Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel

Arrange acoustic panels to create an ideal soundscape

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  • Flexible privacy - place this minimalist panel holder anywhere on the floor. Each holder pairs with two acoustic privacy panels to add a mobile layer of privacy and noise absorption wherever you need it
  • Define spaces - block off temporary spaces or partition rooms easily—and then rearrange them by simply moving the freestanding holder
  • Ideal in noisy & echoey areas - create a row of panels between sales and engineering, or use staggered placements to create an open partition that absorbs noise
  • Absorbs sound - use this holder with our acoustic panels and achieve an NRC of 0.86, which means that over 86% of the sound that reaches them is absorbed and doesn't reflect back into the office
  • Get creative - panels come in four sizes and five colors, and the holder's telescoping design expands to meet the center of all panel sizes, creating a uniform look with any size panel
  • Lightweight & eco-friendly - polyester fiberboard panels are made from 50% recycled material, so they're environmentally friendly and easy to lift
  • Pair with other acoustic products - coordinates with our larger family of acoustic panels (hanging, desk, wall-mounted)
  • Fire safety rating - panels have fire ratings of: Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A (lowest fire spread rate and minimal smoke production)
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder by UPLIFT Desk
Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder on either side of a standing desk


Stop distraction in its tracks

From constant ambient noise to important pop-up meetings, your office's noise and activity levels are always variable. You deserve a solution for creating your most productive work space that's flexible and easy to adjust as necessary.

The Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder gives UPLIFT Acoustic Privacy Panels a whole new level of versatility. The holders allow the acoustic panels to be set up whenever you need them, wherever you need them—no mounting required.

They not only create attractive dividers to reduce visual distractions or create partitioned areas, they also absorb over 86% of the sound that reaches them. Set panels up in a row between talkative teams and their quieter neighbors, create semi-private meeting spaces in just moments, and design spaces knowing you can configure (and then reconfigure) as much as you need.

The panel that does it all

UPLIFT Acoustic Privacy Panels don't just look good—they're functioning full time, too. They provide a great way to break up an open space into spaces that have more ownership. The panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.86, which means that over 86% of the sound that reaches the panels is absorbed and not reflected back into your space.

With their freestanding flexibility, they can be placed anywhere in a workspace that can benefit from privacy. The panels' polyester fiberboard construction is not only eco-friendly (it's made of 50% recycled materials), but it makes the panels easy to lift and move.

Freestanding Acoustic Privacy staggered for space definition
Gif showing the telescoping design and changing heights of the freestanding acoustic privacy panel holder

Engineered for limitless possibilities

Use the Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder to place panels wherever they need to go. Create strategic designs based on your current space, and with the mobility of the Acoustic Panels, improvise design solutions at a moment's notice. Create privacy barriers and outline temporary spaces or partition rooms easily—and then rearrange them by simply moving the freestanding holders.

Panels can go any place they're needed, and will look great anywhere. With four different sizes and five colors to choose from, you can coordinate or mix and match heights, colors, and arrangements in endless configurations. Best of all, no matter which size acoustic panel you choose, the Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder telescopes to fit them.

The panel holder's telescoping design means it can expand and contract to fit any of our four panel sizes, while providing the same stable design and look to each. That means effortless design cohesion, as well as zero worry about matching the right holder to the right panel. Switch to a different size acoustic panel later without needing to buy another freestanding holder.


Create the perfect soundscape with UPLIFT acoustics

Using the Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel means you now have the freedom to arrange your acoustic panels as you'd like.

However, these freestanding panels are just one of many options you can utilize to create your ideal soundscape.

Craft an environment that allows everyone on your team to work and feel their best by integrating our various acoustic solutions. The UPLIFT Acoustics collection features a wide range of products—from desk mounted acoustic panels to acoustic ceiling clouds—that will help you build the best place to work, distraction-free, from top to bottom.

Several Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panels surround the sides of a standing desk workstation



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Specification PDFs
Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Specifications (pdf)
Product dimensions & weight
After assembly, including panel holder:
40" W x 22" D x 0.6" H, 21.9 lb
52" W x 22" D x 0.6" H, 24.05 lb
64" W x 22" D x 0.6" H, 26.1 lb
72" W x 22" D x 0.6" H, 27.4 lb

Acoustic panels: 100% Polyester fiber (over 50% recycled plastic bottles), 15mm thick
Panel holder: Steel

Color Acoustic panels: Dark gray, light gray, lagoon blue, brown, green
Panel holder: Gray
Acoustic panel sound absorption - Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

NRC Value 0.85
85% of noise is absorbed by the panels, while 15% reflects back

Acoustic panel environmental

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, VOC free

Acoustic panel recyclability

100% recyclable

Acoustic panel fire rating

ASTM E-84 Class A. Euro Class B

Shipping dimensions & weight 40" x 22" Panel: 23" W x 41" D x 2" H, 7 lb
52" x 22" Panel: 23" W x 53" D x 2" H, 10 lb
64" x 22" Panel: 23" W x 65" D x 2" H, 12 lb
72" x 22" Panel: 23" W x 73" D x 2" H, 13 lb
Warranty 15 year warranty on all UPLIFT Desk products
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it difficult to attach the acoustic panels to the panel holders?

    Not at all! After the freestanding panel holder is assembled, you can simply slip the acoustic panels into the brackets and then secure them with the top cap.

  2. What size panels do the panel holders fit?

    The Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder has a telescoping design that can fit any of our four panel widths: 40", 52", 64", and 72".

  3. Can you adjust the height of a panel after it's in a panel holder?

    The frame of the Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel Holder was designed to "telescope" in order to accommodate our 40" to 72" tall acoustic panels. You can change panel size later, but you will need to adjust the frame for the new panel size.

  4. How heavy are the acoustic panels with the panel holders attached?

    The weight of your assembled panel holder and its two panels will vary depending on which size panels you're using.

    Holder with two 40" panels: approximately 23 lb
    Holder with two 52" panels: approximately 24 lb
    Holder with two 64" panels: approximately 26 lb
    Holder with two 72" panels: approximately 27.5 lb

  5. Does the freestanding panel holder metal frame come in multiple colors?

    Not at this time: The modern minimalist panel holder comes in a powder coat gray finish, which complements any office hardware as well as any of our panel color choices. If you want to incorporate different colors into your UPLIFT acoustics, you can utilize different colored panels!


Why Buy?

Use this minimalist holder with our acoustic privacy panels. Place it to wherever you need privacy and better acoustics—and move them around whenever you want. These panels create a layer of privacy as well as block 86% of noise that reaches them.

Features & Specs

  • Four sizes and five colors gives you design freedom
  • Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel telescopes to work with any of the four acoustic panel sizes that vary from 40" to 72" tall
  • Use this holder with our acoustic panels and achieve an NRC of 0.86 (86% of sounds absorbed)
  • Polyester fiberboard panels are made from 50% recycled material
  • Panels have fire ratings of Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A
Freestanding Acoustic Privacy Panel

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