Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk

Sound absorption is easy and colorful with Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panels by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Decrease noise levels while adding subtle aesthetic interest to your walls. Our acoustic panels are lightweight, mount to walls easily, and are ecologically sound, being made from 50% recycled material including plastic bottles
  • Increase focus in larger, open spaces by reducing the amount of distraction caused by the sound of coworkers
  • Panels absorb 40% of sound that hits them when flush-mounted against the wall. Leave an air gap (by mounting panels to the wall with a spacer) to increase this absorption to 86%
  • Any of our acoustic privacy panel sizes can be used and matched with your existing UPLIFT Desk panels and room dividers
  • Get creative—there's no restriction on how you arrange your acoustic panels. As long as you have room on your walls, you can configure them to achieve your ideal result
  • Mount these panels quickly and easily, with a number of installation options to choose from
  • These dual-purpose panels also serve as bulletin boards, so you can keep important notes and personal photos
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk
Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel

More Quiet Means More Productivity

A phone call here. A chatty coworker there. Before you know it, your personal workspace is filled with the sounds of the office hustle and bustle. But don't be fooled: what can seem like the backdrop to the daily grind in your office might actually be doing you more harm than good. Ambient noise can break concentration and even hinder overall productivity. Don't let this be you—outfit your space for better sound with the Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk.

Made from eco-friendly materials that have been shown to significantly reduce ambient noise, this sound-sheltering accessory will allow you to create spaces that foster better concentration, just by absorbing extra decibels bouncing off your walls. You can help ensure you're working with the right acoustic furnishings in your space with these panels.

Sound, Meet Acoustic Wall Panels

If you're in search of an acoustic option that helps you reduce sound and adds a visually interesting piece to your décor, the Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel is here to help.

One of the prime spots where sound clashes is on hard surfaces, which includes walls and floors. You can improve the current noise levels in your office with carpeting, but what if that's not enough to calm down the current decibel situation? Hard surfaces like concrete and wood can add to reverberation, which is why it's important to include the right acoustic solutions in your space. If you catch your employees losing focus or trying to block out noise, it's time to step in.

Mounting these panels flush with the wall will give you a 0.40 noise reduction coefficient (meaning these panels absorb 40% of sound that comes into contact with it). Or install these panels with a spacer between the panel and the wall to improve this NRC to 86%.

Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel
UPLIFT Acoustics

Pair with Other UPLIFT Acoustics

Furnishing your space with wall-mounted acoustics like our Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel is just one way to help shush the sound in your office. We have a whole collection of quieting acoustics, and would love to help you put together the ideal setup for your company.

Build an environment that allows everyone to work at their best by bringing in a few well-chosen UPLIFT Acoustics into your space. With a wide range of products designed to improve your acoustics, you can work knowing your office is all set up and ready for a productive day's work.




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Panel Height 15.5", 40", 52", 64", or 72"
Panel Width 22"
Thickness 0.48" (12 mm)
Quantity included 1 panel kitted with mounting instructions
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.4 (w/ no air gap)
Material Pressed polyester fiberboard (50% recycled plastic bottles)
Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A
Shipping dimensions 22x15.5 Panel - 16" W x 23" D x 2" H, 4 lb
40x22 Panel - 23" W x 41" D x 2" H, 7 lb
52x22 Panel - 23" W x 53" D x 2" H, 10 lb
64x22 Panel - 23" W x 65" D x 2" H, 12 lb
72x22 Panel - 23" W x 73" D x 2" H, 13 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are these panels made out of?

    The Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panel is constructed from eco-conscious polyester fiberboard, which comes from 50% recycled plastic bottles.

  2. Do I need any special tools to install these panels?

    To install these panels, you will need nails for the nail installation method, or Loctite® Construction Adhesive for the adhesive installation method.

  3. What colors do I have to pick from?

    Choose from brown, green, dark gray, light gray, or lagoon blue to suit your space and your style. Please contact us if you'd like color swatches.

  4. How many panels are included?

    This listing comes with one panel per order.

  5. Can I hang these panels from my ceiling?

    Our Rectangular Acoustic Wall Panels were designed to be installed vertically on a wall or other flat surface, or hung from the ceiling. If you want to purchase these with ceiling-mount hardware, take a look at our Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud.

    For our other hanging acoustic options, shop our sound-absorbing line of UPLIFT Acoustics.

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