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  • Lower the overall noise level of your workspace by adding a functional design element to your walls. 1"-thick panels are sturdy, yet lightweight, and made of eco-conscious polyester fiberboard, which comes from 50% recycled material
  • Reduce echo and mitigate distracting office chatter. Give employees an improved chance to focus
  • Made to reduce noise effectively, panels will absorb 40% of all sound that hits them, when flush-mounted against the wall. Leave an air gap by mounting panels to the wall with a spacer (small pieces of wood for example) to increase this absorption to 86%
  • Panels come in 2' and 4' diameters (and two different colors), so you can put together the best arrangement for your space, both acoustically and decoratively. Cover as much of a wall as you like
  • Mounting the panels is quick and easy, and there are multiple options
  • For an additional level of functionality, panels can also be used as bulletin boards. Pin notes and reminders to the panels while dampening office noise
  • 15 year warranty - all UPLIFT Desk products include a 15 year warranty
Circular Acoustic Wall Panel
Circular Acoustic Wall Panel by UPLIFT Desk

72x30 Natural Rubberwood Dekstop

The Circular Acoustic Wall Panel

There are different types of sound, but the most common type in offices is ambient noise. This can consist of things like chit-chat, phones ringing, and even the sound of shoes shuffling past your desk. But what seems like a little bit of distracting sound can be doing more to hinder your concentration than you realize. That's why it's important to include the right decibel-absorbing furnishings in your office.

With Circular Acoustic Wall Panels installed on your walls, you can enjoy an intriguing design element that simultaneously reduces noise, echo, and other auditory distractions. Enjoy work with a new level of sound protection with help from UPLIFT Acoustics.

Dampen Some Decibels

Work is easier to accomplish with fewer soundwaves running rampant in your office, thanks to Circular Acoustic Wall Panels. After installing them on your wall—either mounted flush or with a gap, if you are layering panels—your space will see a reduction in ambient noise.

Designed to dampen background noise, these panels absorb 40% of all sound that hits them when installed flush-mounted to a wall. If you want to layer your panels, you can install them with a spacer between the panel and wall, leaving a few inches of space behind the panel to absorb more noise. Using this method increases sound absorption to 86%.

Circular Acoustic Wall Panel wall mural
Circular Acoustic Wall Panel installation

Easy Installation

Whether you have an installer or you plan to handle the task yourself, mounting your Circular Acoustic Wall Panels is a cinch. You'll have two different options for installing: nail or adhesive.

Get creative with it and install a whole wall of panels, with varying depths and spacing, for a beautiful workplace addition that improves both the sound quality and the visual appearance of your office.

Colors and Sizes to Suit Any Space

Every room is different; that's why we give you more acoustic options for outfitting your space. These panels come in a small and a large size—2' and 4' in diameter, respectively. Choose both sizes to install your acoustics in artful configurations, enabling you to create an inspiring wall mural that your employees will enjoy for its looks and its sound-reduction performance.

Decorate your wall with Circular Acoustic Wall Panels in white and lagoon blue color options. White gives your wall a clean contrast, while our lagoon blue gives you a soothing color that imparts a relaxing feeling to office spaces. 

Contact us for color swatches.

Blue and white Circular Acoustic Wall Panels
UPLIFT Acoustics

All Quiet on the Office Front

Circular Acoustic Wall Panels are just the start to furnishing your space for ideal acoustics. If you're looking to create an office that brings about the best work in your employees, adding a few extra accessories to your space with our line of UPLIFT Acoustics can do just the trick.

Our acoustic solutions come in many colors, shapes, and forms: wall-mounted, desk-mounted, and portable acoustic walls can all be employed in your efforts, allowing you to make your office as quiet as you need it to be.




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Panel dimensions 23.5" diameter, 3 lb small
47.5" diameter, 13 lb 2 oz lb large
Thickness 0.95" (24 mm)
Quantity included 1 panel kitted with mounting instructions
Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) 0.4 (with no air gap, means 40% noise reduction) or 0.86 (with an air gap, means 86% noise reduction)
Material Pressed polyester fiberboard (50% recycled material)
Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08 Class A
Shipping dimensions 23.5" diameter x 0.95" thick, 3.38 lb - 47.5" diameter x 0.95" thick, 13.5 lb


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are these panels made out of?

    These panels are made of an eco-conscious polyester fiberboard, which comes from 50% recycled material.

  2. How many panels are included?

    One Circular Acoustic Wall Panel per purchase.

  3. Can I also hang these panels from my ceiling?

    Our Circular Acoustic Wall Panels were designed to be installed vertically on a wall or other flat surface, or hung from the ceiling. If you want to purchase these with ceiling-mount hardware, check out our Circular Acoustic Ceiling Cloud.

    For our other hanging acoustic options, shop our sound-absorbing UPLIFT Acoustics.

  4. Do I need any special tools to install these panels?

    To install these panels, you will need nails for the nail installation method, or Loctite® Construction Adhesive for the adhesive installation method.

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