Get Your Solid Wood Desk Just in a Few Days with Our Quick Ship Solid Wood Desks

"Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Offices everywhere are seeing a change. A change in the direction of healthier work and a return to more natural ways of living. For those of us who spend the better part of the day indoors or in an office, bringing some natural pieces into your space brings much more than a pretty piece of decor; these organic details also bring quieting and peaceful vibrations to work areas that feel soulless and drab. And what better way to assimilate nature into your space than with a solid wood desk! Genuine hardwood desktops make beautiful additions to spaces, from open offices to C-suites, and are now available to ship quicker than ever with our Quick Ship Solid Wood Desks. When your office decor deserves a showstopping piece that helps you slow down and really take in the details, these desktops deliver.

If you've had your eye on one of our solid wood desktops but didn't want to wait, now is your time to bring a little slice of nature into your office. Where other desk manufacturers sell only a hardwood or two in a handful of different stains, with our selection of tops you'll have many more hardwood options. Choose from Pheasantwood, Premium Walnut, Natural Ash, African Mahogany, and Acacia, all ready-made and waiting to ship to you!

A Hardwood for Everyone

The differences between each hardwood we painstakingly chose for our selection are unique and eye-catching, so we thought we'd point out a few of our favorite features of each, starting with Acacia:

Acacia - Boasts a beautiful grain structure; swirls of light and dark wood provide a unique look like no other.

Natural Ash - A very durable hardwood, this light-colored species of hardwood features an eye-catching open grain.

Walnut - Frequently used in furniture, Premium Walnut's hardwood is a fine-grained and comes with a deep, warm color.

African Mahogany - African Mahogany is a rich, red-hued hardwood with an interlocking grain and a beautiful sheen.

Pheasantwood - Reminiscent of the the black and golden figured patterns of a pheasant's tail, Pheasantwood showcases a square back with a front barkline edge (or barkline edges on the front and back on our 80" desktops).

These tops are a full half inch thicker than our competitors' thickest wood desktops, 1.75" compared to 1.25". Doubling down on the strength of the desk, we include a built-in support system underneath, complete with dual steel support bars to defend against the chance of breaking, bending, or warping. This is especially important in areas with different relative humidity.

Where Beauty Meets Sustainability

We take the time to keep the characteristics of each type of wood, ensuring that your desk is designed by Mother Nature and not some faraway designer. Sourced sustainably and sealed for longevity with sealants that contain no VOCs, you can be sure you're working at a desk that's as pristine as possible (and safe for you).

We don't stop our love for nature here, however. As a part of our ongoing effort to give back, for each solid wood desk we sell, we'll donate five trees to plant in a national park through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

A Completely Put-Together Space with UPLIFT Desk

Of course, all of our quick ship desktops are paired with our industry-leading three-stage frames, which reliably, assuredly, and quietly raise and lower your desk to your perfect sitting and standing heights with the push of a button. After you're all assembled, you can accessorize your desk to completeness with anything from  monitors arms to keyboard traysUPLIFT Acoustics and even motion boards! Because a desk is just a desk until you make it your own. 

If you need help figuring out what accessories you need, we can help. Just give us a call, chat us, or stop by our retail location, Human Solution Office Furniture, to talk one of our space planning designers who are eager to help you piece together the made-to-measure space that inspires you toward your highest forms of work.