Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud by UPLIFT Desk

Work in a quiet space that absorbs extra decibels with the Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

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  • Provide sound absorption and eliminate echo in noisy open-space environments with our stylish hanging Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud. Attaches no matter the ceiling type
  • Add a unique design element to your space with these rigid sound panels that won't sag. They absorb sound on all sides, for increased effectiveness
  • Sound panels have an NRC of 0.86 (or greater) and will absorb 86% of the sound that hits them
  • Panels are precision machined and finished, so they look great from all vantage points in your space. These 1" thick, environmentally friendly hanging circles are made from 50% recycled material (including plastic bottles) and consist of dense, yet light, polyester fiberboard
  • Match or coordinate the panel color with other UPLIFT Desk acoustic solutions. Contact us for color swatches
  • Installation is quick and easy. Panels hang from steel aircraft cables attached to adjustable clips, so you can set their height. Tailor your panel configuration for your design and sound-reduction needs
  • Fire safety ratings of Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud
Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud by UPLIFT Desk

Clouds That Absorb Distraction

Whether there's a presentation in the atrium, an important all-hands meeting, or just an active sales floor, too much noise in a room can diminish everyone's ability to focus. Without an acoustic strategy in place, reflected sound, low-level chatter, and phone conversations could all negatively affect productivity and mood.

The Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud is an ideal solution for capturing noise and muffling echoes as they reflect around a large space. Rooms with bare cement floors and blank walls need the added acoustic treatment to mitigate their tendency to reflect sound. Open-plan offices and big rooms need help reducing sound travel because there isn't much to absorb noise and these rooms can be echo chambers.

These sleek circular panels address both of these types of problems. Available in both 23.5" and 47.5" diameters, they present a large surface area for reflected and ambient sound absorption and can hang from any type of ceiling.

Elevated Design and Functionality

These circular hanging "clouds" are both functional and visually interesting; they provide an aesthetic focal point for your space, helping to inform the feel of the room and guide the direction of your design. Lightweight but made from a rigid material, they won't sag over time.

In addition, the panels were planned and conceived by the same design team that brought you the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud and the Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud. All three solutions work together to form an attractive, dynamic-looking group of acoustic treatments.

It's not all about looks, though. These panels are built from two layers of sound-absorbing material, so they capture sound coming at them from above, below, and any side—boosting their ability to reduce noise in your space. With a noise reduction coefficient that's at least 0.86, 86% of the sound that reaches any part of the panel will be absorbed and eliminated. That's a powerful cloud.

White and Lagoon Blue Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud
Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

360 Degrees of Eco-Friendly Versatility

The Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud is cut using precision machining, so it sports a smooth finish on all sides. No matter where you're looking at it from, it has great visual appeal—and its three steel hanging cables even add to the aesthetic. If you're already using UPLIFT Desk acoustic solutions, you can even coordinate colors.

At 1" thick, the circular panels have dimension. Made from the same polyester fiberboard as our desk panels, which consist of 50% recycled material such as plastic bottles, it's an even more substantial acoustic panel—and it's kind to the environment.

Easy to Install and Configure

The Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud is easy to install. Simply attach three adjustable clips to any ceiling and quick set the cable hanging length for the panel. Since you'll most likely have multiple panels in your space, get creative with placement on your ceiling. These clouds can go anywhere you like; you might try hanging them at different lengths, for a staggered 3D effect.

These acoustic panels have a fire rating of Euro Class B and have been tested according to ASTM E84-08 (Class A).

Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud
UPLIFT Acoustics

A Quiet Place

If you're looking to furnish your office with acoustics-improving décor like the Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud, we have a wide variety of accessories that can help you reduce sound even more.

Add multiple solutions to your area; with wall-mounted, desk-mounted, and sound-absorbing walls in our UPLIFT Acoustics product line, you can piece together the ideal space for your teams, one that assists every employee in working their best.




Warranty + Returns





Panel dimensions small: 23.5" diameter, 3 lb
large: 47.5" diameter, 13.13 lb
Mounting hardware The three cables are each 8.2' (2.5 m)
Thickness 0.95" (24 mm)
Quantity included 1 panel kitted with ACU016 mounting hardware
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) greater than 0.86
Material Pressed Polyester fiberboard (50% recycled plastic bottles)
Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08
Shipping dimensions small: 23.5" diameter x 0.95" thick, 3.38 lb
large: 47.5" diameter x 0.95" thick, 13.5 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How large are these panels?

    The Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud comes in two sizes: small (23.5" in diameter) and large (47.5" in diameter)—and they're 1" thick.

  2. What colors are available?

    You can choose between lagoon blue—which is a color common to many of our acoustic products, including our desk panels—and white (you know, cloud color).

  3. Is the hanging length adjustable?

    Yes, each cable is 8.2' (2.5 m) in length, and the installation clips allow you to adjust how low or high you hang the panels. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even tilt the panels at an angle.

  4. How effective is this acoustic panel?

    In a ceiling-mounted configuration, the panel is given a noise reduction coefficient of 0.86 (or greater), meaning that it absorbs 86% of the sound that reaches it. The panel has the same noise-dampening ability all the way around.

  5. Can I use this with other UPLIFT Desk acoustic panels?

    Yes, the Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud is designed to complement the the 3D Acoustic Ceiling Waffle Cloud and the Rectangular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud. Mix and match these solutions for a visually interesting and acoustically effective approach to noise reduction in your space. You can also add in the 3D Fan Acoustic Wall Panel, to carry the circle motif throughout your space.

  6. How many ceiling clouds should I purchase for my space?

    A good rule of thumb for cloud placement is 30-60% of the square footage and have the panels closer to the sound source than farther away. For example, a cloud positioned lower to the ground will absorb more sound than one positioned closer to the ceiling. Keep in mind that sound absorption is best optimized checkerboard patterns or rows of panels are spaced at a minimum of 24" apart.

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