Zipped Cable Sleeve by UPLIFT Desk

Zipped Cable Sleeves by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Flexible cable management zip-up sleeve conceals and manages cords and cables
  • Zipper access allows you to simply and quickly add more cables. Maintainability is key to successful wire management over time
  • Stretchable, braided polyester allows for multiple cables and flexibility; each sleeve can hold up to 8-10 cables depending on size of cable
  • Combine two or more sleeves by unzipping them all the way and then line up the zipper from one sleeve onto the other to make an extra large sleeve for any number of cables
  • Easy to use, just gather cables together, wrap the sleeve around and zip up; perfect for home and office use
  • Ideal for keeping cords organized under your desk and behind your monitor or entertainment system
  • Colors coordinate with UPLIFT Desk frames and other accessories for a cohesive look
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
30” Gray Zipped Cable Sleeve by UPLIFT Desk
V2 Standing Desk with White Greenguard-Gold Laminate Desktop, gray frame, and gray Zipped Cable Sleeves

30" Gray Zipped Cable Sleeves

Keep it clean

Tidy up your work space with the Zipped Cable Sleeve. Use the Zipped Cable Sleeve behind your monitors or under your desk. They can also be used to organize and conceal TV, stereo and gaming cables or anywhere you have cables and wires that are out of control.

Easy to adjust

Quickly and efficiently add and remove wires. Simply unzip, make your adjustments, then zip back up.

Easy to manage 30-inch Gray Zipped Cable Sleeve by UPLIFT Desk on top of a White Laminate Desktop

30" Gray Zipped Cable Sleeve

Combine multiple Zipped Cable Sleeves into one extra large sleeve

Two 30" Zipped Cable Sleeves Bundled Together

Flexible and Scalable - Organize More

Use the sleeves individually to corral 8-10 cables, depending on size.

Or, combine sleeves by unzipping them all the way and then re-zipping them to another sleeve to create an extra large cable sleeve to hold more or larger cables.

Colors That Work

There is no need to sacrifice form for function, the Zipped Cable Sleeve is available in black and gray braided polyester to coordinate with all of our frames and accessories as you create a cohesive office look. The gray sleeve works very well with white or gray frames. The black sleeve works well with black and industrial style frames.

60-inch Gray Zipped Cable Sleeve that matches a UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Frame

Gray Zipped Cable Sleeve




Warranty + Returns





Length Two sizes: 30" and 60" long
Diameter 1.2" inner diameter
Color Gray or Black
Material PET (braided polyester)
Bag 6.3" x 9.4" x 2.2" (160 x 240 x 55mm - Same bag size for 30" and 60")
Weight 30" 1.80 oz
60" 2.65 oz
Shipping dimensions 10" W x 8" D x 4" H, 1.3 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can these be connected to one another at the ends?

    No, they cannot be connected end to end but you can still place them end to end but there will be a small gap between them.

  2. Can the Cable Sleeve be neatly cut to let cables enter/exit from different points along the sleeve?

    We do not recommend cutting the sleeves as the braided fabric can fray and start to unravel.

  3. Does it unzip completely or do you need to feed the cables in at one end?

    Yes, the Zipped Cable Sleeve will unzip completely allowing it to lay it flat. Then you can run the cables along the inside of the sleeve and zip everything up.

  4. How flexible is this sleeve?

    The sleeve is very flexible, it can be folded in half. Your cables and cords will be the limiter on how tight of a bend it will handle.



Why Buy?

The Zipped Cable Sleeve is ideal for organizing and concealing unsightly cords at your workstation. They can also be used to tame the mess of cords that come with many other appliances including, TVs, stereos and gaming systems.

Features & Specs

  • Available in 30" and 60" lengths to accommodate your needs
  • Inside diameter is 1.2" but multiple sleeves can be zipped together to accommodate large groups of cables
  • Made of durable braided polyester which is flexible and stretchable
  • Available in black or gray
Zipped Cable Sleeve by UPLIFT Desk

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