Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts by UPLIFT Desk

UPLIFT Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts help you keep a clean and copacetic workspace with a few simple tie mounts

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  • Self-adhesive cable ties mount under your desk for customizable wire management
  • Stops cords from snagging and tangles
  • Adhesive sticks to painted metal surfaces
  • Removable and readjustable
  • Clips can be opened and closed to add/remove cables
  • Ideal for desks, AV and stereo wires, or cables in the car
  • Available in quantities of 20, 50, or 100
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
A 10 pack of UPLIFT Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts ready to attach to a desk for better cable management.

Evolved Cable Management

Tired of the cables under your desk getting in your way? UPLIFT self-adhesive cable tie mounts allow for easy, customizable management of computer wires. The cable clips are reusable and readjustable, opening and closing easily so you can add and remove wires as needed.

Use the 3M self-adhesive tape to easily stick the clips to the under side of your desktop or to your UPLIFT desk's metal frame. Once in place, ties can be repositioned to remove or replace devices.




Warranty + Returns





Cable tie length 3.5"
Mounting clip width 0.75"
Mounting clip length 1"


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need better organization at my desk, how do Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts help?

    Whether you work at a standing or fixed-height desk, most people could use a bit of help when it comes to wrangling their desk cords. That's where the Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts com in handy; these light little tools let you arrange and tuck your cords away, sheltering them for all your sitting and standing transitions.

  2. How many can I buy?

    Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts come in 20, 50, and 100 tie bundles depending on your cable needs. And these cable ties don't just work for desk cords, they work for speaker cables, TV cords, you name it!

  3. How do these attach to my desk?

    Adhesive Readjustable Cable Tie Mounts come with 3M adhesive backing, which can be attached to the frame just by removing the sticker and pressing onto the metal parts of your UPLIFT Desk frame. Enjoy a more copacetic desk in minutes with these handy ties.


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