3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk

Outfit your space for better acoustics with the 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Add a dual-purpose design element to your office. The circular panel's fan shape provides a colorful, 3D acoustic wall treatment, decreasing noise and echos while increasing aesthetic wall interest
  • The fan ridges gather and deflect noise and echos. They provide more sound-absorbing surface area, mitigating workday phone call volume, conversations, keyboard clacking, etc.
  • Quick and easy panel installation with a professional look. Mounting hardware is included—no DIY needed
  • Take some volume out of the office buzz. These panels are rated to absorb 80% of all the sound that reaches them (NRC 0.8)
  • Choose a material that goes easy on the environment. The 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panel is polyester fiberboard made from 50% recycled plastic bottles —which is dense enough to absorb sound, light enough to mount on the wall, and environmental enough to be better
  • Concerned with fire safety? These panels carry Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A fire ratings
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels by UPLIFT Desk

72x30 Black Eco Ergo-Edge Curve Desktop

3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels

When the Sound Hits the Fan

Sound is a constant in our world. So ubiquitous in most modern offices you might have just gotten used to it, sound isn't just something to try and mentally block out. Things like harmless chit-chat and ringing phones can actually be hindering concentration and throwing off your thought process. If you find your mind wandering from task to task or develop headaches at work, sound might be the culprit. Easily reduce ambient noise, echos, and distractions in your work area with lightweight, sound-absorbing 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels.

Ambient noise doesn't stand a chance with these panels. Designed with the physics of sound in mind, this wall-mounted accessory not only adds an interesting element to your décor, it absorbs sound and diffuses it via its soft felted folds. These crevices trap errant tones in your office and keep sound waves from bouncing to and fro on hard surfaces.

If you're just "working through" the noise, we have affordable acoustic answers to help. Work in peace with the 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panel.

The Devil is in the Decibels

Although open offices are quickly becoming the norm, office workers who are forced to work in rooms with a lot of background noise (like phones ringing, printers printing, and even inside-volume conversations) are 2/3rds less productive as offices with quiet rooms.*

Common materials like steel, concrete, and hardwood might look nice, but all of these are prime surfaces for sound to collide with. If you lack the right acoustics in your office, wide, open spaces can become a battleground of soundwaves—all reverberating and bouncing off walls, ceilings, and floors.

With a 0.8 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), our 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels are able to absorb 80% of the sound that comes into contact with them, taking a distracting level of noise down to a mentally-manageable level.

*Based on a study of open offices, which have been found to have a 66% reduction in productivity if acoustics are not implemented.
- Julian Treasure TEDGlobal 2009

3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels
3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels

Designed for Maximum Sound Absorption and Fire Safety

Made from the same fire-safe, eco-friendly polyester fiber that we use in our other UPLIFT Acoustics, the lightweight, yet durable constitution of these panels will give you a reliable and effective solution for reducing sound in your the office or home.

Work knowing your space is filled with safe materials. Our panels boast a Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A fire rating, ensuring the pieces you bring into your space have met rigorous safety standards, and solve one issue without creating a new one.

The acoustics performance offered by these panels is made possible by expertly engineered folds. Molded felt pleats form these panels' unique fan design, which our designers included for more than just for looks. These wave-like folds maximize the panel's surface area—and the space that goes to work absorbing sound— allowing it to reduce even more decibels free-floating throughout your office.

Easy, No Hassle Installation

Imagine an office free of distracting sound, made more beautiful inside thanks to multifunctional décor pieces that fit in seamlessly with your current style. Now imagine making this reality happen without the need to hire an extra installer or purchase materials. With 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels, this is more than possible. All hardware comes included, with easy-as-pie installation that works on a wide variety of vertical surfaces, from drywall to hardwood.

If you have a few basic tools like a screwdriver and ladder, you should be all set to get these panels on your wall. Transform your space quickly; the quicker your panels are installed, the sooner the sound and employee satisfaction in your office can improve, two things that have been found to contribute to a more productive office.

3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels
3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels

Create a Whole Landscape on Your Wall

One of the best parts about the 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels is how well they play together. Purchase additional panels and layer them side-by-side or overlap them, to create a lively décor element on your wall that can relax or inspire. Adding a spacer or standoff between the wall and panel allows you to overlap the panels and add more dimension to your design, and the larger the air gap behind the panel, the better the sound absorption.

Our color options give you even more creativity, letting you create patterns that draw the eye and keep your employees content in their surroundings. Please contact us for color swatches, if you'd like them.

And in case you were wondering—yes, adding more panels does significantly increase sound reduction.

More Acoustics Means More Quiet

When your office is in need of peace and quiet, we have options to help you build the space that keeps everyone happy and focused. In addition to other wall-mounted panels, we also have products like ceiling-hung and desk-mounted acoustics, and sound-absorbing dividers to assist you in your quieting endeavors. 

Whatever your sounds needs may be, UPLIFT Acoustics are ready-made solutions that let you create the office that fosters productivity in all.

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Panel dimensions 35.5" diameter, 2 lbs - 4 oz
Thickness 1"
Quantity included 1 panel with mounting hardware
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.8
Material Pressed Polyester acoustic fiberboard (50% recycled plastic bottles)
Fire Rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08
Shipping dimensions 35.6" diameter x 1" thick, 2 lbs - 10 oz


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are these made out of?

    3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels are made from sturdy, yet lightweight Polyester fiber board, 50% of which is recycled material including plastic bottles.

  2. How do 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels work?

    Our 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels work because they are constructed out of dense, high quality fiber board that was designed to dampen ambient noise. The felt folds on these panels increase its surface area, allowing the panel to absorb more sound than flat acoustic options. What isn't absorbed is diffused, which lessens the reverberation that is most associated with loud, disturbing sounds.

  3. How much noise can the panels reduce?

    The .8 NRC value, or Noise Reduction Coefficient, of our 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panels means that 80% of the sound waves entering into the material will be captured and converted, while 20% will reflect back out of the material into the room.

  4. How do I create an overlapping effect with these panels on my wall?

    If you purchased multiple fans and want an overlapping layered effect, measure where you’d like the additional fans to be and mark where the center of the next fan will be. You will need additional items which are not provided in this kit, including a standoff and a longer screw. The standoff should be a drillable material (such as a wood block or hard foam material) and must be at least 1” thick or thicker. You will need a new screw similar to the one provided but which is long enough to reach your standoff. Follow the instructions provided in this kit, ensuring the standoff is included between the fan and the wall.

  5. Have these been tested for fire safety?

    Yes, these panels carry Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A fire ratings.

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