Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud by UPLIFT Desk

Enjoy better sound absorption with Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds by UPLIFT Desk

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  • Enhance acoustics while decreasing noise and echo. These hanging "clouds" are 1.2" (30 mm) thick, making them sturdy and substantial, yet light enough to hang from any ceiling. They consist of 50% recycled material, so they're good for the environment
  • Panels add dimension to your design. Optimized noise absorption on all six sides means you get more surface area to dampen sound
  • More than 86% of the sound entering the panels gets absorbed (NRC 0.86), making them a very effective solution
  • Panels are meant to be viewed from any angle and look great when viewed from bottom, sides, or above
  • Gain a design advantage. Hang together to form creative configurations and acoustic centerpieces. Available colors coordinate exactly with our desk panels and room dividers
  • Installing the panels is simple: just hang them at your desired length, in any configuration you like, using the quick-adjust steel aircraft cables and adjustable clips
  • Fire rating: Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds by UPLIFT Desk
Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Dampen Sound with Hanging Acoustics

If you have a large room or open space that hasn't been treated acoustically, your office may be struggling to stay focused. Conversations bounce around, phones ring, and voices carry; so it's necessary to put something in place that helps reduce the amount of ambient and reflected sound. Give your employees some of their focus back by covering your ceiling with Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds.

These 1.2" thick clouds are constructed from two UPLIFT Desk acoustic panels, so they're stout and firm; like our other UPLIFT Acoustics, they do an excellent job at dampening sound and decreasing echo. Even so, they're lightweight and can hang from any ceiling, no problem. In addition, the added thickness makes for an attractive side profile and provides another sound-dampening surface: all six sides of this panel capture noise.

To top it off, these panels are also friendly to the environment, consisting of polyester fiberboard made from 50% recycled material.

Sound Reduction and Design Flair

With a noise reduction coefficient of 0.86 (or possibly greater), the Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud can have an impressive impact on your space (and your employees' ability to focus). That number means 86% of the sound that reaches the clouds is absorbed from the room.

Hang the panels in any arrangement you like—they are meant to be seen from all angles and serve just as well in a single-level space as they do in an atrium. And since they're available in five sizes, you can create as many configurations as you can think of. These panels were made to complement the Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud and the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud, so you can mix and match them for a more dynamic aesthetic.

Speaking of mixing and matching, let's talk about colors. These hanging clouds are made by combining two of our acoustic privacy panels, so you can choose from the same five colors you may be using on your desks or walls, to coordinate your room design. Contact us for color swatches.

Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds hanging over a workstation
Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud hardware

Simple Installation at any Length

Installation is quick and easy. Once you decide what your panel configuration should look like in your space—including how far down each one should hang—you're ready to go. Just attach the four clips to the ceiling. You have over 8' of cable, and the cable attachment clips are easily length adjustable, so you can choose to stagger your arrangement or line it up exactly.

These panels have a fire safety rating of Euro Class B and have been tested according to ASTM E84-08 (Class A).

Add More Quiet with UPLIFT Acoustics

If you like the sound in your space with one ceiling cloud, imagine how much focus you could regain with a collection of acoustic furnishings perfectly placed in your space.

From wall-mounted panels to portable divider walls that allow you to build temporary quiet rooms, we have options to help every employee work their best with our growing collection of UPLIFT Acoustics.

UPLIFT Acoustics



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Panel dimensions 15.5" x 22" x 1.2"
40" x 22" x 1.2"
52" x 22" x 1.2"
64" x 22" x 1.2"
72" x 22" x 1.2"
Thickness 1.2" (30 mm)
Quantity included 1 panel
Mounting hardware The four cables are each 8.2' (2.5 m)
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) > 0.86
Material Pressed polyester fiberboard (50% recycled material)
Shipping dimensions ACU021-22X15.5 cloud shipping weight: 8lb, dims 15.5" x 22" x 1.2"
ACU021-40x22 cloud shipping weight: 14lb, dims 40" x 22" x 1.2"
ACU021-52x22 cloud shipping weight: 20lb, dims 52" x 22" x 1.2"
ACU021-64x22 cloud shipping weight: 24lb, dims 64" x 22" x 1.2"
ACU021-74x22 cloud shipping weight: 26lb, dims 72" x 22" x 1.2"
ACU005 hardware 6oz dims 5.5" x 4" x 1.5"
Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sizes do these panels come in?

    Because the Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Clouds are made from our Acoustic Privacy Panels for Desks, they're available in all of the same sizes. They're all 22" H and 1.2" thick, but you can choose from these widths: 15.5", 40", 52", 64", and 72".

  2. Do I have color choices?

    You have five color options: light gray, dark gray, lagoon blue, green, and brown. These are the same colors featured on our desktop privacy panels and several of our acoustic treatments, so you can match or coordinate your design between them. Please contact us for color swatches.

  3. What heights can I hang the panels at?

    The mounting clips are length-adjustable and you have 8.2' (2.5 m) of cable to work with, so you can set your own panel height.

  4. How much sound will this absorb?

    These panels are 1.2" (30mm) thick, so they effectively have six different surfaces that can catch sound and absorb it. With a noise reduction coefficient of 0.86 (or possibly greater), they will eliminate 86% of all sound that hits them.

  5. Does this go with other UPLIFT Desk acoustic products?

    In addition to the desktop acoustic privacy panels, room partitions, and rectangular wall-mounted acoustics, these clouds are meant to coordinate with the Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud and the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud. Try putting all three together in your space to add design variety.

  6. How many ceiling clouds should I purchase for my space?

    A good rule of thumb for cloud placement is 30-60% of the square footage and have the panels closer to the sound source than farther away. For example, a cloud positioned lower to the ground will absorb more sound than one positioned closer to the ceiling. Keep in mind that sound absorption is best optimized checkerboard patterns or rows of panels are spaced at a minimum of 24" apart.

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