Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation by UPLIFT Desk

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Transform a fixed height workspace to height-adjustable
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Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation

  • Transform a fixed height workspace into an active, height-adjustable workspace by mounting the Swing Laptop Standing Desk Converter to an existing desk or table
  • Suitable for various workspaces: in home, office, warehouse, healthcare, or educational environments
  • Deploy anywhere to promote active movement in a hot-desking or collaborative space
  • Can be utilized both as a standing workstation or at a sitting height with the laptop screen at an ergonomic height
  • Elevate the laptop keyboard and mouse pad to an ergonomic height, an improvement over the monitor arm and laptop mount combination (which requires use of an external keyboard)
  • Spacious work surface (24.8"W x 13.3"D) supports laptops or tablets weighing up to 19.8 lb
  • 19" of adjustable vertical range and 360 degree arm rotation are made effortless by the gas spring and tension adjustment
  • Built-in cable management hides cords and cables
  • Includes both clamp and bolt-through mounts for desks 0.4" - 3.3" thick
  • Assembles in minutes with included tools
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
A Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation mounted to a White Laminate Standing Desk
A GIF of a Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation raising, lowering, and swinging around

A Standing Desk for Laptop Users

Our bodies were meant to move and change positions frequently. The ability to work at a perfect sitting and standing height improves posture and helps eliminate health risks while keeping you more comfortable and focused at work.

Although we recommend a complete Standing Desk for intensive work, some situations and scenarios call for a space saving laptop sit/stand solution.

For alternative Standing Desk Converters, view the Standing Desk Converter category.

If you're more interested in just having the capability to hold your laptop screen at an ergonomic height and use it with an external mouse or keyboard, select any monitor arm and add the laptop Mount option.

Useful Design Features

Stable Platform on an Articulating Arm:
Regardless of where you position the laptop platform, it is held stable enough to type on a laptop. The large, powerful articulating arm is designed to be flexible and sturdy.

Integrated Cable Management:
Ensures necessary cables and cords are routed efficiently from your laptop. Provides a clean and organized aesthetic.

Monitor cables routed through the integrated cable management channels of a Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation
A GIF showing the bolt through and clamp-on methods to secure the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation to your desk

Installation & Assembly

Choose from two included mounting options:

  • The Clamp method clamps the desk converter to the edge of the desktop. The clamp method works with desktops ranging from 0.4" - 3.3" in thickness.
  • The Bolt-Through method attaches the desk converter anywhere on the desktop or table using an existing hole (such as a grommet hole) or a new bolt hole (drill a ½" hole). The bolt-through method works with desktops ranging from 0.4" - 3.3" in thickness.

The Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation supports laptops weighing up to 19.8lb.




Warranty + Returns





Work Surface size 24.8" x 13.3"
Weight Capacity 19.8 lb
Height Range Work surface is 0.9" to 19.9" above the desk.
Base rotation 360 degrees
Work Surface rotation 180 degrees
Mounting & Desk Thickness Compatibility Clamp and Bolt-Through mounting methods are both included and are compatible with desktops ranging in thickness from 0.4 to 3.3".
Bolt-through hole diameter should be between 2.4" and 3.9" for a single hole or two 0.39" to 1.77" diameter holes spaced 1.93" on center.
Spring type Gas spring with tension adjustment
Work surface material Powder coated steel
Weight 19.4 lb clamp mount, 17.5 lb bolt-through mount
Shipping dimensions 28" W x 16.6" D x 6.5" H, 24.7 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I secure my laptop to the mount?

    Your laptop will simply rest on the large flat platform. The platform stays level with the ground. This makes it easy to remove your laptop when you want to work on the go. The large platform provides a stable enough base for your laptop without the need to strap it into place. The platform will remain level as you move it so you won't have to worry about your computer sliding off.

  2. How large of a laptop will this support?

    The total weight the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation can hold is 19.8 pounds and the work surface is 24.8" wide and 13.3" deep, so it will hold any laptop within those specifications.

  3. Can I put my computer monitor on this converter?

    This converter is designed to be used with laptop computers or tablets and is not recommended for computer monitors.

    For supporting a computer monitor, choose from either a monitor arm or standing desk converter.

  4. Is there any cable management included?

    Yes, the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation has built-in cable organization. Just route your USB cord or laptop power cable under the cable covers on each of the arm segments. This keeps your cords out of the way and your desktop neat and organized!

  5. Will the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation be stable when I type on my laptop?

    Yes, the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation will provide a stable surface for typing, but we don't recommend leaning on the Swing.

  6. Does the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation lock in place?

    No, the work surface is free floating and does not lock in place. However, when properly adjusted to the weight of your laptop it will remain in place until moved again.

  7. Does the laptop platform tilt?

    No, the laptop platform will remain level as you move the arm of the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation.

  8. The Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation doesn't stay in place, help!

    If you find that your laptop is sinking or rising on its own after you move it into the desired position, you need to adjust the counterbalance tension per the included instructions (pdf) to adjust the gas spring to your laptop or tablet weight.

Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation


Why Buy?

Transform a fixed height workspace into an active one by mounting the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation to an existing desk or table.

Features & Specs

  • Improve ergonomics when using laptops with fixed height desks
  • Spacious 24.8" x 13.3" work surface
  • Supports up to 19.8 lb
  • Wide range of adjustability and height
  • Integrated cable management
  • Clamp and bolt-through mounting options
  • Easy assembly with included tools
Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation

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