Laptop Mount by UPLIFT Desk

Accommodates laptops measuring between 11.3" and 18.3" wide. Shown with a Enfield Single Monitor Arm

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Laptop Mount features

  • Attach it to a monitor arm - the Laptop Mount must be mounted to a monitor arm. Compatible with nearly any monitor arm that includes a 75mm VESA pattern. Compatible with all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms, see the next section below regarding compatibility
  • Optimal laptop screen positioning - lifts your laptop completely off the desktop and positions the laptop screen perfectly for better posture and less eye strain
  • Ergonomic - position the top of the laptop screen at about eye level and approximately fingertip distance away; use a separate keyboard and mouse when laptop is mounted
  • Free up valuable workspace - float the laptop above your desktop and use the valuable desk space underneath
  • Secure, sturdy, & flexible - steel frame, protective silicone rubber pads, and spring loaded side grips securely hold laptops 11.3" to 18.3" wide and up to 1" thick (not including the screen)
  • No overheating - generous ventilation cutouts offer improved airflow to prevent laptops from overheating
  • Use with external keyboard & mouse - we recommend using an external keyboard and mouse instead of the laptop's own keyboard and mouse. Otherwise, the trackpad and keyboard will be too high for comfortable use
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Bamboo Ergonomic UPLIFT Sit Stand Desk with a Laptop Mount on a Enfield Single Monitor Arm

Enfield Single Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount

The 75 millimeter VESA pattern on the back of the Laptop Mount

Monitor arm compatibility

The Laptop Mount is compatible with nearly any monitor arm that includes a VESA mount with 75mm mounting hole spacing, including all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms.

When using the laptop mount in a configuration with another monitor, we recommend either using a separate monitor arm for the Laptop Mount or using a multi-monitor arm with independent arm height adjustment to align the laptop screen with an adjacent monitor (the Crestview Align and Moontower monitor arm besides the single are not recommended because they lack that independent arm height adjustment capability).

When used with Zilker Monitor Arms, the Laptop Mount will not allow for proper ergonomic positioning unless the laptop is able to open at least 150°.

Improved laptop ergonomics

The Laptop Mount attaches to a monitor arm and elevates a laptop above the desktop, allowing for better posture and less eye strain, while also freeing up valuable desktop space. The Laptop Mount accommodates laptops measuring between 11.3" and 18.3" wide.

The Laptop Mount converts a 75mm VESA-compatible monitor arm to hold a laptop instead of a monitor. When used with monitor arms that offer height adjustment, the Laptop Mount enables the top of laptop screens to be optimally positioned at eye level for ergonomic viewing while seated or standing. Use the Laptop Mount as an external monitor alongside a larger monitor attached to a dual monitor arm or a second single monitor arm.

Adjust the laptop screen height, tilt, distance, and horizontal alignment to reduce stress on the neck, shoulders, and back. Eyes control head and neck posture, so positioning the laptop screen within fingertip distance results in less craning of the neck. It also helps prevent the head from "turtling" forward to read a screen that is too far away. With head posture, every inch forward increases the effective weight of the head on the neck by around 10 lb.

The Laptop Mount is best utilized as a means to position laptop screens as you would a traditional monitor and should be used with an external keyboard and mouse. For a larger laptop work surface, consider a Standing Desk Converter or the Swing Laptop Sit/Stand Workstation.

For more information on screen ergonomics, check out How to Position Your Screen Ergonomically (pdf).

Walnut Solid Wood UPLIFT Standing Desk with a Laptop Mount attached to a Enfield Dual Monitor Arm

Enfield Dual Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount

A reverse view of a Single Enfield Monitor Arm and a Laptop Mount

Enfield Single Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount

Secure, sturdy, & flexible

The Laptop Mount frame is made from a formed 3mm thick carbon steel sheet that provides a solid, rigid platform for laptops to rest upon. Injection molded ABS plastic housing on the back conceals the mechanics of the spring loaded side grips. Silicone rubber pads on the frame and side grips protect laptops from scratches.

The mount's steel frame includes an integrated bottom lip to support laptops at any angle. Spring loaded padded side grips firmly hold the laptop in place for easy screen and monitor arm positioning.

Cutouts at the top and bottom of the Laptop Mount's frame provide airflow to prevent overheating by allowing the laptop to breathe.

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Laptop Mount with Circle Tray

Another choice for securing a laptop to a monitor arm is the Laptop Mount with Circle Tray. This mount supports laptops up to 17" W x 10.5" D x 3" thick. The elastic hook and loop straps secure the laptop in place and can be positioned anywhere on the mounted laptop so as not to block cable access.

This laptop mount includes a circular tray that rotates under the body of the mount when not in use, as well as an adapter for increasing the tilt angle of the laptop screen.

A side by side comparison of the Laptop Mount and Laptop Mount with Circle Tray

Left: Laptop Mount. Right: Laptop Mount with Circle Tray




Warranty + Returns





Specification PDFs Laptop Mount by UPLIFT Desk Specifications (PDF)
Product dimensions & weight 12.2" W x 8.6" D x 1.5" H, 2.4 lb
VESA hole mount pattern 75mm x 75mm
Material Frame: formed 3mm thick carbon steel
Housing: molded ABS plastic
Pads: silicone rubber
Color & finish Black powder coat
Device weight capacity 19.8 lb (9 kg)
Device size range Laptop width range: 11.3" to 18.3"
Laptop thickness: 1" (not including the screen)
Shipping dimensions & weight 14.4" L X 10.1" W x 1.8" H, 3 lb
Warranty 15 year warranty on all UPLIFT Desk products
Warranty page


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this include the monitor arm?

    No, the Laptop Mount does not include a monitor arm. You can find suitable UPLIFT Desk monitor arms or simply select one above when purchasing the Laptop Mount.

  2. Will this laptop mount work on any monitor arm?

    The Laptop Mount attaches to any monitor arm's VESA plate with a standard 75mm mounting hole pattern including all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms and most other brand monitor arms. We recommend using the Laptop Mount on single arms or multi-monitor arms that allow independent height adjustment to line up the screens, unlike the Crestview Align and Moontower Monitor arms.
    When used with Zilker Monitor Arms, laptops should be able to open to at least 150° to achieve an ergonomic viewing angle. We do not recommend using the UPLIFT Laptop Mount with Moontower Monitor Arms because the laptop screen height will not be adjustable for ideal ergonomic positioning.

  3. What is the weight limit for the laptop holder?

    The weight limit of the Laptop Holder itself is 19.8 lb, but it is also dependent on the weight limit of the monitor arm it is attached to. Use the weight limit of your monitor arm if it is less than 19.8 lb. You will need to take into account the weight of the Laptop Holder when determining if a monitor arm will hold a given laptop.

  4. Is it difficult to remove a laptop from the mount?

    No, with the spring loaded side grips that secure your laptop in place, removing your laptop is a breeze.

  5. Can the spring loaded side grips be removed?

    No, the spring loaded side grips are built into the mount. Check out the Laptop Mount with Circle Tray for an option without integrated side grips.

  6. Is this compatible with a Macbook?

    This will hold most Macbook versions as long as the width of the computer is between the 11.3" and 18.3" range of the spring loaded side grips.



Product Page | Instructions (pdf) | Specifications (pdf)

  • Turn your monitor arm into a laptop holder and raise your laptop off your desk and up to the proper viewing height
  • Steel frame; front lip and non-slip pads for secure holding
  • Compatible with 75mm VESA mounts
  • Small rotating platform holds small items
  • Ventilation cutout helps prevent overheating
uplift laptop mount

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