Range Laptop Mount by UPLIFT Desk

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Stabilize and secure your laptop with the UPLIFT Laptop Mount for Monitor Arms
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  • Steel frame with pronounced front lip, non-slip pads, and elastic straps securely holds most laptop computers
  • 75 mm and 100 mm VESA mounts allow for attachment to most monitor arms
  • Rotating platform provides space for small item storage (not recommended for use as mousing platform)
  • Ventilation cutout offers improved airflow to prevent overheating
Large ventilation cutouts offers improved airflow to prevent CPU overheating.

Monitor Arm Laptop Mount

The laptop mount allows you to easily convert your existing VESA-compatible monitor arm into a secure, flexible mount for your notebook computer. A sturdy metal frame supports laptops with a large front lip while also offering a set of elastic straps for extra security, ensuring that your computer can be quickly and securely moved around using any fingertip-adjustable monitor arm, such as our Monitor Arm or Dual Monitor Arm.


Weight 4 lb
VESA pattern 75 mm & 100 mm
Shipping dimensions 15" L x 3" W x 13" H, 5 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this include the monitor arm?

    The UPLIFT Laptop Mount is only an accessory for the UPLIFT Single or Dual Monitor Arm. We have it listed separately here for customers who already have an UPLIFT Monitor Arm and now wish to add the Laptop Mount. If you are in the market for the entire setup, you have the option to add the Laptop Mount to your Single or Dual Monitor Arm.

  2. Will this hold my laptop securely in place?

    A front lip on the laptop platform will stabilize your laptop so that it won't slip. For extra security, we include elastic velcro straps that will hold your laptop in place during takeoff and landing.

  3. How does this attach to the monitor arm?

    The UPLIFT Laptop Mount uses the standard VESA mounting pattern to attach to the UPLIFT Desk Desk monitor arms.

  4. Is this compatible with a Macbook?

    This will hold most Macbook versions. However, the Macbook Air is too light to engage the cylinder of the monitor arm and is therefore not compatible.

  5. How easy is it to remove my laptop from the holder.

    The velcro straps that secure your laptop in place are very easy to remove.

  6. Will this laptop mount work on any monitor arm?

    The UPLIFT Laptop Mount attaches with a standard VESA 100/75 mounting pattern. Therefore, it is compatible with any monitor arm that requires the same VESA mounting pattern.

  7. Can I reposition the straps or are they attached to the laptop mount?

    The bands are not attached to the tray. You may position the straps wherever you need to so that they won't interfere with your laptop.

  8. Is the mouse tray removable?

    The mouse tray is not removable, however it can be easily tucked away under the laptop tray when not in use.

  9. What is the weight limit for the laptop holder?

    The weight limit of the laptop holder is dependent on the weight limit of the monitor arm being used. Our UPLIFT Single and Dual Monitor arms have a weight range of 4.5 - 17.5 pounds.



Why Buy?

Turn your monitor arm into a laptop holder and raise your laptop off your desk and up to the proper viewing height.

Features & Specs

  • Steel frame; front lip and non-slip pads for secure holding
  • Compatible with VESA 75 mm and 100 mm
  • Small rotating platform holds small items
  • Ventilation cutout to help prevent overheating
uplift laptop mount

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