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Stabilize and secure your laptop with the Laptop Mount
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Laptop Mount Features

  • Ergonomically position your laptop screen to act like a perfectly positioned monitor; Float the laptop screen above the desktop with the top of the screen at about eye level and at approximately fingertip reach distance to the screen.
  • Free up valuable workspace on your desktop
  • Steel frame with front lip, non-slip pads, and elastic straps securely holds most laptop computers
  • Ventilation cutout offers improved airflow to prevent overheating
  • Mouse platform rotates out from the Laptop Mount and can be used for mousing for short periods of time. It's not recommended to use the laptop keyboard and mouse with the laptop raised to a high position
  • This is best used as a laptop screen positioner; use with an external keyboard and mouse. For a laptop converter that supports use of the laptop keyboard and touchpad, check out our Adapt Mobile Laptop Standing Desk Converter.
  • Laptop Mount attaches to any monitor arm with a 75mm VESA pattern
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
A fully extended Laptop Mount by UPLIFT Desk

Improved Laptop Ergonomics

The Laptop Mount attached to a monitor arm elevates your laptop above the desktop, allowing you to adopt better posture and avoid eyestrain while saving valuable desktop space. Laptops up to 10.5" deep and 3" thick can be used on this mount.

The Laptop Mount converts a 75mm VESA-compatible monitor arm to hold a laptop instead of a monitor.

This enables you to position the top of your laptop screen at about eye height. The Laptop Mount can also be used to raise your laptop to an ergonomic viewing height while seated or standing.

Adjust the height, tilt, distance, and horizontal alignment of your laptop screen to reduce stress on the neck, shoulders, and torso. Eyes control head and neck posture, so positioning the laptop screen within fingertip distance results in less craning of your neck. Your head will not "turtle" forward to read a laptop screen that is too far away if the screen is within fingertip distance. Every inch of forward head posture increases the effective weight of the head on the neck by around 10 lbs.

If you are looking for a larger work surface for your laptop, consider the E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter or the Swing Laptop Desk Converter.

For more information on screen ergonomics, read the How to Position Your Screen Ergonomically (pdf)

A Secure & Adaptable Laptop Holder

The steel frame's large front lip and the elastic hook-and-loop straps give you peace of mind that your laptop will remain secure as you adjust the monitor arm's position.

The small platform, that rotates out from under the laptop tray, can be used for short duration mousing, but if you will be working for extended periods, we recommend using an external mouse and keyboard as the small rotating platform will not allow for an ergonomic mousing position or provide enough mousing support. Depending on the Laptop Mount's position, the rotating platform can also be used as a place to put small items. When not in use, the small platform rotates back under the laptop trayto stow out of the way.

The cutout in the laptop tray provides airflow to prevent laptop overheating. We recommend that you position the Laptop Mount and an external monitor side-by-side by using a dual monitor arm (or two single monitor arms).

The Laptop Mount should be compatible with all monitor arms that use a 75mm VESA mount, unless there is a unique design interference between the two products. This means it's compatible with all UPLIFT monitor arms. We don't recommend the use of the Laptop Mount with the Align models of monitor arms because there is no way to line up the laptop screen with a monitor.

The Laptop Mount pairs with all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms in the same way with the exception of the Zilker monitor arms. When attaching the Laptop Mount to the Zilker monitor arms and using the quick-release feature, the bottom two screws attaching the Laptop Mount to the Quick-release VESA plate must be installed after inserting the VESA mount and removed before removing the VESA mount.

A Zilker Dual Monitor Arm with a Laptop Mount in place of one of the monitors



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Weight 3.4 lb
VESA pattern 75 mm
Shipping dimensions 12.4" W x 13.8" D x 3" H, 3.9 lb
Tray Size 11.8" W x 9.7" H
Small rotating tray size 7.25" diameter usable space (8.1" outer diameter)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this include the monitor arm?

    No, the Laptop Mount uses the standard VESA mounting pattern to attach to monitor arms.

  2. Is this compatible with a Macbook?

    This will hold most Macbook versions.

  3. Is it difficult to remove my laptop from the mount?

    The velcro straps that secure your laptop in place are very easy to remove.

  4. Will this laptop mount work on any monitor arm?

    The Laptop Mount attaches with a standard VESA 75mm mounting pattern and is compatible with all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms and most other brand monitor arms.

  5. Can I reposition the straps or are they attached to the Laptop Mount?

    The straps are not attached to the tray. You may position the straps wherever needed so they do not interfere with your laptop.

  6. Is the mouse tray removable?

    The mouse tray is not removable, however it can be easily tucked away under the Laptop Mount when not in use.

  7. What is the weight limit for the laptop holder?

    The weight limit of the laptop holder is dependent on the weight limit of the monitor arm it is attached to.



Product Page | Instructions (pdf) | Specifications (pdf)

  • Turn your monitor arm into a laptop holder and raise your laptop off your desk and up to the proper viewing height
  • Steel frame; front lip and non-slip pads for secure holding
  • Compatible with 75mm VESA mounts
  • Small rotating platform holds small items
  • Ventilation cutout helps prevent overheating
uplift laptop mount


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