Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall by UPLIFT Desk

Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall by UPLIFT Desk

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Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall

  • Increase privacy visually and acoustically
  • A simple yet elegant space division solution that compliments a wide range of applications and environments
  • Create a sense of personal and team space quickly. Minimize disruption in the office with its simple and quiet assembly
  • Scalable and flexible, the Puzzle Wall can grow and contract based on your needs. To increase the height or width of Puzzle Wall, simply add additional puzzle pieces
  • Wall is stable up to 5-6 feet. Add wire support kits if desired to enable your Puzzle Wall to be taller, securing to a column, wall or ceiling
  • Five packs of panels can create a wall that is over 3 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall
  • Each puzzle piece is 0.4" (9mm) thick and made from 100% Polyester (a minimum of 50% recycled PET fiber)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, VOC free
  • Sold in packs of 10 puzzle pieces. Available in light gray or dark gray color. Mix and match colors as desired
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Bonnell Puzzle Wall with Soco Lounge Furniture Collection

Bonnell Puzzle Wall with Soco Lounge Furniture Collection

An infographic showing how to keep eye level below the Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall

Elegant Space Division

Create inspirational and functional workspaces with the versatile Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall system. Puzzle components ship in packs of 10 pieces, allowing for the creation of partitions of varying sizes and scale. As an acoustic solution, the Puzzle Wall dramatically reduces distracting noise without sacrificing style or beauty. The Puzzle Wall also introduces a sense of drama and intrigue through texture and color into any environment.

The Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall creates a unique and functional barrier that can be placed between users to deliver a safer and quieter space. A 6 foot tall partition can be made by stacking the Puzzle components 11 tiers high, creating a sense of permanence. Or plan configurations of shorter heights to increase visual egress within your space.

Noise Reduction

Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Walls minimize distracting noises, while improving focus and productivity. Interlocking 9mm thick panels dramatically reduce echoes, reverberation, and outside disturbances. Bonnell panels are made from 100% recycled high performance acoustic material that naturally reduces sounds. Add voids such as windows and doors.

The recommended maximum height of a fully assembled Puzzle Wall should not exceed 6 foot tall. Puzzle walls can be attached to columns or interior walls for increased stability. Let your imagination flow to create interesting configurations of Puzzle Panels to define your space.

A Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle wall creates a quiet workspace for a C-Shape desk configuration
A Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle wall reduces noise for a semi-private corner office


Fun and Easy Assembly

Enjoy the freedom to quickly create unique designs for lounge areas, training rooms, portable classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms. Because the panels fit together like a puzzle, creating a freestanding wall is fun and does not require building permits or mechanical connection to existing walls or ceilings.

Walls can be quickly and quietly disassembled and stacked flat making it simple to store when not in use. The Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall is a great solution for long-term, temporary, or portable acoustic and visual privacy space division needs.

When building walls that are greater than 5-6 feet tall, we recommend considering using the optional wire support kit to anchor it to a column, ceiling, or wall for additional stability. You can purchase an optional wire support kit when buying the panels. See instructions regarding optional anchoring methods. We do not advise how to anchor it as every application and environment is different. If you have any concern with the stability of a particular tall wall after building it, you can anchor it using a wire support kit.

Go Bigger

If you want to build your Puzzle Wall taller than 6 feet, or you just want your Puzzle Wall to be anchored more firmly in place, use the optional wire support kit to attach acoustic panels to a column, wall, or ceiling.

The attractive Wire Support Kit includes adjustable length cables and 4-point connection hardware for anchoring.

A Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle diagram for greater expansion



Warranty + Returns





Panel Size 20" W x 0.4" D x 12" H
Wall Size 3 ft wide minimum.
Anchoring kit recommended for walls over 6 ft high or when walls might get pushed over and cause a problem.
Weight of 10 puzzle pieces 5.3 lb
Sound Absorption NRC Value .86
Density 1.85kg/m²
Material Pressed Polyester fiberboard (50% from recycled plastic bottles)
Recyclability 100% Recyclable. Made of 100% Recycled plastic bottles and puzzle pieces are recyclable
Flammability ASTM E84-08 Class A and Euro Class B
Environmental Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, 100% VOC free


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How wide can I make the wall?

    There is a minimum of 3ft wide, your max width is unlimited.

  2. How tall can I build my wall?

    We recommend not exceeding about 6 feet in height for a freestanding wall. Use the wire support kit to build taller walls and advanced configurations such as doorways. The wire support kit is recommended when walls could potentially be pushed over or seem to pose instability.

  3. With a name like "Puzzle Wall" is this difficult to assemble?

    Creating basic walls is quick and simple. Instructions are provided to build a standard recommended wall. Advanced configurations are possible and encouraged. Build times will vary.

  4. Can I build walls with corners (L-shaped walls) with the puzzle wall?

    No, the Bonnell Puzzle Wall can only be assembled in straight rows. But you can build multiple walls to form corners by anchoring two straight walls together; it's up to you with how to attach walls together but drilling holes in the acoustic panels then attaching them together with a well done thick and sturdy tie wrap at multiple points is sufficient.

  5. Can I use the wire kits to hang my puzzle wall from the ceiling?

    No. The wire kits are meant to help keep taller walls from tipping accidentally. We do not recommend using them to suspend your wall assembly from the ceiling.



Why Buy?

The wire assemblies are designed to attach acoustic panels to a column, ceiling, or wall to stabilize walls built over six feet tall. Refer to these instructions to understand how many Wire Support Kits you need to select for your design.

Features & Specs



Why Buy?

The Bonnell Acoustic Puzzle Wall allows you to create unique and functional barriers anywhere in the office to help reduce noise and support social distancing. Panels are sold in sets of 10 and available in light or dark gray

Features & Specs

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