Frosted Acrylic Privacy Panels by UPLIFT Desk

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Add style and privacy with the Frosted Acrylic Privacy Panels

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  • Modern, stylish frosted acrylic panels are the perfect privacy solution for any workspace. These durable 6 mm thick panels come in five different sizes and can mount to the back and both sides of a desk
  • Frosted Acrylic Panels are a cost-effective way to add privacy and a touch of elegance to any existing table or desk
  • Clamp mounts to any desk or table 0.75"-1.75" thick—no drilling or screws required. Simple to remove or reposition
  • Improve focus and increase productivity by reducing visual distractions
  • Panels sit discreetly at the back or sides of a desk, creating an attractive partition without interfering with the workspace
  • Intelligent hardware design allows for a gap between the panel and desktop edge so cables can pass through and monitor arm mounts can attach
  • Panels ship with protective film on both sides to prevent scratches during shipment. Mounting hardware ships in a separate box
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
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Add Privacy and Improve Focus

Enhance your privacy with the elegant Frosted Acrylic Privacy Panels. These stylish, modern additions to your desk are a simple and cost-effective way to reduce visual distractions and help you improve your focus.

These panels sit on the back and/or sides of your desks, and their clamps make them easy to mount and move on any desk or table 0.75"-1.75" thick with no screws or drills required. It's easy to clamp them to your desktop, or remove them when you are reconfiguring your space or attaching monitor arms, etc.

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Designed for Function and Style

Add a touch of style while improving your privacy with durable, 6 mm frosted panels. These panels come in five different sizes: 22" x 15.5" for the side panels and 40" x 22", 52" x 22", 64" x 22", 72" x 22" for rear panels, so you can add them to a variety of desk and table sizes. And with their mounted clamps, they can be removed and repositioned as much as you want or need.

Their discreet positioning means they won't interfere with your working space, and their intelligent design allows for a gap between the panel and desktop so you can run cables or mount UPLIFT Desk monitor arms. Your desks and tables will look effortlessly elegant, and you don't have to compromise on any of your work tools and tech.

Give your desk the extra storage space it needs to keep your workspace clutter-free



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Height Side Panel: 15.5"
Rear Panel: 22"
Width Side Panel: 22"
Rear Panel: 40", 52", 64", or 72"
Thickness 0.24" (6mm)
Material Extruded acrylic sheet, frosted both sides
Shipping Information Panels ship with protective film on both sides to prevent scratches during shipment. Mounting hardware ships in a separate box.
Shipping dimensions 22" x 15.5" side panel, 3.37 lb (not boxed)
40" x 22" rear panel, 8.7 lb (not boxed)
52" x 22" rear panel, 11.3 lb (not boxed)
64" x 22" rear panel, 13.9 lb (not boxed)
72" x 22" rear panel, 15.7 lb (not boxed)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to install these panels?

    To attach the panels to the back and/or sides of your desktop, you will need the mounting hardware and molded rubber gaskets. The hardware packages will include the necessary screws and support bracket. After that, the panels will clamp onto your desk and will not require drilling.

  2. Are these panels frosted on both sides?

    Yes, these panels are frosted on both sides.

  3. What desk brands are these panels compatible with?

    These panels are compatible with ANY desk (including your UPLIFT desk!) or table 0.75"-1.75" thick.

  4. How many panels do I need to buy?

    We recommend getting at least one main rear panel to install at the back of your desk. For an even more private space, you can install the main panel plus one or two side panels.

  5. Will these panels block my computer's cords?

    Not at all! The panels' hardware is designed for there to be a gap between the panel and the edge of the desk or table, so cables can easily fit through.

  6. How do I clean my acrylic privacy panels?

    To effectively and safely clean acrylic, you can use soap and water with a microfiber-type cloth. Avoid alcohol or ammonia-based products that can actually damage the surface and cloud the acrylic. Some antibacterial products may be safe to use. Read your cleaner's label before using it to know if it's safe on acrylic.



Why Buy?

Modern frosted privacy panels provide a stylish, cost-effective privacy solution for your workspace. Provide effective privacy between desks or tables. Installs with simple clamps (no drilling or screws), so you can install quickly and remove whenever you add something to your desktop, like a monitor arm.

Features & Specs

  • Improve focus and productivity by reducing visual distractions
  • Mounts with well engineered clamps (no drilling or screws) to any desktop or table that is between 0.75"-1.75" thick
  • Gap between the panel and desktop edge allows attachment of monitor arms and cables to pass through
uplift frosted acoustic privacy panels

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