Monitor Arms & Mounts


Monitor Arms and Mounts

Necessary for Ideal Ergonomics

Our bodies were built to move; monitor arms and laptop mounts let you adjust your screens by height, depth, and angle, while also giving you a dedicated spot to route your cords, clearing up that tangle of cables that's been hanging around back there. Prevent neck and back pain from looking at the wrong angle easily with a monitor arm or laptop mount. For users interested in working at a height adjustable desk, it's a crucial accessory for maintaining an ergonomically correct working posture.

A girl tasks at a desk with a single monitor arm
Monitor arms by UPLIFT Desk

Uplifted Monitors and Laptops

We're excited to offer our own line of industry-leading single and dual monitor arms, and laptop mounts to help you build the ergonomic workspace you and your office deserve. One-touch adjustments to your monitor come easily with the View Monitor Arm or View Dual Monitor Arm, and with the View Laptop Mount installed, you'll have your laptop right at eye level for you. Or improve the view at your desk with UPLIFT Single or Dual Monitor Arms, which also let you add on a Laptop Mount for a dedicated home base for your clamshell computer that adjusts to your preferred levels. For better work at your sit-stand solution, a monitor arm is a must.