Hook and Loop Wire Wraps by UPLIFT Desk

(Save $3.00 )
Hook and Loop Wire Wraps allow you to bundle your cords for better organization
(Save $3.00 )

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  • Reusable wraps let you organize and secure your cords
  • Adds additional wire management at sit-stand workstations
  • Bundles cables for safer height adjustments
  • Hook and loop fastener make the wraps reusable
Hook and Loop Wire Wraps by UPLIFT Desk
Hook and Loop Wire Wraps

Hook and Loop Wire Wraps

Keep your desk looking clean without a mess of cords with a set of our Hook and Loop Wire Wraps.

Organizing loose cords is now simpler than ever. Thanks to the fastening power of hooks and loops, you can reuse and readjust your wraps as many times as you need. Used alone or in conjunction with our other wire management tools, these wraps help you instill more order at your workstation for safer sit-stand adjustments and a more organized work area.


Overall dimensions 6" W X .625" D
Shipping dimensions 4.92" W x 3.74" D x 0.75" H, 0.125 lb

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do these wraps do?

    You'll love our Hook and Loop Wire Wraps because they allow you to easily group, bundle, and rearrange your cords for improved wire management. When your desk has ideal wire management, height adjustments are made safer because you don't have the risk of cords snagging or pulling devices off your desk when you raise and lower your workstation.

  2. How do Hook and Loop Wire Wraps work? Is there adhesive?

    Nope! All you have to do is separate the loop, bundle your cords, wrap the Hook and Loop Wire Wraps around them, and close the loop, securing both ends together.

  3. Are these a tool in your wire management kits?

    At this time, our Hook and Loop Wire Wraps are sold separately from our wire management kits. But these can easily be used in combination with the tools in our wire management kits for additional wire organization at your workstation.

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