Advanced Wire Management Kit (Basic Kit + Wire Tray) by UPLIFT Desk

Includes wire management tray, 6-outlet surge protector power strip, desk-to-wall cable organizer, under-desk hook, and 10 self-adhesive cable mounts with re-adjustable ties

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  • Cable Management Tray attaches easily to the underside of the desk with included hardware
  • 6-outlet Surge Protector outlet strip with a 15' heavy duty power cord tucks directly into the tray (UL safety listed for the U.S. and Canada)
  • UPLIFT Cable Coil consolidates cords. Included wire funnel makes cable insertion and removal quick and easy
  • 10 re-adjustable UPLIFT Adhesive Cable Ties adhere to most surfaces and hold cords in place
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
A wrangled cord in an UPLIFT Advanced Wire Management Kit.

Advanced Wire Management Kit

Our wire management system is designed to keep you plugged in as your desk raises and lowers while maintaining the clean and open design of your UPLIFT Desk.

The wire tray directs the flow of your desktop cables off to one side, while the cable coil contains everything into a single, neat bundle.

The included power strip with surge protection has a 15' long cord, giving you plenty of room to sit and stand without stretching or pulling your cables. It fits neatly inside the wire tray, or can rest on top of your desk.




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Tray dimensions 24" W x 3" D x 4.5" H
Cable Coil length 5'
Included surge protector power strip cord length 15'
Included surge protector power strip features 180J of surge protection
Integrated 15 amp circuit breaker switch
ABS-resistant housing
Flat head plug
Included surge protector certifications UL (U.S and Canada)
Optional additional USB surge protector clamp size Compatible with desktops up to 1 3/8" thick
Optional additional USB surge protector capacity 1400J of surge protection
Shipping dimensions 5" W x 25" D x 4" H , 4 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the snake-like contraption with the clip for?

    The cable coil will organize your mess of cords into a neat bundle! You will use the clip to funnel your cords into the tubing. Not only will your desk look cleaner, your cords will not get tangled or become a hazard.

  2. Do I really need wire management?

    Everyone's needs are different, but if you're looking for a clean, organized desk then the answer is yes. If you need to manage your wires because they keep getting in the way, the answer is also yes. Anyone who owns electronics knows that cords won't keep themselves in line!

  3. What are all the parts of the Advanced Wire Management Kit?

    The Advanced Wire Management Kit includes a 2-foot wire management tray, six-outlet surge protected power strip, cable consolidation coil, under desk hook, and 10 adhesive mounts with cable ties.

  4. Does the kit already come with a surge protector?

    Yes, the Advanced Wire Management Kit includes a six-outlet power strip with surge protection. The additional clamp-on surge protector can be added to the kit if you want a surge protector that easily attaches to your desk. The clamp-on surge protector also includes two USB outlets for charging.

  5. How does the wire management tray attach to my desk? Does it just stick on?

    You will have to screw the wire management tray to your desk. Make sure to use the hardware provided, so that the screws are not longer than the thickness of your desktop.

  6. Are the components of the UPLIFT Wire Management Kit available separately?

    Yes, the Clamp-on Surge Protector, Cable Ties, Under Desk Hooks, and Wire Management Tray are all available separately.

  7. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.



Why Buy?

Note that all desks include a wire tray that is smaller than the wire tray included in this kit. If you purchase this kit with an UPLIFT Desk, you will receive two wire trays and most likely will only use one of them below your desk. This kit also includes a surge protector with a 15' cord to reach any wall plug. Install the wire tray, place the surge protector in the wire tray, then plug all monitors, computers, task lights, etc into the surge protector.

Features & Specs

  • Route, organize, and secure desktop cables
  • Keep computer plugged in when moving desk
  • Includes cable coil, hook, cable mounts and ties
uplift advanced wire management kit


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