choice of color?

    Of course! We have three colors to choose from: dark gray, light gray, and blue. Pick the panel that suits your style.

  9. What is the purpose of Acoustic Privacy Panels?

    Flexible Office layouts were designed to foster collaboration between coworkers, but some need more privacy at their workstation without fully outfitting it cubicle-style. That's why we have Acoustic Privacy Panels; they're simple, affordable, productivity-boosting tools to help you work better.

  10. Why do I need these?

    Our Acoustic Privacy Panels allow you to create a more personalized and quieter workstation, which helps you focus, leading you to more productivity, and better quality of work. It's like in elementary school when you used your folders during tests to block out distractions - except our panels block sight and sound!

  11. Can I pick my hardware?

    Yes you can pick your Privacy Panel hardware in one of three colors: black, white, and gray.

  12. What are these made out of?

    Acoustic Privacy Panels are constructed out of sturdy, dense Polyester fiber board that's .6 inches thick, giving you a wall of protection from office distractions.

Warranty Info

This product comes standard with a 5-year warranty.

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